Vaporizer Troubleshooting Tips for Newbies

vaporizer hacks for newbies

Vape troubleshooting 

Sometimes things don't go as planned, and it's not uncommon for there to be some trouble with vaporizers from time to time, especially when they’re used by newbies. Vaporizers are constantly changing as they are a very new technology; this can cause confusion and make it more difficult to use them properly. In any case, it's an awful feeling when you're expecting to get high but instead are stuck sober because you aren't getting enough vapor and taking in awful hits. When things go wrong it's a letdown, and it's even more so a letdown when it comes to getting high. Because of this, it's a good idea to have some troubleshooting tips in mind in case there comes a time when you are having problems with your vaporizer. This guide will do exactly that and go over some troubleshooting ideas as well as general ways to keep your vaporizer in good shape. However, before we start, we do want to inform you that the best way around problems with your vaporizer, is by not owning one in the first place. They all will break down to some degree at some point. This is also why we recommend trying a bong, pipe or even joints as an alternative! 

General Advice 

While some specific problems require specific fixes, there are also general guidelines you can follow to prevent problems in the first place. First off, don't ever leave your vaporizer in the car. Cars get too much direct sunlight and depending on where you live (and what season it is), it might be too hot or too humid in there as well. Make sure to store your vaporizer in a cool and dry place. A less known piece of advice is to take shorter draws with more time in between your tokes. Many people take quick draws back-to-back and long extended ones too, this causes too much oil to get into the chamber and will eventually jam your pen. lastly, make sure to buy good products. Buying higher-quality vaporizers from legitimate companies will make it much less likely that you encounter any problems. 

Issues with Inhaling 

Issues with inhaling are the most frustrating of all. At least with other problems you know in advance you aren't going to get a good hit, but putting the pen to your mouth and getting nothing is invigorating. Usually, this happens when the wick in your cartridge gets oversaturated. Here are some ways to resolve inhaling issues: 

-Use your pen at a 45° angle, this is the degree of angle that optimizes airflow the most. Take a couple of extended draws and see if that clears the excess oil from the chamber. Typically, you don't want to take extended draws but if you are already in a predicament it can help clear things up. Think about it like hitting the TV to get it to work again. 

-Sometimes what happens is your cartridge gets an air bubble in it, this can prevent airflow and make it seem as if your cartridge is jammed. Luckily, a quick and easy fix to this is to tap or flick your cartridge on its side a few times, as this will break up the air bubble. 

-An option if your oil is oversaturated is to rub your cartridge between your palms for about 30 seconds or until you can feel your cartridge getting warmer from the heat of your palms. 

-If that fails, separate the cartridge from the battery and put your cartridge inside a condensed Ziplock bag. Then, run the bag under warm water for a couple of minutes with the bag sealed. This is a safe way to warm up the oil in your cartridge even more and increase its airflow. 

-A less common issue is that some cannabis oil has gotten stuck in the mouthpiece of the cartridge. When this happens, you will need to remove the cartridge and clean/clear out the mouthpiece. To do this simply blow through the mouthpiece onto a napkin, it may take a few strong blows to dislodge the oil. 

Battery Problems 

While issues with inhaling can be solved by optimizing conditions for airflow, battery problems can be a bit more complicated. Unfortunately, many battery problems may mean that there was a problem with the manufacturing of the device and in these cases, your pen will not be fixable. If a situation like this happens soon after buying your device make sure to reach out to both the manufacturer and the store you bought it from, sometimes you can get sent a replacement item. Also, understand that the battery life on vaporizers is not intended to last you forever, if your battery is over one year old then it is reasonable that it would be nearing the end of its life. In this case, you are just going to have to buy a new one. 

What If Your Cartridge Oil Tastes Burnt? 

The most common complaint and vaporizer issue is that the oil you are smoking tastes burnt. Burnt oil is quite unpleasant to inhale, and while you might still be able to get high off it, it's an issue worth addressing. The easiest fix for this problem is to set the temperature on your vaporizer lower, not all vaporizers have a temperature control but if yours does make sure it's not set super high. Other than this fix, you can take a break from your vaporizer and come back to it later, sometimes all it takes is some time to cool down and reset itself for it to work well again. 

Final Words 

Vaporizers can be tricky for newbies, there are a bunch of different types and they’re constantly evolving. Because vaporizers are also relatively new, even some stoners that you smoke with might not know how to fix them when you have an issue pop up. Most of the time, the issues you will have will be related to the inhaling process, which usually entails oversaturated THC oil, an air bubble, or a clogged mouthpiece. The fixes for these issues are all relatively similar and require either lightly flicking your cartridge or running it under hot water. Other issues such as battery issues may indicate a more severe problem, in these cases you are best off simply replacing the battery. And lastly, if your oil tastes burnt and unpleasant, turn the temperature on your vaporizer down and take a short break. With this information in hand, you should be able to handle any vaporizer issues that comes your way, and in a short time, you will feel very comfortable troubleshooting them. That said, if you want to ensure that you can always get high when the time is right, make sure you have an alternative device to smoke with while you are fixing your vaporizer, and this can even be an additional vaporizer. Good luck in all your vaporizer troubleshooting ahead of you, hopefully, you will not encounter any problems. 

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