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4 Smoking Accessories Every Smoker Needs, Part 2

By Fat Buddha January 11, 2019

Having an array of smoking accessories is essential for any smoker –– novice or experienced. In part one of this short blog series, we shared with you some of our favorite smoking accessories, which include:

  • Metal herb grinder for easily breaking up your marijuana
  • Airtight container for storing your herb
  • Glass bowls for water pipes
  • Ash catchers for water pipes

Because there are simply so many smoking accessories to choose from, we want to share with you our favorite picks for the essential components that every smoker needs to accompany their collection of cool bongs, pipes, and bubblers. Already know what accessories you need? Start your stress-free pipe, bong, bubbler, and smoking accessories shopping experience now! Looking for a few more pointers? Read on, my friend!

Four More Smoking Accessory Essentials Every Smoker Needs

Stockpile of Lighters

Lighters are a must. When you’re ready to take a hit, the worst thing is to try and light your bud with a lighter that is nearly out of fuel. Even worse, when you don’t have another one on hand, it can mean an unexpected trip to the gas station or grocery store. We suggest having a stockpile of lighters (at least three) so that you’re always set and ready to enjoy a smoke.  


As we mentioned in a recent article, Five Types of Glass Pipes Every Smoker Needs, we explored the value of chillum pipes for on-the-go smoking. Chillum glass pipes, also called one-hitters, are smaller than the averagely sized glass pipe, making them ideal for discreet cannabis smoking. Typically, you can fit enough bud in for a hit or two. Take this little guy, for instance. This adorable, heady 24k Gold Fish Chillum is an ideal glass pipe to take with you on a hike, camping, to a Sunday barbeque, or to simply enjoy a discreet outdoor smoke on your back porch. Looking for something a little simpler? Peruse our glass pipe collection for chillums and small glass pipes that are ideal for traveling tokes and quick hits.   


When you need to clean your bowl of burned up ash and resin before loading a fresh bowl, it’s a good idea to have an ashtray dedicated specifically to cannabis waste. Some people prefer to dump the ash straight into a trash can or down the sink, but this can cause your trash can to become smelly. And dumping ash down the drain isn’t the best idea. A regular ashtray works great, but using a mug or even a ceramic container is also a great idea. Plus, finding one that has a lid is even better. This can keep the strong scent of resin and ash covered and it keeps the waste from spilling. Some smokers like to save their ash and chunks of bud that still have some green for a rainy day in case they unexpectedly run out of bud. That way, they can still take a quick toke until they get more.

Rolling Papers

Hitting the glass bong and glass pipe is always enjoyable, but it’s also a great plan to have rolling papers in case you feel like rolling a joint. As we mentioned in part one, having a metal grinder is the perfect way to break up your bud into a fine texture that is perfect for rolling a smooth, tight joint. Whether you prefer flavored papers or the traditional Zig-Zag rolling papers, it’s always good to have a pack on hand. This is especially smart for those days when you clean your glass and need an alternative smoking option.

Shop the Best Smoking Accessories

Ready to find these and other smoking accessories to add to your glass collection? Visit Fat Buddha Glass, a Top Rated National® online headshop! We offer the highest quality glass that is gorgeous, functional, and durable, and made available to you 24/7, always at the lowest prices. From glass bongs, pipes, and bubblers to metal grinders, quartz bangers, glass dabbers, and more, we have something for all smokers of all experience levels. New to the smoking game? Our friendly, knowledgeable team is ready to help answer any of your questions! At Fat Buddha, we guarantee customer satisfaction and remain committed to providing you with a fun, stress-free shopping experience. We ship discreetly and devoted to quality. Find smoking accessories and more at Fat Buddha Glass!

Happy smoking!

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