Top 5 Essential Smoking Accessories of 2022
Best smoking Accessories

We know we are just an online headshop, not a clairvoyant, but we know for sure that this coming year is going to be one of the most exciting times ever. We can feel it. The crispness of the air. The beautiful shimmering of the lights. The rejuvenating feeling of good company. Something about this coming year feels so beautiful and happy! Well, in a season that is so beautiful and happy, what else can be done to help nurture that communal sense of joy? In our experience, a really good smoke session. One where you get everyone together, partake in the New Year Potion (That’s what we are gonna call weed this year), then chat and laugh for hours. The feeling you get after a good night around a high-quality bong is comparable to pulling a fresh sheet of hand-made rolls out of the oven! It is warm and fills you with happiness. So we figured there was no better way to help the world share in the joy of the coming year, than by showing you a list of pieces perfect for any scenario.

This list of smoking accessories perfect for the year is sure to put a smile on your face. If it helps you decide what piece to get, try picturing yourself with each of these pieces around a fireplace late at night. Really imagine yourself holding the piece against your lips as you inhale. You can hear the crackle of the fireplace nearby, as you take a massive rip from your new accessory. Picturing this warm scene should help you as you begin your quest of finding the perfect piece. 

First up, is none other than the 10 inch colorful beaker bong from us here at Fat Buddha.

Colorful Beaker Bongs

Colorful Beaker Bong

Meet the 10-inch colorful beaker bong. This colorful beaker beauty is perfect. Its 10-inch size is perfect for medium-sized rips. It comes in multiple different colors for you to choose from. This way it is easier for you to find one that you have a connection with. This piece sports a thick mouthpiece perfect for making a solid seal with your lips. Below that is the coolest feature on these beautiful bongs. The ice catch. The ice catch is at the bottom of the neck and enables the user to fill the neck with ice. If you haven’t tried a bong filled with ice, you better put it on your bucket list now. It’s a whole different type of experience. The ice cools down the smoke as it travels through the bong, making a very smooth cool hit. This bong is in the beaker style, meaning it has a wide base capable of holding a whole lot of water! The more water you have the more diffusion you are going to get! So to sum it up our three favorite parts about this bong are…

  • Colorful options, perfect for personalization!
  • Great height, at 10-inches. 
  • Ice Catch, for all you cool cats.

So if your sessions are in need of a little pop of color, this is the perfect piece for you. But hey, remember this year is also about remembering those that you love, and showing them how you love them. What better way, than with a piece like this one? 

Mini Bongs

Wrap and Rake Bong

The wrap and rake bong is a staff favorite here at Fat Buddha. These little guys are classified as mini bongs. And let us tell ya, they are the best mini bongs around. They were designed to make your sessions as smooth as possible. For instance, they have a bent back neck to keep your precious mug away from the holiday fire. They come in multiple different colors, which is means you can get exactly what you want this year.

These mini bongs have a color-matching bowl, body, and mouthpiece! Talk about style. These little beauties stand at a massive 5-inches tall. All jokes aside, mini bongs really are a must-have in this day and age. Mostly because they give you a new sense of portability when it comes to your sessions. One thing we love about this piece is how easy it is to hold. It just feels so nice in your hand! However, our favorite three things about the wrap and rake bong are…

  • Mini bong style, perfect for travel!
  • Bent back neck, to save your face from the flame.
  • Classy compact design.

So if you are an adventurer, or you just want a little bit of compact classy glass brought into your life, then this is the mini bong for you! 

Best Rolling Bundle

Rolling Accessories Bundle

Don’t let this amazing bundle roll away from you this year. This bundle has everything a joint/blunt loving human could ever ask for! Let us go through exactly what is in it. You are gonna get, 


  • A pack of RAW organic 1.25 in rolling papers
  • A pack of RAW classic 1.25 in rolling papers
  • A pack of Bob Marley king size rolling papers
  • A mixed pack hemp/blunt wraps (total of 6 wraps)
  • A grinder card
  • A rolling tray

