Fat Buddha Glass is happy to announce that we now carry quartz bangers! If you are unfamiliar they are an alternative to your traditional nail on your concentrate rig. Instead of using a titanium or quartz nail you can instead use a quartz banger, we carry both male and female 14mm attachments.

Quartz bangers are my personal favorite way to smoke concentrates with many benefits over the traditional titanium or ceramic nail that many shops carry.

First off, quartz is incredibly durable. Ceramic can shatter or crack when dropped, especially when heated up to high temperatures, and while titanium won't shatter it is much more likely to get stuck to the glass on your piece leaving you with a high possibility of breaking your glass when trying to remove it.

Second, is temperature control. Quartz has very high heat retention and in the concentrate game temperature is key. You are able to heat these up really hot and let them cool down slowly to your ideal temperature without risking missing a tiny window of opportune use.

Finally, in a world where concentrates are being improved everyday on quality and flavor, you would hate to miss out on these delicious tastes. Titanium tends to remove flavor from your concentrates or even add a not so pleasant metallic taste to them. Quartz does not add any flavors to your concentrates and because it is so easy to clean, it is easy to maintain a flavorless hit.

If you want to try for yourself head on over to our site (link below) and pick one up from us!

Our Quartz Bangers

As always, Happy Smoking!


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