Weed Can Help you Nurse a Hangover
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Nursing a Hangover With Weed

Hangovers are the worst, and often when you have one it feels like your day is doomed to suck from the beginning. Many have even said that a night of drinking is essentially a trade–  extra happiness while you’re drinking and less happiness the next day. It doesn’t have to be like this though, believe it or not smoking weed can alleviate hangovers and make that trade much more palatable. You can use it however you would like! Take a rip from a bong, or even roll up some papers. Pipes can sometimes be harsh, but they are a really quick way of getting high. 

So while you shouldn’t drink and smoke weed at the same time (getting twisted, crossed, etc.), drinking one night and then smoking the next morning is actually a great duo. And who wouldn’t have a fun weekend with a night out drinking and a follow-up wake and bake session? This guide will talk more about using weed to help you nurse a hangover, including why weed helps and what strains work best. 

Why Weed Can Help With a Hangover

Weed creates a euphoric feeling and is enjoyable to most but how exactly does that help with a hangover? Well— don’t overthink it, simply put weed is still able to give you that euphoric feeling even when you are feeling nauseous and/or have a headache. It’s called nature's medicine for a reason, it can surely work as well or better than an over-the-counter pain killer would. Plus, weed can actually help reduce inflammation and nausea as well. So not only does the herb help you to feel better but it might actually help your hangover end quicker. On top of all of this weed stimulates your appetite, and this is a good thing because eating can help alleviate a hangover. Often people who need to eat the most do not have any appetite or desire to eat, this is where weed comes in. In fact, weed is often used during chemotherapy to get the patients to eat. Food is important when you’re hungover because it will soak up any leftover alcohol and reduce your nausea. 

One thing to be careful about when using marijuana as a hangover remedy is to not get too dehydrated. Unfortunately, marijuana will cause some dehydration. This is bad because if you’re hungover then you are already going to be pretty dehydrated. It’ll be even more important to drink plenty of fluids if you decide to smoke marijuana after a night of drinking. You should be drinking plenty of fluids anyway so it shouldn’t be a big issue, but it’s worth noting that smoking makes it more important that you drink a ton of fluids. 

Best Weed Strains to Nurse a Hangover

Not all strains are the same, and some are much better equipped to handle the tasks of fighting a hangover compared to others. There are good strains for fighting a hangover across all types of cannabis consumption and this means whether you prefer edibles, dry herbs, or concentrates there is a specific strain that will work better for hangovers.

Sativa Vs.Indica 

Sativa and Indica are the two big umbrella strains that all the other strains of marijuana fall under (though there are hybrids between the two). Everybody reacts to weed differently but in general, Sativa is more energizing and Indica is more relaxing. The high that you will feel won’t be dependant too much on the medium you use. To test that our you can pick up a mini bong, and a huge bong and find out what the difference really is. The high that you get from Sativa is mostly localized to your head, it’s often referred to as a head high. This means you will feel relief from anxiety, stress, and other issues localized in your head as well as an overall bliss in the area. You will still be able to perform tasks with your body however with a regular amount of energy. Indica on the other hand is more of a full-body effect. Indica is great for treating insomnia or restlessness, as you will be locked onto the couch. Indica will make you feel extremely tired and you may not be able to perform typical tasks with a regular amount of energy.

Because hangovers cause you to be extremely tired and locked onto your bed already, it is helpful to smoke a Sativa strain rather than an Indica one. This is especially true if you are trying to use weed to make yourself able to go on with your day. If you simply want to feel some relief then either strain will work fine, but Sativa gives you a much better chance at being able to enjoy your day consciously.  The exception to this would be if you were day drinking and have a hangover at night. In this case, it might make more sense to feel the deep relaxation that Indica strains bring, this way you have an easier time falling asleep. 


CBD is a huge component in why marijuana helps with hangovers. Because of this, most of the best strains for hangovers contain a lot of CBD. Additionally, this means that it is possible to nurse your hangover without getting high. This can come in handy if you have a situation to tend to that requires you to be sober or if you simply aren’t feeling getting blazed. Whatever the case both high-CBD and high-THC strains work for getting over a hangover, so it’s up to you to decide what’s best. 

Best Weed Strains For curing a Hangover

Acapulco Gold: This is one of the highest THC concentrations on the list. This strain comes in at 20-24% THC. This strain is particularly good if you have a lot of achy pains that need to be gotten rid of. Maybe you got into a bar fight or fell over a few times, we don’t ask questions. Whatever the case, if you need to reduce pain this is a strain to consider. 

Alley Cat Kush: This strain is a bit of an oddball because initially you will feel energized and then you begin to crash and feel relaxed. This is perfect for when you have just one or two tasks that you need to get done. It’ll help you feel well enough to do this and then put you to sleep to wait out the rest of the hangover. 

Blackberry Kush: This is the one pure Indica strain on the list. Smoke Blackberry Kush only if you have no plans for the day and are able to fall asleep or watch movies. This is a great option for nighttime too. 

Cannatonic: Cannatonic is much more CBD than it is THC. This means you will merely feel a little buzz while still getting plenty of relief from your hangover. This is perfect for when you have a full day ahead of you. 

Chocolope: Chocolope is a very energizing strain, it’ll certainly get you up out of bed. It will also improve your mood and outlook for the day. Lastly, this strain will stimulate your appetite which will further help nurse your hangover. 


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