How to Get a Weed Smell Out of Your Car

Weed smell in car

Getting Rid Of The Weed Car Smell

Even if you love the smell of weed, a car is not the right place to smell it. Having guests get into your car when it smells like weed can be unpleasant. 

On top of that, it may alert them into thinking that you have been driving while stoned. It should go without saying but never drive while stoned or under the influence of any substance, doing so can impair your ability to drive and may end up hurting not only you but others too. 

And even if you haven’t been driving while stoned, (perhaps you like to hotbox your car in the driveway or parking lot) you will likely have your guests thinking that you do unless you explain to them that you never drive after you smoke in there (and that’s probably not a conversation that you want to have with all your guest). 

Still, though, it may be the case that your car smells like weed. Perhaps you do really love hotboxing your car, or maybe you bought it used and it came with the smell. Sometimes even storing weed in your car can cause a smell and you might have to do that if you plan on smoking away from home. 

Regardless of how it happened, if you want to get rid of the smell keep reading as this guide will tell you all you need to know about removing a weed smell from your car. 

We do want to make sure you know, we strongly suggest you smoke responsibly, and not in the car! Always know your local laws, and follow them.

Mask the Weed Smell

Masking an unwanted smell is typically not advised but it will work fine if your car only has a slight weed smell. Not if you hit a massive bong! This would be the case if the smell is a result of simply storing your weed in your car or if you bought a used car and there are only tiny remains of weed smell that the seller couldn’t get out. In these cases using a masker will save you time and should work well enough to prevent you or others from smelling weed. It may also be your only option, aka the weed smell in your car has already been removed as much as possible and now all you can do is mask the remaining odor.  

One way to mask the smell of weed is by using a personal fragrance enhancer. This means spritzing a little bit of cologne or perfume in your car. Don’t overdo it though as cologne and perfume are quite strong and spraying too much will create a bad smell of its own. You can also just wear extra cologne on you to distract guests from the smell; this might appear more natural rather than there being perfume sprayed in the backseat of the car.. 

Another option is a standard car freshener or odor eater. These are great because nobody would suspect anything of it, plenty of people use these even when there is no weed smell they are trying to get rid of. The downside is that this is that these are the weakest smell masking options and won’t help you if the weed smell is anything more than faint. 

Lastly, you can use takeout food to mask the smell of weed in your car. Takeout food can smell very strong and nobody will suspect anything of it. Pretty much anything that’s not pasta will work, Chinese takeout or fried chicken works the best. 

Eliminating the Weed Smell

If your car's weed smell is more potent and due to you hotboxing it, then masking the smell won’t work. In this case, you’ll need to do your best to eliminate the weed smell, or at least eliminate as much of it as possible. 

One way you can try to do this is by using a product that was specifically designed to remove the smell of weed. There are plenty of products on the market so feel free to use a few of them, sometimes one works better than another for a specific material. One caution with these sprays however is that they are not all safe for you to inhale. In fact, many of the sprays with the highest success rate have toxic chemicals in them– you should not use these in a closed space like a car. 

Another way to try and eliminate the weed smell from your car is to attempt to absorb the smell into something other than your car seats. Coffee grounds, baking soda, and activated charcoal work great to absorb the smell and remove it from your car. To employ this method you’ll need to pour one of these substances into a large open container or bucket and leave it in your car overnight. You can also increase your odds of success by sprinkling bits of the absorber all over your car. Doing this though will require some cleanup time whereas if you just use a bucket/container you can just pick that up and throw it away. 

Prevention is the Best Option

No matter what you try and do to remove the weed smell from your car there’s a decent chance that you won’t be able to completely remove it. The only way you can ensure that your car doesn’t smell like weed is to not smoke in your car. While hotboxing your car might seem fun or convenient you will regret doing so afterward; if you absolutely love hotboxing then you should hotbox a walk-in closet or a personal bathroom instead.

If you have already smoked in your car then you should act as quickly as possible. Using odor absorbers and odor-removing sprays work best when they’re used immediately. Waiting and letting the weed smell soak into your car will drastically reduce the chances of you being able to remove the smell. Ultimately your best bet though is to not smoke in the car. As you might have heard in other respects, abstinence is the only method that works 100% of the time. 


A car is not a good place to smoke weed and get blazed (especially if you are driving soon). If you do smoke in your car be prepared for an uphill battle of getting the weed smell out of it, it’s not easy. In this case you should act fast with an odor absorber or odor remover. If removing the smell doesn’t work you can also attempt to mask the smell with cologne/perfume, a car freshener, or takeout. All of that said prevention is the only way to truly ensure that your car doesn’t smell like weed. But being that you are reading this article chances are that your car already smells like weed, so good luck in your smell removal adventures, and get started now! 

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