Holiday Gift Buyer’s Guide for the Smoker In Your Life, Part 1
Holiday Gift Buyer’s Guide for the Smoker In Your Life, Part 1

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you’re ready to get a jump on your holiday shopping, we have some super awesome ideas for you! Whether you’re making your own holiday wish list, or you’re shopping for gifts for friends and loved ones who enjoy a good smoke, the friendly folks at Fat Buddha Glass have compiled a holiday shopping guide just for you. This year’s holiday shopping guide for smokers features some of our top staff picks, as well as sale items, and everything in-between. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our guide, be sure to check out our extensive collection of glass pipes, glass bubblers, and cool bongs that are always offered at reasonable prices — but without sacrificing the high-quality glass we all love and appreciate. Here are some of our top holiday picks for the smoker in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide for Glass and Smoking Accessories

From glass bongs and bubblers to pipes and smoking accessories, our online headshop has what you’re looking for. Glass pieces make excellent gifts for the holidays and can really help a buddy or loved one start the new year off right. Here are some of our top picks from each of our most popular glass collections.

Supreme Staff Picks

The Fat Buddha Glass team is super passionate about glass art and the pieces in our collection, so we have chosen a few of our favorite pieces that we’re sure you’ll love, too!

For the Scientist

Glass bongs come in all shapes, sizes, and intricacies, but one of the most popular styles is the scientific bong. Check out our recent blog to learn more about the difference between Scientific Vs. Heady Glass. This particular water pipe is an ideal gift for the smoker who enjoys a nice, smooth, super clean pull when they clear their piece. While we have a variety of scientific bongs, our 14" glass bong with four percolators is by far one of our favorites — and one of our hottest selling bongs. This monster has a sleek, clean design and is crafted from highly durable borosilicate glass for longevity. This clear piece features two honeycombs and two matrix percolators for maximum diffusion. It comes with an ice catcher and an 18mm bowl that can be packed for delightful enjoyment. Looking for something more colorful but with similar features? Our 15” Purple Twist Bong offers a super smooth and enjoyable pull and features a truly stunning aesthetic that showcases glass art at its finest.

For the Animal Lover

We all have that one friend or family member who loves all things animals and nature. For the animal lover who loves enjoying a nice smoke, we have got the perfect piece for them. Our Polly the Parrot Pipe is an exclusive piece available for a limited time only. This handmade gem combines artistic features, unique and detailed designs, durability, and function, offering smokers the best of glass art and pipe in one. There is simply no way you can’t smile while enjoying a smoke with this glass pipe. Polly the Parrot features exquisite coloring and exceptional detail. It pulls nicely and is six inches from head-to-tail, making it the perfect size for comfort and portability. Be sure to check out our glow-in-the-dark glass pipes which feature different wildlife-inspired designs like an octopus, a scorpion, and even an adorable turtle.   

For the Down-to-Earth Folks

If you have a friend or loved one who likes the simpler things in life, but also finds beauty and majesty in nature, you’ll want to add this glass pipe to your shopping list. Our Heavy Honeycomb Glass Pipe is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing pieces in our pipe collection. This spoon glass pipe was inspired by earth stone and other natural elements, which features a blend of blues and whites and is between four and five inches long — perfect for a discreet and portable smoke. This piece is crafted from borosilicate glass and was kiln annealed for the highest quality and superior durability. This little guy would make a wonderful stocking stuffer! We even have Glass Jacks Pipe Screens and a two-inch metal grinder to include as additional gifts to accompany this pipe.

For the Smoker On-the-Go

For those folks who lead busy lives, on-the-go smoking accessories might just be the perfect gift for them. We have a few picks that offer maximum portability and discreetness. The handmade 3.5” Color Changing Bubble Pipe is a tiny spoon pipe, but offers a ton of super fun and colorful features. Likewise, we have an assortment of gorgeous chillums to pair with a small spoon glass pipe. Be sure to check out the super cool 3” Fish Chillum 24k Gold Fumed One-Hitter!  



Start Your Holiday Shopping Now!

Now that you have a ton of awesome ideas for gifts, we’re sure your rearing to start your search for the perfect glass piece for yourself, a friend, or a loved one. Visit Fat Buddha Glass and shop our high-quality glass that is always offered at the lowest prices. What’s more, when you shop our Top Rated Ecommerce® online headshop, you can rest assured that along with our unwavering commitment to offering reasonably priced, top-quality glass, we are fully dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is happy to help you if you have any questions about our glass or have an issue with your order. Like we said, your satisfaction is our highest priority. Start your stress-free holiday shopping experience today!

Happy shopping, and, as always, happy smoking!

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