8 Tips for Coming Down from a Serious Marijuana High

8 Tips for Coming Down from a Serious Marijuana High

Whether you're using marijuana for relaxation, stress-relief, or just plain fun, the effects are often positive as long as you use it in moderation. However, even experienced weed smokers might occasionally experience an overwhelming and uncomfortable high and want to reduce the effects. Fortunately, there are many effective methods for coming down from your high.

When marijuana starts to make you feel anxious, paranoid, or nauseous, you've probably smoked a little too much and it's best to try and reduce the effects. Sometimes all it takes is a little water and some food to counteract the negative physical side effects, and sometimes getting some fresh air and taking some deep breaths can reduce your stress and worries. However, in some cases, you might need to go to extra measures to help you come down quicker.

These top tips can help any marijuana user reduce the effects of an overwhelming high and come down quicker. Some of these methods help more than others, but they're usually best used in conjunction with one another to counteract the potential negative side effects of marijuana as swiftly as possible. Here are some of the best ways to help you come down from your marijuana high.

1. Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to avoid the effects of an overwhelming marijuana high. You should stay well-hydrated even before you start smoking, especially as it can help you avoid dehydration and headaches. However, if you find yourself experiencing negative side effects, drinking more water can always help.

One of the benefits of drinking water while high is that it helps you avoid many of the potential physical side effects of marijuana. Smoking can leave you feeling dehydrated and dry mouth, both of which a glass of water can swiftly counteract. It also keeps you feeling healthy and nourished, so you might want to keep a bottle closeby while you're smoking.

What's more, drinking water can help flush more THC out of your system faster. Water speeds up your digestive system and also makes you excrete toxins in your system. A study found that most THC is flushed out of your system via urination and defecation in the days following your high, but the sooner you drink more water, the better.

Sometimes, drinking water can even help you avoid the potential mental side effects of your high by making your brain focus on a simple task. You might also want to drink other fluids such as fresh juices or decaffeinated tea. However, it's best to avoid drinks high in sugar, caffeine, or taurine- these can sometimes exacerbate anxiety and dehydration.

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

2. Eat A Nutritious And Filling Snack Or Meal

Another simple yet effective tip for helping you come down from your marijuana high is to eat something nutritious and filling. Not only will eating a satisfying meal put you in a good mood, but it can also help counteract many of the potential negative side effects of using too much marijuana.

Much like drinking water, eating a nutritious meal can also help speed up your digestion and flush THC out of your system faster. Some foods are better than others for this, and meals that are high in protein and fiber are especially helpful. You don't necessarily have to cook- simply eating a sandwich can help. However, you might want to cook a meal beforehand or even order food to keep your stomach satisfied.

You might even want to add certain ingredients to help you overcome your high faster. For example, research shows that limonene has calming effects, so adding some lemon juice to your snack or meal might help. Caryophyllene is also helpful for reducing the effects of THC, which you can easily add to your food with some black pepper.

Not only will this help you overcome your high, but eating while high can be incredibly satisfying. Studies show that marijuana helps flip the hunger switch in the brain and makes food look, smell, and taste even better. As such, eating after smoking can make your food all the more enjoyable.

3. Stay Calm And Avoid Panicking

Although it's much easier said than done, it's important to stay calm while you’re high. Smoking too much marijuana can occasionally result in increased anxiety and sometimes even paranoia. Simply relaxing your mind and focusing on positive thoughts can help you avoid worsening these effects.

Various methods can help users relax their minds and calm themselves down. For instance, you might find that focusing on your breathing is helpful. Take a deep breath and hold it for around 5-10 seconds before exhaling slowly. Repeat a few times while focusing on positive thoughts and see whether it helps.

Some users find it more helpful to distract themselves with other things. Putting on some of your favorite music or talking to a friend can help put you in a calmer and happier state of mind. You might even find that your high swiftly becomes less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

It also helps to make sure you're in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. For instance, if you're around people, going home to your bedroom might help you feel better. No matter what helps you relax, make sure you focus on relaxing your mind as much as possible. It can help you counteract stress and anxiety and help you overcome a serious marijuana high more comfortably.

Stay Calm And Avoid Panicking

4. Walk Around The Block For Some Fresh Air

Sometimes, simply getting some fresh air can work wonders. Not only can taking a walk outside help reduce some of the physical side effects of smoking marijuana, but it can also put you in a more calm and relaxed state of mind. As such, it's one of the best tips for coming down from a bad high.

A long walk can help you burn off excess energy as well as helping you increase oxygen intake and sweat out toxins. As such, you'll likely find that it helps you overcome a bad marijuana high quicker. Being outside in nature can also feel amazing when you're high, resulting in you feeling better mentally.

