Tips For Working Out While High

How to work out stoned

Best Way To Work Out While High

Working out and getting high might seem like an odd combination, but it is actually a combination that works quite well. More and more people are beginning to mix the two activities and the results have been very positive. If you are going to experiment with working out while high, however, there are some guidelines that you need to follow to ensure your safety. Working out while high can be great when done right but it can also be a disaster if you aren’t careful about it. Keep reading below to learn more about working out while high and how to do it successfully.

Why Workout While High

Before discussing how to work out while high properly, you’re probably wondering why you should take this up in the first place. First, know that there are many reasons why this combination works. Second, understand that everybody is different and how weed affects your workout might not hold true for others. With that out of the way, here are the reasons to smoke and workout:

1.The most prominent reason people get high while they work out is to achieve the awesome feeling that you get from this combination. Combining the endorphins your body produces when you work out and the bliss you feel when you get high is extremely enjoyable. It’s called runners high for a reason, it feels nice and adding that feeling to a marijuana high will lead to even more bliss.

2.Another benefit of working out while high is that weed can improve your concentration and give you a better workout. Hyper focusing isn’t good in all situations in the gym, but if you use it to your advantage you can actually have better workouts than you would’ve had sober.

3.Lastly, getting high can help you manage/prevent any soreness that you might feel from lifting weights. Fatigued muscles won’t phase you when you’re high, so you can go straight from a workout into any other activity your heart desires without feeling super weak or tired.

All these benefits however rely on you working out while high in a proper manner. One thing to consider before you dive into working while high is how you are going to do it. Big bong rips are a little different than a joint, or even a hand pipe. So make sure you know about the different highs before you choose.    

Pick an Appropriate Workout Routine

Make sure you have a plan when you work out while high. You’ll need to minimize dangerous activities and anything that requires an acute awareness of your surroundings. Because being high can cause hyper-focusing, it’s important to make sure that you place yourself in an environment that can allow for this safety. This means working out inside and with simple movements. Running outside for example is a bad idea because it may be hard to focus on your surroundings including cars on the road, bikers, and other runners. 

Additionally, you shouldn’t max out on your lifts while you’re high. This can be particularly dangerous if you’re working out while high for the first time and don’t yet know how weed will affect your workouts.  Instead, opt for high repetition workouts and use a weight that you can lift 10-12 times per set. Everybody is different, and you’ll have to feel out for yourself what’s appropriate for you while you’re high, but in general stay away from outdoor workouts, complex machines/movements, and lifting heavy.  

Make Sure to Stay Hydrated

Smoking weed is dehydrating and working out causes you to sweat, which further dehydrates you. Mixing two things that already require extra hydration on their own means that you will have to drink a ton of water to work out while high healthily. Unless your goal is to get a big headache and have a less productive workout you need to make sure that you are taking in plenty of liquid before, during, and after your workout. 

While it might be enticing to grab a soda while you’re high, as the munchies often call for unhealthy snacks, that’d be doing a disservice to yourself. Instead, opt for water and/or a sports drink that contains plenty of electrolytes.

Don’t Let Smoking Weed be an Excuse Not to Workout

After a long day of work, it can be difficult to choose working out over rolling up a blunt. It’s normal to be exhausted after work and want to do something fun rather than something strenuous, but you need to change your mindset about working out. Working out should be looked at as a fun activity and not the strenuous one. Think about all the positives that come from working out. And you can use weed to help make working out seem even more appealing. For instance, make working out a treat by associating it with getting high. At the same time, think about all the pros that working out and getting high will bring— such as feeling the rush of endorphins while stoned. Ultimately, you won’t work out as much as you should unless you can convince yourself that working out is fun and something that you want to do. Don’t let smoking deter you from working out, instead of choosing between the two, do them both at the same time and enjoy the awesome duo.

Other Tips for Working out While high

Another great stoner workout tip is to listen to music. Most people already listen to music while they work out but if you don’t you’ll need to change that for your baked workout sessions. Music is 10x better when you’re high, and you just may get some extra motivation to keep working out or push yourself harder if you are listening to some sweet jams. Another important tip is to choose a weed strain that is good for working out. 

A Sativa strain is a good place to start. From there, experiment around and find a specific strain that gives you energy and makes you feel pumped. Otherwise, you can ask around at dispensaries or amongst your peers for the best weed strains for working out. Lastly, make sure to eat a good meal before you smoke and head to the gym (or to your home gym). Smoking can give you the munchies and you don’t want to have to stop your workout because you feel the urge to run and get some food. 

Plus, having food in your system will give you an adequate amount of energy for working out. Make sure to eat after your workout too in order to maximize your gains, specifically something high in protein. If you follow all the tips in this guide you’ll be well on your way to having awesome stoned workouts. Enjoy your HIGH-intensity workout.


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