Using Cannabis With Meditation
Using Cannabis With Meditation

Cannabis is great- just… really great. If you think back and remember all the stressful times it’s saved you from, you’ll probably wonder why they didn’t start prescribing it as medicine until just recently. 

If you’re a spiritual person- which we’re willing to bet you may be if you’ve come here- there may be ways to incorporate this incredible substance into your spiritual routine. If you’re not, well, meditation can help anyone, really- regardless of whether or not you’re picturing the buddha while doing it. 

So, shed those worries and come to the table with a nice Indica or Sativa, because we’re about to go over a couple of tips for using cannabis for meditation.

Make Sure You’re In the Right Head Space

Everyone reacts differently to cannabis. That’s why you have to make sure you’re in the right headspace to get your toke on. Not to mention, everyone has demons, and lurking right below the surface of your normal level of stress and anxiety might be a monster you don’t want to face right now. 

Many people say that using cannabis with meditation helps them focus in and clear the clouds from their minds. You know, get away from all that static.

But consider that your mind might be generating all that static because it doesn’t want to consider the very real problems that lie beneath it. All that noise may be covering up some pretty uncomfortable voices. 

So, if you’re looking for a calming experience, it might be a good idea to face some of your demons before getting your toke on. It can be something very small- do your upcoming projects for school, clean your house and do the dishes- anything to make you just a little calmer. 

After that, just make sure you’re in a relaxing environment. You’re going to want to be alone, but make sure it’s a good alone. After all, you don’t want the clouds to clear up on something that’s going to start you panicking. 



Let’s be real here- the cannabis will help, but it won’t take you all the way there. Considering all the things cannabis is used for- at parties, with friends, to go to sleep- it’s safe to say that it’s not an enlightenment-specific kind of drug. 

If you want your cannabis to help you meditate, you have to treat yourself as though you were meditating. Get in a comfortable spot, relax your muscles, and focus in. Take deep breaths, in and out, filling your lungs. Soon, you’ll be there. 

And remember, meditation doesn’t look the same across the board. The people who invented meditation didn’t read it out of a book, and meditation has meant many things to many people. For example- the Romans talked about meditation before they had ever even heard of the buddha. 

Get in touch with what makes you calm, and how you can access your inner serenity. And if it’s not serenity that you want- be daring. There’s no container big enough to hold what you might dig up. 

Choose Your Strain

Now, we’re not here to say anything about the differences between Indica and Sativa. That’s a long, ongoing debate that everyone has a different opinion on. What we can tell you, though, is that everyone has different reactions to different strains of weed

If you’re the kind of person who finds some kinds of weed stressful and others calming, trust yourself. Anyone can come up and tell you that it’s all just weed- and they may be right. But, in the end, if you react differently, you react differently. It might be a psychological thing- but how’s that so much different from being a neurological thing. 

In the end, it’s all about comfort. Make sure you’ve got a strain on hand that will bring you closer to your inner peace. 

Oh, and by the way, if you can find a fragrant strand, we’d recommend it. Part of meditation is getting out of your head and getting down to earth. Cannabis can definitely help with this, and part of what can help is having something physical to focus on. Feel the carpet or floor below you, hear the birds chirping or the cars humming, and breathe in the fragrant smell of a fine cannabis

Choose Your Strain

Day Thoughts- Always Day Thoughts

We talked just a second ago about how part of meditation is bringing you down to earth. Really, this is the whole point of meditation. Sometimes, we get so focused on things that don’t even exist- social status, our futures, and so on- that we forget to live our real lives. 

These are the kinds of thoughts that blind us- they’re night thoughts. When we live in our heads thinking of only the things we couldn’t possibly touch or feel, we live in a very dark and unenlightened world. 

Cannabis gives us the chance to fight these thoughts. Instead of living in a world of darkness, where we forget about the world in front of us because it’s so obscured, we can bring the sun up. When we focus on our day thoughts, we brighten up our world and open ourselves up to experiencing the things all around us. Day thoughts pertain to objects, things, and feelings- reality. 

So, although it may not be part of your idea of meditating, don’t be afraid to open your eyes once those night thoughts recede. Listen to the sounds of the world. Observe colors you might not have noticed before, smell what you can, feel every surface touching your body. 

And remember- meditation isn’t about crossed legs and circled fingers. It’s about personal development. If you find enlightenment outside in a rocking chair- go for it. Don’t be a slave to what everyone else says meditation has to be- in that case, you might find that it just doesn’t work, and there’s no amount of cannabis that can help that. 

So, be experimental. Have fun with it! And keep your cannabis nearby for when you really want to get down with the groove of the world. 


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