What You Need to Know about Dabbing Marijuana Concentrates

What You Need to Know about Dabbing Marijuana Concentrates

There are many methods of using marijuana, and each of these methods has different tools. For example, you have several options for using concentrates, which are extra-potent forms of marijuana. Dabbing is one of these methods. Although it has been around for a while, you now have many more product and tool options when you choose to dab. 

What Are Dabs?

Dabbing involves heating cannabis concentrates and then inhaling the resulting vapor. These concentrates are sometimes called dabs. Other times, they are called butane hash oil (BHO). You may also hear about shatter, honeycomb, wax, and live resin, which all refer to different kinds of cannabis concentrate. 

What to Expect

Think of dabbing as an intense version of smoking marijuana using a bubbler or a pipe. The difference is in the potency of each one. You can get high by using cannabis alone, but dabbing is a faster method of getting high.

The process feels like speeding up your smoking and getting to your desired high faster. You are not working your way up to being intoxicated. Instead, dabbing allows you to feel intoxicated immediately. Just a little concentrate can go a long way. 

The high from dabbing does not feel that much different than if you were to smoke a joint. The effect will depend on the amount of THC in the concentrate more than the method you used to consume it.

Vaping vs. Dabbing

Many people confuse vaping with dabbing. These are similar but have some differences. The temperature that you smoke the concentrate at is the main difference. Dabbing can cause your concentrate to be at a higher temperature than with vaping. 

Another difference between dabbing and vaping is the tools you use for each one. Dabbing takes more equipment, and you can’t easily take it on the go like you can with vaping. This is because the equipment is larger for dabbing. 

With dabbing, you will inhale the vapor and get a stronger high. Vaping results in a more subtle high since you are not inhaling as much. But there are still similarities since you are not burning the concentrates. Technically speaking, neither of these forms of using cannabis is considered to be smoking

Vaping vs. Dabbing

Getting Ready to Dab

Dabbing is something that you will learn over time. The more often you dab, the more it will feel natural to you. But in the beginning, you will want to collect the necessary equipment, so you can practice. You will need tools, such as:

You have a lot of options for possible concentrates. They come in many forms and are named based on the extraction method and their consistency. You can choose from distillates, dry sift, hash, full melt, and budder.

Tips for Dabbing

When you know the right way to dab, you can have a better cannabis experience. With a few tips, you can make the most of your concentrate.

Keeping Your Piece Clean

It is always time-consuming to clean the price after allowing oils and resins to collect. Every time you take a hit, there will be residue at the bottom and on the sides. Because of how sticky it is, it is hard to get it out. This is why you should clean it after each use

Allow the Nail to Cool Before Taking a Dab

This is one of the most important tips. Heat your nail hot enough so it can melt the concentrate before you dab. It is vital for the nail to get to a high temperature before removing the flame of the torch. But you do not want to take a dab as soon as the nail turns bright red. 

Allow it to cool a little bit instead. While you want the nail to be hot, you do not want to use this heat to dab your concentrate. If you do so, the dab might not be very pleasant. The concentrate will not taste good, and you might not like the scent either. Instead, allow the nail to cool for around 10 seconds before contacting the concentrate and dab.

Start Out Small

Start Out Small

Dabbing is unlikely to be like anything you have tried before. Part of the reason is that one dab is extremely intense. If this is your first time dabbing, you might not realize just how potent one dab might be. That is why you should take it slowly. 

There are more cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and oils in the concentrates than with other types of marijuana. It is not possible to take so much weed that it is toxic, but you can still dab more than you want to. If you get too high, the experience will no longer be enjoyable. 

This is more likely to happen when you are dabbing than with other methods of consumption. But as your tolerance to THC increases, you might be able to take bigger dabs in the future.

Caring for Your Dabbing Piece

While concentrates are vital, the tool you use for ingesting them is equally important. If you do not have a piece for dabbing, you cannot dab your concentrates. Take care to protect the piece. It is always a good idea to keep it on a flat surface to keep it from getting knocked over. That would cause the water to fall out of the pipe. Keep it in a safe place, so it will not get broken. 

Closing Thoughts 

After you have dabbed, don’t waste the remains. This is called resin, and it is a sticky residue that can build up inside the piece each time you dab. This residue is good for when you have run out of cannabis or other concentrates. Because some people do not like the taste of the residue, they often use it in edibles. No matter how you choose to enjoy your dabbing experience, it is good down to the last bit.



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