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Welcome back to the Fat Buddha Glass blog! We’re going to pick up where we left off in part one by sharing a few tips and tricks for keeping your glass pipes safe and sound when you’re on-the-go. One of the best perks about smoking from glass pipes is that they provide greater portability and discreteness when compared to heavy bongs and even some larger glass bubblers. Most pipes are five inches or less in length and can easily fit right in your hand. Because of their size and convenient smoking features, glass pipes are a choice smoking apparatus for on-the-go enjoyment. Once more, keep in mind that we recommend following the federal guidelines for traveling with smoking paraphernalia, even though marijuana is legal in many states.   

In part one, we looked at some of the top ways to prevent breaking a glass pipe while traveling, which included:

  • Not carrying your pipe in your pocket
  • Using a glass pipe case
  • Buying high-quality glass pipes

More Helpful Tips for Traveling with Glass Pipes

Here are three more ways to keep your glass pipes safe and secure when traveling with them.

Create Your Own Glass Pipe Pouch

While you can buy different types of glass pipe pouches, you can also make these quite easily. This may be ideal for more custom or oddly shaped pipes. Either way, you’ll want to create a secure pouch or case that will keep your glass pipe stable and protected.

You can make a hard case out of an old eyewear case. Simply reinforce the interior of the case with materials that will cushion your piece while keeping it in place to avoid breakage. If you prefer a soft case, a thick wool sock can easily be turned into a pipe case. Using cloth or old socks, you can stuff the wool sock with a material that will help protect your piece. Next, use a piece of twine, ribbon, or twisty tie as a way to secure the open end of the sock to keep your pipe in place.

Be Careful Where You Leave Your Pipe

It’s easy to fall into bad habits when you’re not in the comfort of your home, especially when you don’t have flat or secure surfaces to place your pipe while traveling or adventuring outdoors. Avoid setting your pipe on slanted surfaces like the hood of cars or flimsy outdoor tables that could cause your pipe to roll onto the ground and shatter. Don’t leave your pipe on camping chairs and other outdoor furniture, as that’s a sure way for you or someone else to accidentally break the pipe.

Instead, determine a safe place to keep your pipe from the get-go. This will help you keep track of your pipe while traveling and can reduce the risk of it breaking.

Pack Smart

Most importantly, pack smart. It’s easy to just throw objects together in a daypack, especially if you’re packing in a hurry. Being an organized packer can help you be more conscious about where and how you’re packing your glass pipe, so there’s less risk of it breaking while being transported.  

Shop High-Quality Glass Pipes Online

Keep your glass pipes safe and secure on your travels, both near and far. If you’re ready to buy a new piece for your journey that is made of the highest-quality material and designed for long-term enjoyment, visit Fat Buddha Glass! Happy travels and happy smoking!

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