The Top 10 Must Have On-the-go Pipes

On The Go Pipes

The Best On-the-go Pipes

As time goes on people seem to be getting busier and busier, everyone is constantly on the go and hardly has a couple of days per week to lounge around for a few hours. But having a busy life doesn't necessarily mean you can't ever smoke some herb and have a little fun! Many different portable pipes can help you get high no matter where you are. This guide will go over the top 10 must-have pipes for on-the-go travel and explain in detail what makes these pipes so great!  


A one-hitter is the perfect on-the-go pipe if you prioritize being discreet. One-hitters are extremely small and can even be kept in your pocket. They can also easily be hidden by your hand, which means you can take the one-hitter out of your pocket, bring it to your lips, and put it back in your pocket without anyone noticing. One-hitters know that their main advantage is stealth and so many one-hitters are designed with disguise in mind. For example, some one-hitters are designed like cigarettes and others are household items like a writing pen.  

One other thing to note when it comes to one-hitters is that they are generally only large enough for you to get one hit out of them at a time. This can be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. On one hand, if you're in public and trying to be discreet then one hit might be all that you can handle for that situation anyways. On the other hand, it can be frustrating if you've been wanting to get blazed all day and all you can get is one hit.  

Glass Spoon Pipe 

The glass spoon pipe is the classic weed pipe, and it is quite portable; this list wouldn't be adequate without it. As you might've inferred, glass spoon pipes are shaped like a spoon (hence the name). The spoon pipe's body is usually one singular piece of glass with a cylindrical shape and attached to the body is a bowl for your weed and a separate hole that is essentially a carb (carbs help you get better control over the airflow). Glass is a great material to make pipes out of because it offers the purest taste, and plus plenty of glasswork is super artistic and quite beautiful. 


A chillum is extremely similar to a one-hitter, in fact, they often get mixed up and even used interchangeably. There are however some subtle differences, for starters, a chillum is larger than a one-hitter which makes it slightly less discreet but also able to deliver more than one hit. Chillums are also older than one-hitters, dating back for centuries whereas one-hitters are relatively new. The last difference is that chillums are mostly made from clay (as opposed to ceramic or glass), making the taste of the smoke have a different flavor. Clay produces hits that may feel harsher on your throat, especially if you are not used to smoking with this material. Other than these differences, chillums are just like one-hitters.  

Metal Pipe 

A metal pipe is another worthwhile option, they are extremely sturdy and also don't break the bank. They are most commonly made out of aluminum, but others are also made from steel or brass. Metal might be a good idea if you plan on keeping your pipe in a backpack or suitcase where it'll rattle around a lot since metal is much less likely to break compared to glass. The one shortcoming of metal is that it can produce a metallic taste that some smokers find off-putting.   

Sherlock Pipe 

Sherlock pipes are the most stylish of the bunch. They draw inspiration from the sherlock Holmes novels and feature the same shape pipe as the pipe that the keen detective would smoke out of. Sherlock pipes come in many different styles and materials, it is simply the shape that creates the name (wood and glass are the most common materials).  

Gandalf pipes are also a type of sherlock pipe. If you haven't heard of Gandalf pipes, they are reminiscent of the pipe that the wizard in lord of the rings smoked with— they are very similar to a sherlock pipe but have an elongated stem (which might make them a little less portable than other options).  

Wooden Pipe 

While wood pipes are uncommon amongst weed smokers and typically viewed as tobacco pipes, they can and should also be used with marijuana. Smoking with a wooden pipe creates a warm and savory taste that everyone should try at least once. Wood is also sturdier than glass which may add to its portability.  

Foldable Pipe 

When we think of portability and things that are easy to travel with we often think of things that can fold… and this is exactly why foldable pipes were created. Foldable pipes were made with on-the-go smoking in mind and allow you to have a piece that can hold more marijuana than something like a one-hitter while still being able to fold up into your pocket. 

Stealth Pipe 

As discussed in the one-hitter section, many portable pipes are designed specifically to be more discreet. Not all stealth pipes are one-hitters though, many of them are larger and create more intense highs. Typically, stealth pipes are designed to be everyday items like lipstick, pens, or even pocket knives.   

Vaporizer Pipe 

Vaping is all the rage lately and the vaporizer pipe is no different. A more recent development, this contraption has taken off in popularity, especially amongst the younger crowd. Vaporizers allow you to inhale vapor rather than smoke, this is because a vaporizer doesn't heat your weed to the same extent that other pipes do. In other pipes, your weed is combusted, and you inhale the smoke produced from this combustion, in a vaporizer no combustion takes place, and the harmful effects of smoke are therefore not a concern. Some studies suggest that this may be a healthier way to smoke.  

Glass Blunt 

Although blunt is in the name, the glass blunt is actually more of a pipe. Glass blunts get rid of the need for rolling papers, making it easier and less of a hassle to prepare a blunt no matter where you are. Glass blunts are also easy to clean and offer extremely pure hits.  


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