Ways to Celebrate 420 with Music, Movies, and Munchies

Best things to do for 420

It's time to 420 party! 

April 20th is one of the best holidays of the year, it's the day of the year when just about everybody is smoking and celebrating marijuana. And just like you get festive and set the mood for Christmas, you should do the same thing for 420. There are plenty of songs or movies that'll get you in the 420 spirit, and of course there are also some great snack options that you should be eating throughout the day too. This guide will cover all that and more as it goes over the best music, movies, and munchie snacks to celebrate 420 with, just don't forget your bong. 


There should always be music in the background of your smoke sessions, it just wouldn't feel right without it. A good playlist can even turn an average session into a great one, and a bad one can make your session subpar, so it's important to get the music right. On a day like 420, listening to music about weed is the perfect way to reminisce about all your smoking experiences and celebrate this magical herb. 

1 Mary Jane 

The first song on the list is none other than Mary Jane, by Rick James in 1978. This song is a classic and has been sampled many times, it was part of the beginning of the punk rock era so this song will always have its place in history. James will not only make your ears thank you, but you will feel seduced by your herb, as it's quite the seductive piece. 

2 Legalize It 

The second song on your playlist should be Legalize It by Peter Tosh. Unfortunately, Tosh passed away in 1987 before marijuana started to be decriminalized and/or legalized in many places, he would be so happy if he could see us now. Tosh was a Jamaican Reggae singer so if that is your type of music you will love this song, it has the perfect vibes for a midday smoke with some friends. 

3 Kaya 

You can't have a stoner music list without including Bob Marley, and Bob Marley's Kaya is a one-of-a-kind song about how great he feels when he's high. It's another reggae song that is perfect for smoking on 420. Marley was rumored to have smoked around 18 joints a day, so bonus points if you're smoking a joint to this song. 

4 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 

Often smoking weed makes us very philosophical, and this leads to some pretty deep conversations. Bob Dylan is one of the most poetic and philosophical songwriters out there, and this song particularly fits that bill perfectly. If that's not enough, the call to action for everybody to get stoned at the end of the song is super fun and should get everybody pulling huge rips. 


Once you've smoked your bowl to your awesome playlist and you are high as a kite, a fun thing to do is turn on the TV and put on a movie to enjoy. Everything will be funnier while high and this makes movies even better than they normally are. Here’s some must watch flicks for 420:  

Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke

You can't go wrong with a classic, which is why Cheech and Chong is the perfect stoner movie for 420. While you are watching be sure to use one of our cheech and chong bongs from famous brandz! Cheech and Chong is touted as the original great stoner movie and for good reason. The movie follows a hitchhiking stoner who meets another fellow stoner, and they both proceed to go on a crazy adventure which includes evading prison and smuggling marijuana across the border. 

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle 

This film is about two friends who embark on a journey to go try white castle at the time when the white castle slider was quite infamous. Although this seems like a simple task, the two have to jump over a bunch of hurdles including skipping out on a foursome, having to perform surgery on a gunshot victim, and smoking weed with a cheetah. This over-the-top comedy will have you rolling on the floor laughing if you're high enough. 

We're the Millers

If you're looking for a more recent stoner movie, We're the Millers is a hilarious one that's about a makeshift family smuggling drugs across the border. And while the makeshift family at first is only doing the job for the money, they soon begin to bond over their weed-filled adventures which includes making a baby out of packaged weed to fake out the DEA. It's a super fun movie that you need to watch on 420. 


You can't watch a movie without snacks, and better yet, you can't get high without snacks. With that said, you're going to need to stock up on some stoner-friendly snack foods if you want to have a good 420. 

Pizza Rolls 

Pizza rolls are undefeated when it comes to satisfying the munchies, everybody loves them and they're easier to get a hold of and make. Just be careful not to make too few of them, they go faster than you think. You're going to want to make way more pizza rolls than you think you need but believe us when we say they'll all be eaten by the end of the day.  


Salty foods are a must, and chips are a basic salty snack commodity. They aren't the main snack, so these aren't a replacement for pizza rolls, rather they're a nice compliment to pizza rolls. You can't go wrong with any chips that you choose to get, but Funyuns are known to be a stoner's favorite. 


Brownies have long been tied to stoners, perhaps because they're the most common cannabis edibles out there. Whether you make weed brownies or regular brownies (or both) is up to you. It could be a fun idea to make some with weed for when you're high from the original smoke session starts to wear off. It's 420 after all, go big or go home right? Just make sure not to mix up your regular brownies and weed brownies if you decide to make both, otherwise, you might have someone eat 5 or 6 weed brownies and they will probably get too high. Other than that, you can't go wrong with brownies, they're the perfect stoner sweet. 


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