How to Care for Your Bong and Keep it Safe

How to care for your bong

Best upkeep for a bong

If you’re a stoner then you likely either have or are soon going to buy a pretty nice bong. And who can blame you, opting for a better bong will only make your smoking experiences better. A nice bong, however, requires more care. First off, nicer bongs are usually made from glass which makes them more susceptible to breaking. On top of that, anytime you spend good money on high quality equipment you will likely feel pressure to take extra good care of it. None of this is a problem though because to take good care of a bong isn’t rocket science (although so many people still don’t do it). This guide will explain exactly what you need to do to make sure your bong never breaks. 

Clean Carefully

When you buy a glass bong, it’s important to make sure you clean it in an appropriate and safe manner. That entails using a cleaning mix like alcohol and salt to dab and/or soak your bong. The mistake many people make when cleaning a glass bong is using a sharp object to try and scrape off resin. Scrubbing too vigorously even with a dull object can be trouble so it is even more worrisome when using a sharp object (don’t use sharp objects). In addition to dabbing rather than scraping, it’s important to clean your bong often. Cleaning your bong often will prevent tough and grimy resin from building up in the first place, meaning you won’t feel the need to use a sharp object or extra force in the first place. Lastly, be careful not to grip your bong too tight or too loose when holding it, and clean each part of the bong separately. Having too loose of a grip could lead the bong to slip out of your hand and having too tight of a grip will cause you to get shaky and might also lead your bong to fall to its death. Cleaning a bong properly is the ultimate bong protection and it has the added bonus of also making your smoking experiences better. 

Buy Good and Sturdy Bongs

Buying a bong that is less likely to break is the easiest and best thing you can do to ensure that your bong has longevity. That doesn’t mean you have to buy a silicone-made bong, however, it just means that you should look for glass bongs with a wide base and made from good quality glass. A lot of nicer glass bongs are very artistic and while that’s great, it can mean that the bong has very oddly shaped bases. This makes them less sturdy and more likely to get tipped over. This is especially a problem if you often smoke with a group and if you often have plenty of snacks during your smoke session. Greasy hands grabbing an oddly shaped glass bong is a recipe for disaster. Likewise, having a lot of people sit around and reach for a fragile and easy-to-tip-over bong while on cloud nine isn’t ideal for the safety of your bong. The artsy bongs are cool but if bong longevity is what you’re looking for skip the art and look for a bong with a wide base.

Store Your Bong in a Safe Place 

Place your bong in the same place each and every time you use it and make sure that place is someone safe. If you don’t do this and put your bong wherever you feel like after each use then the chances of it being knocked over drastically increase.

It’s best to keep your bong in a case and somewhere out of the way, a closet or cabinet works great for this. Admittedly the one downside of keeping your bong in a cabinet/closet is that it won’t be able to function as a piece of decoration.

This is particularly a shame if you have the rest of your weed collection on display and you specifically bought your bong to function as the centerpiece. If you absolutely need to keep your bong out in the open on a table or countertop there are mats designed to keep your bong in place but these are still less reliable than putting your bong in a cabinet or closet. 

Invest In A Bong Case

A bong case is a great and simple way to ensure your bong stays safe. They are even more vital if you plan on travelling with your bong.

Packing a bong in a suitcase without a case on it is asking for it to break. If you don’t care to buy a case you can even make you own by putting bubble wrap in a grocery bag. If you do decide to do the DIY route you may want to also consider wrapping the grocery bag in a towel.

Keep in mind though that buying a case not only works better than DIY bong protection but it also cuts down on the space that your bong takes up in your suitcase. 

If All Else Fails Buy A Silicone Bong

While buying a silicone bong shouldn’t be your first move when trying to protect your bong, if nothing else works it’s a good fallback because a silicone bong will surely do the trick. The reason you don’t want to jump the gun and immediately opt for a silicone bong is because silicone does not offer as nice of a smoking experience as glass does.

Glass bongs are both smoother and tastier than silicone bongs so unless you are super clumsy and can’t take the other precautions listed in this article stick to glass. That said, if you do get a silicone bong you can rest assured knowing that they are practically indestructible.

No matter how many times you drop your silicone bong it will remain in tact. Some silicone bongs can even withstand pretty extreme temperature changes, and this adds to cool possibility of placing your bong in the freezer for a few minutes to secure extra cool hits.

Silicone bongs aren’t all bad, but they aren’t as good as glass bongs and most people can easily keep a glass bong safe with the right precautions. 

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