All of these items together typically are a little more than a thirty dollar value, but you can get all of these smoking essentials here at Fat Buddha for the steal of $19.99. It’s the perfect way to save some dough this holiday season. And honestly, with as many different items as you are getting in this bundle, you could use it as a gift for multiple special people in your life. With the raw rolling papers, you know you are going to be smoking on a timeless classic. The Bob Marley king-size rolling papers are absolutely massive. Perfect during those awkward times when you have to share with all of your cousins that you never get to see! The hemp wraps are also massive and burn nice and slow. They come in some delicious flavors that are guaranteed to leave you lip licking! The Fat Buddha Glass grinder card is perfect when you are in a pinch. Keep it in your wallet so you are always prepared to grind on the go! The rolling tray is the perfect rolling companion for anyone who might be a little messy. As you can see all of these wonderful items in this one value-packed bundle is the perfect gift for your friends and family. Or even just for you if you need something to help you get through the year. We totally understand that as well. At the end of the day, we hope this massive bundle will put a smile on your face no matter what!

Zen Bong

Zen Bong

For those of you who need a little extra help finding zen this year, here it is! We found it! All of the zen you could need is right here in this beautiful piece of art from the Bodhi line of soft glass. Bodhi is the newest line of glass in our Fat Buddha collection, and we are proud to say it is one of the thickest most colorful collections of bongs out there. Soft glass bongs are different from borosilicate bongs in that they are able to have much bolder colors and unique designs. 


The zen bong is one of our favorites in the bodhi collection. It stands at 12-inches tall, making it the perfect stand-in for any ruler! The craftsmanship on this piece is out of the world, the two thick glass snakes that swirl up the neck are absolutely stunning. They also provide you a good place to securely hold onto your bong, while you are finding zen. The base of this bong is a massive bubble base. This big bubble base is perfect for filling up with a good amount of water to diffuse your big rips! On the bottom of this bong is a separate piece of glass that has been melted to form a sturdy base for this bong. All in all, it is a masterpiece, but to summarize our three favorite things about this bong are…

  • Massive Bubble Body.
  • Sturdy Base.
  • Vibrant Color Options.

 We know that finding zen in this fast-paced world can be hard to achieve. Things can get overwhelming. Especially during the stressful times as of late. So find some zen with the zen bong. If you are looking for a vibrantly colored bit of zen to bring into your life, then this is the bong for you. 

Quad Perc Bong

Quadruple Percolator Bong

To end out our top five-holiday accessories list, we have chosen none other than the 18-inch quadruple percolator bong. Like its name, this thing is massive. The reason this giant is on this list is because of the amount of function that it has to offer! As its name implies, this bong has 4 separate percolators. Which is going to give you a massive amount of diffusion. It features three separate honeycomb percolators and a single intricate matrix perc. The four perc together will give you a smoking experience like none other! It comes in a massive straight tube design, which normally means you won’t get to hold a lot of water. However, this bong is 18-inches tall, meaning you can put a large amount of water into it. As in most bong behemoths, this bong sports an ice catch. The ice catch allows you to properly cool your 18-inch rips before they hit your mouth. Which in the end will make for a much more pleasant experience. Our three favorite things about this bong are…

  • 18 in of pure cheer!
  • Intricate percolators, ready to diffuse!
  • Straight tube design. 

If you are feeling up to a challenge this year, then look no further than the quad perc bong. This thing will challenge even the most experienced of users! In the beginning when we asked you to picture yourself next to a warm holiday fire, taking a rip out of each of these bongs, to properly see if these are the right pieces for you. Well now that is the end of this list, we wanted to remind you to try and do that. Picture yourself holding this massive bong to your lips by that very same fire, and see how it feels. If you felt something then maybe this bong is for you! If you didn’t feel anything then maybe you should get this piece as a gift for a friend, so you can still use it every once in a while.

This has been Fat Buddha Glass’s top 5 accessories for the 2022 year. Hopefully, you felt a little bit of the fun we have sprinkled throughout this article. Maybe we even brought a smile to your face. Well, if we didn’t we recommend trying one of our products, because they are sure too. As always if you have any questions at all about anything on our website feel free to reach out! We love to hear from you and welcome all questions and complaints. Our goal is to help you find a piece that you could have a lifelong connection with. If you didn’t find that piece here, keep browsing through our site and you are very likely to find it. For the upcoming year, stay warm, stay fresh, and stay blazin. And remember that this year is about sharing quality time with quality connections. Reach out to those you haven’t heard from in a while and suggest they come over and try out one of your new Fat Buddha pieces. In our experience, this is the best way to spread love!


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