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How To smoke at home discreetly

Discreet Holiday Smoking

It’s that time of year when everything starts to either slow down or speed up depending on how you view the holiday season. We completely recognize that everyone is going to be going through an entirely different situation when it comes to the holiday season. Some are going to love their situation, and others are not so fortunate. However, no matter what your views on the holiday season are, we are pretty sure that we can all agree on one thing. There is one truth that we can all agree on. Weed is awesome. Especially during the holidays! Let's think about it. If you are having an amazing holiday, what is something that could make it better? The chronic! What about if you are having a terrible holiday? Could anything in the world make you feel even a little better? Weed sure can. So what if you can’t comfortably consume cannabis cause of your caretakers? That is where we come in. We had planned for this eventuality and this is exactly why we put together this holiday home smoking article! It is worth saying that everything we suggest comes from our own personal experience, and should only be taken as a suggestion, nothing more. We are pretty sure that you are going to find some helpful information here though. So keep on reading for some nice hidden gems, and if you feel like we missed anything by the end of it, feel free to reach out and let us know.

Best Methods

So there are a few methods that we think to be the holy grails of secret smoking. However, they all have their cons. We will go over it, so don’t worry, there won’t be any surprises. The main goal of each of these methods is to minimize smell and minimize unnecessary interactions with friends and family. If you are trying to keep things on the low, then these are the methods that are going to help you out. Our top three are the smoke buddy method, the take-a-walk method, and the sploof and shower method. These are our very own methods (though some of them are fairly universal) that have been tried and tested many times over the years. Alright, let’s break them down. 

Smoke Buddy

smoke buddy

The smoke buddy method is an important one. Every stoner should have a smoke buddy or something like it in their tool kit. At all times. They are one of the best ways to keep the amount of smoke around you to a minimum. Making sure that you don’t smell as bad as you would without it! Using this method is very simple. You just need to pick up a smoke buddy. Once you have your smoke buddy, you can head out to the garage or backyard, and light up with something small, like a dugout, and blow all of the smoke into the smoke buddy. This is going to ensure that your fat clouds don’t float anywhere you don’t want them too. The best way to use the smoke buddy is to combine it with one of our other top two methods! Which you can find below.

Take A Walk

take a walk

This method is fairly self-explanatory, but there are a few important things to remember. As well as a couple of extremely useful tips that we have to share. So the take-a-walk method consists of grabbing your greens, your chosen device to smoke with something like a hand pipe, and heading outside for a walk! These are best done late at night when you know that you can come home, avoid contact with the family and head straight to bed. Something you want to think about is that the clothes you wear will potentially catch some of the smoke as you are walking, bringing back some of the smell with you. So, always plan to bring a smoking jacket. Something that you can either ditch outside before you go in, or quickly put somewhere inside where it won't be smelled. If you can’t avoid interaction with the family after your walk, be prepared with eyedrops and maybe a body spray. Remember that too much body spray is also a dead giveaway. You are tip-toeing on a thin line when it comes to covering your smell. The best way to do this is to plan for a shower after you get back from your walk. Combining this method with the next is always great. 

The Sploof and Shower

Sploof and shower

The sploof and the shower. It sounds like an old fairytale about a wild fantasy journey through mythical lands. It's not. It is actually our favorite method. First, let's break down what a sploof is. Because we are pretty sure you know what a shower is. A sploof is a homemade device that does the same job as a smoke buddy. Just not as efficient. 

It is made by stuffing a bunch of dryer sheets into one side of an empty toilet paper roll and then shoving paper towels into the other side. Blowing into the paper towels section will catch a lot of your smoke, and the remaining smoke will go through dryer sheets, making the smell a tiny bit less potent. 

When you approach this method, make sure to start the shower first, turn on the fan, and open any windows if you have them. If you do, smoke near the windows. Remember this is probably the riskiest method that we are suggesting. Smoking inside at all increases your chance of getting caught quite a bit. Also, be thoughtful of what you are using here. You probably can't use a scientific bong in the bathroom. 


The best way to avoid getting caught is to not smoke at all. We recognize that this request is nearly impossible. Which is why we created this article! We hope you have found something useful here, and as we said in the beginning if you feel we missed something or got something wrong feel free to reach out. We love hearing from you and try to keep our content updated to the most useful information to date.

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