Of course, it's always important to choose somewhere where you feel safe and comfortable walking. If it's late at night, it's best to avoid walking around the neighborhood. However, if it's the middle of the day and you feel comfortable taking a walk in the park, then doing so might help you come down from your marijuana high.

Even taking a walk around your backyard can help. You don't necessarily have to take a long walk- even a little exercise and fresh air can go a long way. If you're experiencing a serious marijuana high, then give this a try and see how it works for you.

5. Keep Your Mind Occupied

When you’re dealing with an overwhelming high, you might experience a spike in anxiety and paranoia. These can be hard to deal with, especially if you start to worry and panic. However, the severity of these effects by simply keeping your mind occupied with something else.

There are many effective approaches to doing this. For example, many users keep their minds occupied simply by turning the TV on and watching some TV shows or movies. This can distract you from any worries on your mind and keep you focused on something fun and entertaining. In many cases, you’ll end up having a positive high instead.

You can also try any other activity that keeps you happy and focused. Some users enjoy listening to music whereas some might even find it helpful to focus on creative tasks such as drawing, writing, or playing an instrument. Pretty much any activity that helps you calm down and focus on something else can be exceptionally helpful.

While distracting yourself with other things won’t necessarily reduce your high, it can swiftly make it more enjoyable and easier to deal with. By focusing on something enjoyable, it’ll feel as though time goes by faster and, before you know it, you’ll feel happy and sober.

Take A Relaxing Shower Or Bath

6. Take A Relaxing Shower Or Bath

Another one of the easiest tips for coming down from a serious marijuana high is to take a shower or bath. Showering or bathing often has a subtle stress-relieving effect that can work wonders if you’re dealing with an uncomfortable high. It can also have physical benefits and may even reduce the duration of your high.

Research shows that bathing can help increase your blood flow, boost your metabolism, and relieve your stress. Not only can all of these things counteract the negative effects of a bad high, but they’ll also help you sweat and flush THC out of your system faster, leading to you feeling sober more quickly.

A long, relaxing bath can be perfect for lessening anxiety, especially if you add some bath bombs or bath salts for extra aromatherapy. You might also want to play some music if it helps you relax. Before you know it, you’ll be in a much more positive and carefree state of mind.

If taking a bath seems too long and strenuous, a quick shower can also work wonders. Taking a shower while high even feels better than taking one while sober. As simple as these methods may seem, they can work well when you’re trying to counteract an uncomfortable high.

7. Go To Sleep

Realistically, the best way to get rid of a serious marijuana high is to sleep it off. Sleep helps your body rest and recover. It can also help calm your mind, especially when you’re dealing with a bad trip.

Marijuana even helps you get to sleep easier, so try laying down somewhere quiet and comfortable and closing your eyes. Soon enough, you should drift off into a restful sleep and wake up feeling sober and refreshed.

Some users might find it harder to get to sleep, especially if they’re dealing with anxiety or paranoia. In these cases, it’s best to play some music or turn the TV on a low volume to help distract your mind as you drift off. Even if you simply rest and close your eyes without sleeping, it can help reduce your high quicker.

Although sleeping helps reduce the effects of a serious marijuana high, you shouldn’t resort to taking sleep medications or self-medicating with alcohol. These can sometimes exacerbate the effects of your high and make it worse. However, a relaxing beverage such as green tea or hot chocolate can help.

Avoid Using Too Much

8. Avoid Using Too Much

Of course, the best way to avoid a serious marijuana high is to be careful about how much you use in the first place. Although the side effects of marijuana are generally mild compared to other substances, it’s still best to avoid side effects such as nausea and anxiety.

There are various ways you can avoid overusing marijuana. If you’re smoking a joint, simply inhale until you’re satisfied with the effects and save the rest for later. You don’t need to smoke the entire joint in one session if you already feel high enough.

Using a Pipe or Bong can also help. When you use these devices, you simply have to load your bowl with a small amount of ground weed and take a hit. If you want your high to be slightly stronger, simply load it again and take another hit. However, you can stop whenever you feel happy with the effects.

If you’re already experiencing a strong and steady high, then it’s best not to smoke more. That way, you can enjoy the effects without becoming too overwhelmed. Don’t smoke more too quickly and make sure you stay hydrated and nourished throughout your high.


Most users will find that marijuana gives them a highly enjoyable experience. However, if you find yourself experiencing uncomfortable side effects, then start taking measures to reduce your high. Sometimes simply drinking water, eating food, and getting some fresh air works wonders. Sometimes you might want to take extra measures such as taking a shower and resting.

The best way to avoid unwanted effects is to be careful with how much you use. If you’re already happy with the effects of your high, then avoid using more until the effects wear off. The best way to do this is by using high-quality smoking devices such as Bongs or Pipes, which you can find online at FatBuddhaGlass.


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