weed mistakes

Weed mistakes

High Mistakes

Whether you just started smoking weed or you are a seasoned veteran you no doubtedly make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and that’s okay, but there are some mistakes that are worse than others and need to be avoided. When it comes to smoking weed there are a handful of these mistakes that people make repeatedly, even stoners.

The first step to fixing these mistakes (and having better smoke sessions) is to understand what the most important mistakes are (and reflect on if you’re making any of them). This guide will go over several common and important mistakes people make while getting high (and tell you how to avoid them). 

weed inhaling

1 Not inhaling correctly

The most common mistake that smokers of all kinds make is not inhaling properly. You would think that since this is the most vital part of getting high everyone would have the hang of it down, but that is simply not the case. Often people inhale too quickly and/or hold in the smoke for too long. Inhaling quickly is only going to do one thing, make you cough more. It doesn’t get you any higher and it doesn’t sit well with your lungs. Holding smoke into your lungs also doesn't help you get higher, since over 90 percent of the THC in your weed is absorbed within two seconds of inhaling. The correct way to inhale weed is to take shallow (but still inhale) and slow-paced tokes. This can be easier to do with something smaller like a chillum or dugout. We say that bongs are for more experienced users typically.

In addition to causing you to cough more and lessening the fun of your smoke session, inhaling incorrectly is bad for your health. Holding smoke in your lungs is especially bad. Doing this allows more tar, debris, and other toxins to enter your lungs.  Over time these tars and foreign substances add up and can cause damage to your lungs and even lead to lung damage. Don’t give yourself a bong lung– inhale the right way.

clear your bong

2 Not Cleaning Your Smoking Device Enough

Sticking with the health theme, not cleaning your smoking device enough can be detrimental to your well-being. Smoking weed means putting something up to your lips and taking that substance into your lungs. Would you rather put something clean-up on your lips or something dirty? Similarly, would you rather inhale cleaner less harsh substances or toxins? In order to ensure that you put your lips onto a clean mouthpiece and inhale cleaner smoke/vapor, you need to clean your devices regularly. You should aim to clean your smoking device after every two or three uses. Otherwise, your bong or whatever you are smoking out of will start to grow mold. One easy way to do this is with bong cleaner.

Even if for some reason you aren’t concerned with being healthy, there is still reason for you to clean your smoking devices often. The taste of your weed will be so much better and more potent if you have a clean bong or a clean pipe. It is highly unlikely that you will enjoy the taste of mold…. So clean your smoking devices! If you really hate cleaning then stick to blunts or joints.

weed storage

3 Not Storing Your Weed Properly 

Nearly everyone stores their weed in a zip lock baggy and unfortunately, this doesn't cut it. It may not be a huge deal if you are going to be smoking all your weed within the next day but beyond that proper weed storage is a big deal. Think about it like food, if you don’t store food correctly it’ll rot or go stale– the same is true for marijuana. To properly store weed you need something that is airtight (a plastic bag isn’t) and you need to place it in an environment with little to no sunlight, around 55% humidity, and about 65 degrees in temperature. This might sound like a lot but it’s really not hard to store weed correctly and it will enhance both its taste and longevity. Well-stored weed can last for up to two years and remain high quality. 

High for the first time

4 Believing You Won’t Get High Your First Time

There’s a common stoner myth that claims that many people don’t get high the first time they smoke. And while that may be true for some, it has nothing to do with it being because it’s their first time inhaling marijuana. 

The reason some people don’t get high their first time is simply because they either don’t inhale properly (not inhaling at all and treating it like a cigar) or because they just don’t smoke enough weed. 

For example, If you are overly cautious about how much you smoke during your first session then it’s true that you might not get high– but it’s because you didn’t intake enough weed. 

This myth is important to know for a couple of reasons. The first is that if you are at all anxious about the experience, don’t go and smoke because you assume that you won’t get high your first time. It’s best to handle those anxieties before smoking weed. 

Secondly, this will ensure that you get high your first time. If you go to smoke for the first time and don’t get high then you need to reconsider how you are inhaling and how much weed you’ve smoked. Keep trying till you get high! 

Own a grinder

5 Not Owning a Grinder

A grinder is the most important marijuana accessory a stoner can have. Grinders create a nicer and more even burn which can make your smoke session both better and longer. They do this because they grind your weed into an equal fine consistency which can then be spread out over more surface area. 

Some grinders even have kief catchers, which are separate compartments in the grinder designed for catching some of the leftover weed. And this ‘leftover’ weed happens to be the most potent part of the plant, it’s called kief. 


Every day stoners everywhere make simple mistakes when trying to get high and as a result, lessen the quality of their smoke sessions. The five main stoner mistakes are not inhaling correctly, not cleaning your stoner equipment enough, not storing weed properly, believing stoner myths, and not owning a grinder. If you can avoid these five common mistakes people make when smoking weed then you are in good shape. And now that you know what these mistakes are, you are able to be on the lookout and make sure you aren't committing one of these cardinal sins of smoking weed. 

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