Fat Buddha Glass About Us

Our Origin Story

Welcome to Fat Buddha Glass, where our love for glass art, frustration with industry prices, and experience with customer service sparked a revolution. Founded by two lifelong friends, we embarked on a mission to offer high-quality glass pipes, bubblers, and bongs with exceptional quality and at affordable prices. Join us in a world where each piece tells a unique story, just like yours.

Our Expertise

With over 30 years in the cannabis field and a presence in the accessory market since 2016, we've grown from our humble Etsy store to now being one of the most trusted names in the industry with one of the largest online head shops. We’ve been featured in High Times and Herb Magazine, as well as many industry related podcasts. Our experience and deep understanding of cannabis culture shapes everything we do, from product selection to community involvement.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of Fat Buddha Glass is a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our Chief Glass Enthusiast, Mike Colavita, ensures that each item reflects our passion for quality. We make sure to only use quality materials from trusted partners. Along with offering our own quality items, we've teamed up with some of the best artists in the world like Empire Glassworks, ROOR, Grav, Biohazard and Phoenix. We strive to offer amazing quality products while offering the best service in the industry, as demonstrated by our 4.8 Google rating and the satisfaction of our 120,000+ customers. We’ve also been highlighted in Inc. Magazine twice as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. We're not just about sales; we're about exceeding expectations with superior products plus responsive, friendly service.

Advocating for the Cannabis Community

We're advocates at heart, dedicated to educating and reshaping perceptions about cannabis. Our goal is to enlighten and foster a more informed, positive understanding of cannabis' benefits. We want to be at the center of tearing down the negative stigma attached to cannabis users.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Risk-Free Guarantee.. Enjoy Free Shipping, Free Returns, and our Guaranteed Lowest Price promise. We're committed to affordability without compromising on quality, making us a go-to destination for cannabis enthusiasts. We want our customers to feel as comfortable as possible buying from us, so not only do we offer our Risk Free Guarantee but we also have phone and email support along with our social platforms to make sure we have multiple options to get in touch with us in a timely manner.

Our Vision for the Future

Fat Buddha Glass is on a path of dynamic growth. Our vision for the future includes evolving Fat Buddha Glass into a comprehensive resource, covering a wide range of cannabis-related products and information, to meet the diverse needs of our community. As legalization evolves, so will we, staying true to our roots while leading the future of cannabis culture.

Hear It from Our Customers

Janelle L. says, “Outstanding customer service, quick shipping, and great pricing. Highly recommended.

Matt B. appreciates “reliable, timely, and affordable service. Fat Buddha Glass is my go-to for smoking needs.

William N. raves, “Amazing company! Fast delivery, securely wrapped glass. Highly recommend it to all 420 friends.