10 Ways To Feel Better If You Get Too High
What to do if too high

Too High? Try These Fixes 

Everyone has been in a situation where they’ve smoked just a bit too much and they’ve either felt a bit too paranoid or gotten sick. It’s one of the main reasons people don’t smoke cannabis at all or they stop smoking completely. No matter what's happening you always have to remember that you can’t overdose on marijuana so you’re going to be safe. There are a bunch of ways to prevent this from happening and help yourself if it does happen. 


The number one thing to remember is you’re going to be okay no matter what. In order to make sure you get too high, there are additional steps you can take to make sure you don’t get into that situation. To avoid getting too high, make sure you understand your tolerance level. If you’re an experienced smoker then this shouldn’t be a problem but if you don’t smoke much or you haven’t in a while then make sure you’re taking an appropriate amount. Make sure to start slow and wait to see if it kicks in and if it doesn’t then you can smoke a little more. 


This step is easier said than done. When you get too high, it can cause you to get paranoid or panicked. The best way to make sure you’ll be comfortable in the case that you’re too high is to be surrounded by trusted friends. If you’re surrounded by people you trust and you’re in a safe place then you’re much more likely not to freak out. Just make sure you smoke in your apartment and have a sober friend around to be there to calm you down if you do get a bit too freaked out. Always remember that no matter what, your high is temporary and it will go away. And if you are super worried, start small. Try using a hand pipe. Or even a one hitter. These will be a lot better than a big bong bowl!


This again is easier said than done. The best way to relax from getting too high is to try to take your mind off of it. There are a bunch of different ways to take your mind off of being too high but try to avoid large crowds. Large crowds can amplify feelings of anxiety and paranoia. A great way to relax and take your mind off of being too high is to put on a movie. Movies can distract you and transport you into a new world. Listening to music or talking with your friends are also great ways to distract yourself and relax when you’re too high. 


This may seem a little weird but lemons can be a great help. Lemons contain something called terpenes which can help calm you down. These terpenes are non-stimulatory and are in multiple different citrus fruits but most present in lemons. All you have to do is grab a lemon and squeeze it into some water or just eat it regularly. The terpenes are found mostly in the rind of the lemon so having some pulp in that lemon juice and you’ll be all set. 


Just like lemons, black pepper also contains terpenes that can calm you down. Make sure if you're smelling pepper that you’re only smelling pepper and not inhaling it into your sinuses

because that can cause your nose to burn. You can always add the pepper to some food you’re eating too in order to get the calming effects of the pepper. 


When people get too high they have a tendency to be down on themselves because they’ve gotten themselves into that situation. It’s very important to be positive about yourself and don’t get mad at yourself. Even if you’re too high, it’s not your fault you’ve gotten there and getting mad at yourself won’t make the situation any better. If you’re up for it you can go to your bathroom and stand in the mirror and give yourself a compliment. 


A classic go-to for anyone who's ever been too high is to take a cold shower. Taking a cold shower will wake you up if you’re feeling tired and get your mind a bit sharper. After taking a cold shower and drying off and getting dressed again, you're bound to feel at least a little better and a whole lot cleaner. 


This tip is similar to taking a cold shower. Getting outside, especially if it’s a bit chilly outside, can be a great way to get a little sobered up. Getting fresh air will not only wake you up a little and make yourself a bit more attentive but can also calm you down. Getting out and into nature is very calming and can make yourself a bit more relaxed about being too high. 


Eating something is probably the easiest tip you’ll see on this list. Everyone knows of the munchies but that’s not always what happens when you’re too high. If you’re too high and don’t feel like eating, try eating something that won’t bother your stomach. Things like bread and pasta will fill you up and keep your stomach at bay. Eating food will sober you up and calm yourself down. 


This is another classic tip but it is super important. Staying hydrated will make you feel better and doing things like drinking water and eating will mentally make yourself feel better too. Just sip water over the time that you are too high and you will feel better in the moment and the next day. 


Another great way to calm yourself down is to talk to a friend. Make sure who you’re talking to is someone who you trust and get along with well. A good friend should be able to calm you down and talk you through being too high. Also being with a good friend is a great way to relax and make yourself feel better throughout a pretty scary process. 


Many experienced and inexperienced smokers have gotten too high at one point in their cannabis journey. A lot of people stop smoking or never smoke at all because they’re too afraid of getting too high. While getting too high can be scary, always remember that you will be okay and that the high is temporary. If you remind yourself of this enough then you’re sure to stay calm then all will be good.

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