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Helpful Hints for Cleaning Glass Pipes, Part 1

By Fat Buddha March 18, 2019

Every smoker has their own method for cleaning their glass pipes. Some prefer to use rubbing alcohol while others prefer other cleaning solutions. Some smokers prefer to soak their pipes for long periods of time before scraping the sticky resin away. There are so many ways to clean a glass pipe, it’s generally just a matter of preference. The key is to find a method that gets the job done safely, efficiently, and without causing harm to your pipe, or your safety and well-being.

Today, the friendly folks at Fat Buddha Glass will share some helpful tips to keep in mind when cleaning your glass pipe. Would you rather toss out that old, sticky pipe with caked-on resin that simply won’t go away? While we don’t want to see any glass pipes go into the trash, sometimes, it’s simply time to go. If you need a new pipe, head over to Fat Buddha Glass and shop our wide selection of glass pipes, bongs, and bubblers that are made from the highest quality materials and always offered at the lowest prices.

Helpful Hints To Consider When Cleaning Glass Pipes

Don’t Use Harsh Household Cleaning Supplies

This is a totally fair mistake many smokers make, so let’s clear the air here. Sometimes, it’s easy to assume that cleaning products found around the house will do a better job of cleaning glass pipes, but this is the last thing you’ll want to use. Household cleaning products, even when they claim to be natural or environmentally friendly, are not safe to use to clean glass pipes. These typically combine a range of hazardous ingredients designed for tough cleaning jobs around the house. Definitely don’t use any harsh chemicals, like nail polish remover, which could damage your pipe.

Reach, instead, for ingredients like baking soda to soak and clean your pipes.

Yes, You Can Use Isopropyl Alcohol to Clean Your Pipe

One of the myths about cleaning glass pipes, bongs, and bubblers is that using isopropyl alcohol, also called rubbing alcohol, is dangerous. The truth is, rubbing alcohol is one of the best solutions for cleaning glass pipes. Whether you use straight rubbing alcohol or mix table salt or Epsom salt into it to create more effervescence for a more thorough, quicker cleaning, isopropyl alcohol (preferably 91 percent alcohol) is totally safe for cleaning most glass pipes.

Shop Glass Pipes Online

If you’ve had it with cleaning that pipe you’ve had since your early smoking days, a new glass pipe may be in order. Shop Fat Buddha Glass for the highest-quality glass pipes online, as well as cool bongs and gorgeous bubblers. We have something for every smoker, so find the right piece for you and enjoy our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee with each and every purchase. Thanks for shopping Fat Buddha Glass and happy smoking!

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