8 Bong Accessories Every Smoker Needs

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Having the right bong accessories can diversify and heighten your smoking experience. But in a sea of smoking bong accessories to choose from, what are the essentials every smoker should have on-hand? For you experienced smokers, you’re probably more familiar with the different options, but for those of you new to smoking, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming to get to know what’s out there. There’s no need to worry, though, because here at Fat Buddha Glass, we’re here to help you find the best, high-quality smoking bong accessories for sale to compliment your collection of glass pipes for sale, glass bongs for sale, and bubblers for sale.

Today, we’ll share with you four of our favorite essential smoking bong accessories for sale  to add to your collection. Already know what you’re looking for? Shop our Top Rated National® online headshop to find cool bongs, pipes, bubblers, and all the best smoking accessories. We offer the highest quality glass with stunning aesthetics, which are always offered at the lowest prices.

8 Bong Accessories Essentials Every Smoker Needs

Weed Grinder | Bong Accessories For Sale

Having a quality weed grinder makes breaking down dense cannabis much easier. Gone are the days of doing it by hand! With a grinder, breaking up your buds can be done in a pinch, and with very little mess, allowing for a well-rounded hit and making it much easier to roll the perfect joint. A two-part grinder is ideal for entry-level smokers, featuring a single interior chamber to grind up the cannabis. Once ground, it can be tapped out into a tray for enjoyment in pipes, bongs, and joints.

For more advanced smokers, a four-part grinder is an excellent choice. A typical metal weed grinder has four components that combine to form one unit: the lid with teeth, the interior chamber with teeth (metal grinders), another chamber to store the ground bud, a lower chamber for ground kief. Kief, the very fine, potent sheddings (trichomes) produced from grinding cannabis, are generally comprised of anywhere from 30-60 percent THC. Many smokers prefer to enhance their average bowl or joint with the addition of a pinch of kief (or smoke it on its own) for more flavor, quicker relief, and added potency. Whether you prefer a more basic grinder or a complex grinder to get the kief, metal is always the way to go.   

Air-Tight Container | Bong Accessories For Sale

There’s no reason anyone should still be storing their cannabis stash in a flimsy plastic bag these days. Doing so can dry out your weed and taint the flavor with that yucky plastic bag taste. What’s more, UV rays can negatively affect the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes in your marijuana. Instead, use an air-tight container to safely and efficiently store your herb, which can lock in the flavor while protecting it from harsh UV rays. We recommend using opaque jars that seal tightly or Tupperware with lids that snap shut. Keep your container stored in either a cabinet, closet, refrigerator, or freezer, depending on your preference.

Beautiful Glass Bowl | Bong Accessories For Sale

If you smoke from glass bongs, a beautiful glass bowl provides function and aesthetic for a more enjoyable smoke. Adding a glass bowl, like our gorgeous Purple Pleasure Glass Bowl or this fumed Color Changing Glass Bowl, adds style to your bong. Looking for something a bit more stylized and unique? Check out the Eye Bowl and the King Skull Bowl. All of these options perfectly hold dense or ground bud, allowing for a smooth pull and delightful flavor with each hit.

Ash Catchers | Bong Accessories For Sale

Ash catchers for water pipes offer an added level of filtration to your bong hits. What’s more, these ingenious smoking accessories help your bong stay cleaner. Ash catchers attach easily to the bowl joint of your water pipe for additional filtration before you fully clear the bong, providing a smooth, cool, enjoyable hit.

Torch Lighters | Bong Accessories For Sale

Torch lighters are a must. When you’re ready to take a hit, the worst thing is to try and light your bud with a lighter that is nearly out of fuel. Even worse, when you don’t have another one on hand, it can mean an unexpected trip to the gas station or grocery store. We suggest having a stockpile of lighters (at least three) so that you’re always set and ready to enjoy a smoke.  

Chillum | Bong Accessories For Sale

As we mentioned in a recent article, Five Types of Glass Pipes Every Smoker Needs, we explored the value of chillum pipes for on-the-go smoking. Chillum glass pipes, also called one-hitters, are smaller than the averagely sized glass pipe, making them ideal for discreet cannabis smoking. Typically, you can fit enough bud in for a hit or two. Take this little guy, for instance. This adorable, heady 24k Gold Fish Chillum is an ideal glass pipe to take with you on a hike, camping, to a Sunday barbeque, or to simply enjoy a discreet outdoor smoke on your back porch. Looking for something a little simpler? Peruse our glass pipe collection for chillums and small glass pipes that are ideal for traveling tokes and quick hits.   

Ashtray | Bong Accessories For Sale

When you need to clean your bowl of burned up ash and resin before loading a fresh bowl, it’s a good idea to have an ashtray dedicated specifically to cannabis waste. Some people prefer to dump the ash straight into a trash can or down the sink, but this can cause your trash can to become smelly. And dumping ash down the drain isn’t the best idea. A regular ashtray works great, but using a mug or even a ceramic container is also a great idea. Plus, finding one that has a lid is even better. This can keep the strong scent of resin and ash covered and it keeps the waste from spilling. Some smokers like to save their ash and chunks of bud that still have some green for a rainy day in case they unexpectedly run out of bud. That way, they can still take a quick toke until they get more.

Rolling Papers | Bong Accessories For Sale

Hitting the glass bong and glass pipe is always enjoyable, but it’s also a great plan to have rolling papers in case you feel like rolling a joint. As we mentioned in part one, having a metal grinder is the perfect way to break up your bud into a fine texture that is perfect for rolling a smooth, tight joint. Whether you prefer flavored papers or the traditional Zig-Zag rolling papers, it’s always good to have a pack on hand. This is especially smart for those days when you clean your glass and need an alternative smoking option.

Shop Our Headshop Online

You can find these great smoking accessories and so much more at Fat Buddha Glass. Having an array of smoking accessories can only heighten your smoking experience for a more streamlined, enjoyable smoke. If you have any questions about our bongs, pipes, bubblers, and smoking accessories, please feel free to reach out to our friendly, experienced team who is always ready to help. For the highest quality glass pieces and smoking accessories always offered at the lowest prices, shop our Top Rated online headshop.

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