How To Talk About Weed With Your Parents

Talk about weed with parents

Talking Weed With The Parents

Parents and cannabis haven’t always been two things that mix well at all. In fact, they have almost imperatively been kept separate! For some reason, the stigma surrounding cannabis has penetrated into the family circle making it extremely difficult to have an honest conversation with your parents about your weed use. Many factors can influence this conversation like your family’s religion, your relationship with your parents, your parents' perspective of cannabis, or a whole host of other factors. If you are at a point where you haven’t told your parents about your weed use and want to, we are here to offer you support as well as guide you through this tough process. We are going to be going over good ways to bring up the conversation in the first place, ways to be mindful of where they might be coming from, and a few other things that are essential to a successful conversation!

Bringing Up the Conversation

Bringing up the conversation in the first place can be the toughest part of the entire process. It will determine the tone, and the balance of control in the conversation immediately. You have multiple options for how to bring it up. For all of them, you want to remember that at the end of the day you are their child, and your choices are just that. Your. Choices. They don’t have to agree with them. If they don’t at first, that’s ok. You are in it for the long game of breaking down the stigma around cannabis, as well as building a more honest and open relationship with your family! Now let's dive into a couple of different methods you can use to bring up the conversation.

The Direct Method

You can go with the direct method. In the direct method, there is no tip-toeing around this issue. You dive straight into the nitty gritty by informing your parents of your relationship with weed and asking for their thoughts. When going into the direct method, it is best to arm yourself with as much research as possible. You want to show your parents that you are making an informed decision. 

Social Media/Movie Option

While you are with your parents, maybe suggest a movie or tv show that you know deals with weed, and once the moment comes, say a little something that would spark conversation. This is more of a light-hearted approach that if done correctly should feel natural. For this method, you would want to plan the path of the conversation beforehand and do your best to guide it. This way nothing will catch you off guard. 

Think About Their Perspective

Perspective plays such an important role in any conversation you have. So much more so when it comes to something as hot-button as weed. Cannabis has been around a lot longer than you or your parents have. We as a human species have had a long time to craft opinions about the plant, and sadly in the modern world, we haven’t ended at the healthiest place with cannabis. However, this is changing and will continue to change thanks to tough conversations like the one you are having. Though weed is older than both you and your parents, your parents are definitely older than you. With age does come a lot of life experience! This experience is largely shaped by the world around us. And the world that has been around your parents as they developed into adult people has not been the most accepting of the cannabis community. Except for a small period in the seventies. Free love. Jokes aside, it is important to remember going into this conversation that your parents might not be coming from the most knowledgeable place. And that they may have their biases. Which are on a varying range of severity. Once you can frame your mindset around this fact, you will be able to approach the conversation a lot calmer. And chances are you will be able to have the outcome you most desire! 

Consider The Circumstances

Considering your own circumstances is the most important thing you can do when deciding to have this conversation. You know your situation better than anyone else. Which is why we aren’t telling you a set way to have this conversation. Every single one will be different. And if you feel that your circumstances might not be the most conducive to a rational conversation. It might be best to delay it until a time when it is more conducive. We just want you to be able to feel comfortable working towards a more honest and open relationship with your loved ones! 

Breaking Out The Peace Pipe

Ok. So the conversation has been had. Now a big decision must be made. Do you offer to share the peace pipe? This will be a big decision that only you can make. However, we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t tell you we think you should do it. The worst thing that could happen from that point on is that they say no. The pros are you could create a memory that would last a lifetime for all parties involved, and you would definitely bring the family closer together. If you do choose to do this, you are going to need to think about what pipe you are going to break out. If you think you are going to break out a massive bong you might be making a mistake. We would recommend trying something smaller first, like either a mini bong or even the classic spoon pipe. If you really want to limit the amount they intake for the first time, we would recommend a one-hitter or chillum.


In conclusion, we just want you to remember that the time and place are totally up to you, and you should not rush into this conversation. But know that when you choose to finally have the conversation, you are not alone. Many have done this before. And after all, is said and done you might just be a little closer as a family! That way you can all happily browse our awesome collection of high-quality glass together! 

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