Top 10 On-the-go Pipes
Top 10 On-the-go Pipes

One of the most popular ways to smoke cannabis is using a pipe. In fact, the use of pipes in the cannabis world goes back for thousands of years. The use of pipes can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia as well as the Asian empires. Native Americans also have a history of using pipes to smoke.

Today, pipes can come in all sizes and designs. Some are small enough to fit in a pocket, while others can be quite large and ornate. Some pipe enthusiasts may use their pipe as a decoration piece in their home.

One reason they are so popular is that they allow users to express themselves through the pipe they use. Plus, certain pipes are easy for you to take with you on the road this summer.

What Are Cannabis Pipes?

There are different types of pipes, the other most common pipe being a pipe used to smoke tobacco. However, cannabis pipes are different and designed specifically to smoke cannabis buds.

They generally consist of a bowl, which users pack the flower into, and a mouthpiece used to inhale the smoke.

There are two types of cannabis pipes: wet pipes and dry pipes. Wet pipes refer to bongs and bubblers, which have a chamber to house water. This water helps filter out the smoke and creates a smoother hit for people. Dry pipes do not use water, and users will inhale the smoke from the plant directly without filtering. This can create harsher smoke, but it can also be more potent.

Traveling With a Cannabis Pipe

The season for taking trips is upon us. And, after a year of being pretty much stuck at home, many people are looking forward to getting out and about. And they likely want to take their pipe with them.

Not all cannabis pipes are designed to travel well. Some can be large and ornate. Before you pack up your pipe and equipment for your trip, you’ll want to make sure you chose the right pipe. Here’s what to look for in the perfect travel pipe:

  • Size: You want one that is portable. It will need to fit in your luggage and not take up too much room.
  • Material: Pipes can be made of many different products, but glass is the most popular. And, as we know, glass can be fragile. Your travel pipe should be made of a thick, high-quality glass that makes it durable for travel while also ensuring it can handle the heat well when you use it.
  • Price: You probably won’t want to spend a significant amount when purchasing your travel pipe, just in case it breaks or gets lost along the way. While you won’t want the cheapest, you also don’t want the most expensive, especially since you will want to purchase a smaller pipe for taking on the road.
Our Picks for Pipes to Take On-the-go

Our Picks for Pipes to Take On-the-go

  1. Chillum One-hitter. One-hitters are great pipes for use on the go. They are generally smaller in size and have bowls large enough to hold enough cannabis for one hit, making them perfect for on-the-go use. 
  2. Travel Pipes. These pipes are about 3 inches in size, making them the perfect size to fit in a bag or your pocket. Designed to go on the road, they are also durable, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking too easily.
  3. Mini Pipes. As their name implies, mini pipes are pipes that are smaller in size. They come in different designs, so be sure to purchase a pretty basic one. More ornate ones could have pieces that break off in transit, especially if you go over rough roads.
  4. Spoon PipesThese are basic and effective pipes, often only featuring a bowl, stem, and mouthpiece. They are usually built solid, making them ideal for packing and taking on the road. Plus, they are easy to use if you are smoking your pipe on the go.
  5. Mini Sherlock Pipe. A Sherlock pipe is designed to look like the classic pipe Sherlock Holmes used (though he used it for tobacco). These can get quite large, so they are easy to use. A mini size would be ideal for traveling.
  6. White Widow Sherlock Pipe. Your pipe can still make a statement about you. This pipe features color and branding known to go with the White Widow strain. You can also find pipes themed around other cannabis strains. They are easy to travel with, thanks to their pocket-size design, plus they come in a nice box you can keep it in while you are on the road.
  7. Mini Bong. If a wet pipe is more your speed, don’t worry. There are other options out there for you too. Regular bongs can be quite ornate and complicated in design. Thankfully, mini bongs are available too and come in a more compact size, allowing you to continue your bong sessions while on the go (as long as it is allowed wherever you are traveling to). 
  8. Sriracha Bottle Mini Bong. Like other pipes, mini bongs can come in fun designs that allow you to express yourself. You don’t have to sacrifice fun for compactness. 
  9. Small Dab Rigs. For those who enjoy using cannabis concentrates, you will want to look for a small dab rig. They come in different sizes and may not be as small as mini pipes, but they are ideal if dabbing is your preferred consumption method. 
  10. Homemade Pipes. Did you know you can make pipes out of homemade items? You can use apples, water bottles, even toilet paper rolls to make a homemade pipe. If you leave your pipe behind while on the go, you may be able to find everything you need in the space around you to enjoy your cannabis

No matter where you travel to with your pipe, be sure the use of cannabis is legal there before you light up.


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