Homemade Pipes to Make on a Budget

Homemade Pipes on a budget

How To Make A Pipe on a Budget

Bad days come every so often, and for a stoner, these days can include wanting to smoke and not having anything to smoke out of. Going to grab your pipe and realizing it's missing or remembering that it’s broken is a stoner's worst nightmare. When this happens, however, homemade pipes can come to the rescue. Homemade pipes can be made from tons of materials and have many different shapes and sizes. Feel free to have fun with it and get creative, but if you’re looking for some ideas you’re in the right place. This guide will go over some of the easiest and most cost-friendly ways to make a homemade pipe. 

How to Make Homemade Pipes

With each material, the process for making a homemade pipe will be different. That said, in general, you will need to find a material that you can make holes in and it’s probably ideal if you start with materials that are already shaped like a pipe. At the very least you will need to carve out a bowl and make a mouthpiece hole that connects to the bowl.

Foil Pipe

A foil pipe is as barebones as it gets, all you need is foil, your herb, and something to light your herb with. This homemade pipe is great for those that just want to use their creation one time when they’re in a pinch. Foil is great for your first homemade pipe because it is super easy to make and doesn’t require any uncommon materials. Here’s how to make it:

  1. Cut a piece of foil that is about 12 inches by 12 inches. Try not to wrinkle or fold it in the process of cutting it, aim to have a flat 12 x 12 sheet of tinfoil at the end of this step.
  2. Alternate folding your tinfoil sheet horizontally and vertically until you now have a tinfoil sheet that is 6 x 6.
  3. Take a pen or a pencil and place it across one of the corners of your tinfoil sheet. Begin to roll your foil around your pen until you reach the other corner. If you don’t have a pen/pencil you can make do with your finger.
  4. Take one side of your now pipe-shaped foil and place a credit card about one inch from the edge. Fold the tinfoil upwards (keeping the circler shape intact) so that there is now a 90° bend. This is where you will place your weed.
  5. Load up your weed in the bend you just made, light it, and inhale from the other side!

Apple Pipe

An apple pipe is another common homemade pipe that gets the job done.  The apple pipe is also often considered a homemade bong. This pipe also has the added bonus of giving your bud a little bit of extra flavor. Again though, this is a homemade pipe that will only be good for one use. After a day or so the apple will not provide a good taste or effective smoking device. To make an apple pipe all you need is an apple and a knife (or something similarly sharp). Here’s how to make one:

  1. Get rid of the apple stem, you can do this by twisting it off.
  2. Use your knife to carve out a bowl where you just removed the stem. The bowl should only go about a quarter into the apple.
  3. Use your knife to poke a hole from your bowl that you just created down to the center of the apple. Do not poke this hole all the way through the apple.
  4. Take your knife and make another hole perpendicular to the one you just made. So, make a hole from the side of the apple and make sure it connects to the hole you just made. You can extend this hole all the way through the other side of the apple to create a carb.
  5. Load up your bud into the bowl, light it, and inhale from the hole that is perpendicular to the bowl hole!

Pen Pipe

A homemade pipe you can reuse a couple of times is the pen pipe. Not everybody has an apple on them or carries foil with them, so a pen pipe can be a great homemade pipe to make if you’re away from home. It is also an easy homemade pipe to make since it is already shaped like a pipe. The downside of this homemade pipe is that it can’t hold much weed, and it is essentially a one-hitter.  Here’s how to make one:

  1. Disassemble your pen. Remove the front nib as well as the back of the pen and be sure to get rid of the ink refill too. This should leave you with essentially a hollow tube.
  2. Take your nib that you just took off your pen and put it back in your pen facing the other direction. The nib should make a V-shape when you do this. This is where you are going to load your weed.
  3. Fill the Nib up with your weed and light it. Then just take a hit from the other side of your pen which is now a mouthpiece.

General Tips

Making a homemade pipe or a homemade bong is a pretty simple task, but there are still a few common mistakes that you need to be aware of. For one, don’t use anything that is made from plastic to be your bowl. (Or you could just pick up a bowl from us so you don’t have to worry.) It’s okay to have a plastic base, as plastic can hold smoke, but you don’t want it to be where you light your weed because burning plastic is toxic. The second thing to make sure of when making a homemade pipe or a homemade bong is that you’re using good fruit/foods. Screen whatever food you are going to be using as the base for your pipe or bong carefully, and make sure that it is sturdy enough to withstand having holes drilled into it and being held firmly. A mushy food will not make for a good smoking experience. It might seem convenient to use the fruit that is in the worst shape but trust us, don’t do it. 

Lastly, be aware that homemade pipes and bongs do not have filters as real smoking devices do. If you’re going to be using homemade pipes often be sure to invest in some metal screens to include in them. At this point, you know how to make a homemade pipe and surely you have some household objects to make it with, now it’s time for you to get out there and put this knowledge to use.

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