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  • What is the origin of "420"?

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    Even if you aren’t actively part of marijuana culture odds are you’ve heard the phrase “420” somewhere before, but most people are unfamiliar with the origins of the phrase. Some people believe it’s the police code for marijuana use in progress in California, some people think it’s the number of chemical compounds in THC, along with many other wacky HIGHdeas about where the term came from.

    The true origin comes from a group of high schoolers at San Rafael high school back in 1971 who happened to come to posses a map that apparently led to a hidden plot of marijuana plants at Point Reyes. The crew would meet every day at 4:20 to go off on their expeditions in search of the plants, eventually they started referring to meeting up by “420” and it caught on with friends and friends of friends who happened to be members of The Grateful Dead and the term then spread to their fans thus creating the popular cannabis smoking term “420”.

    In current times “420” has almost become a call to arms for marijuana activists. Large groups of people meeting on April 20th every year to smoke together and celebrate the plant and protest its illegality. The term can even now be seen in marijuana legislation with the California “Senate Bill 420” that regulated medical marijuana use in the state. As legalization spreads and cannabis use in the United States increases, the term "420" is becoming ever more popular and can be seen as references to cannabis culture in movies, tv shows, cartoons and more.

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  • What is a recycler?

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    When shopping for a new piece or just browsing the stores you’ve probably seen a water pipe called a recycler. Well what on Earth is a recycler and how does it benefit you?

    What is it?

    A recycler is a water pipe typically used with concentrates. It differs from your traditional water pipe in that there is an additional chamber that will funnel the water and smoke back into the original chamber and thus “recycling” the smoke and water.

    Why bother?

    First, with the position of the second chamber close to the mouth piece, a recycler is meant to pop bubbles created from percolation as close to your mouth as possible giving you a more flavorful hit and reducing the amount of time your smoke has to go stale before it reaches your mouth.

    Second, because of the recycling action the vapor has more contact with the water in the pipe which gives you a cooler and smoother hit!

    We have a couple recyclers on our site, but this Blue Recycler Water Pipe is my favorite!


    Happy Smoking!

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  • What is Fuming or Color Changing Glass?

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    You may have noticed that a lot of pieces in shops say fumed glass or color changing glass. Well, what is fuming? How exactly does color changing glass work? Read on to find out!

    Fuming is a particular technique used in glassblowing that involves small pieces of metal (most often gold or silver) that are heated up until they are vaporized. Glass is then put into the vapor stream covering the glass in a layer of vaporized metal. The metal is then incased in more glass using various techniques to create the different colors that you see on a fumed glass pipe.

    The color changing aspect comes in with use of the pipe. The darker a pipe gets the colors created by the fuming of the glass become more apparent and vivid. The glass itself does not actually change colors. This is why after you clean a color changing glass pipe it returns to the original colors it once was!

    Check out my favorite fumed piece in our inventory HERE

    Happy Smoking!

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  • Scientific VS Heady Glass

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    Whether you’re brand new to the smoking game or a seasoned veteran odds are you’ve heard the phrases scientific glass or heady glass used to describe glass pieces before, so today we’ll be explaining what the two terms are!

    Scientific Glass:

    One example of a Beaker Bottom Tube

    Scientific glass refers to glass pipes designed to (you guessed it) look like they could be used in a science lab. In scientific glass you typically see:

    Water pipes

    Complex percolation or many different percolators

    (honeycomb, tree, showrhead, etc.)

    Generally, a smoother/cleaner smoking experience because of the percolation

    Beaker bases or straight tubes (looks like lab equipment)

    Heady Glass:

    My favorite piece of heady glass in our shop!

    Heady glass while not sacrificing in quality tends to lend itself more to the visual aspect of glass over the functionality. Typically, you’ll find that heady glass has:

    Complex color schemes

    Not mass produced or even custom one of a kind pieces

    Very advanced glass blowing techniques

    (fuming, accents, wigwag, etc.)


    While heady glass focuses on the artistic, scientific glass focuses on the function. Both have their benefits and which piece you decide to get is really up to your own preference. I personally have a mix of both kinds of pieces, mostly scientific for everyday use and some heady pieces to show off to friends and for special occasions.

    Here at Fat Buddha Glass we have a selection of both scientific glass and heady glass, so pick yourself up some glass and do your own research!


    Happy smoking!

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  • We Now Carry Quartz Bangers!

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    Fat Buddha Glass is happy to announce that we now carry quartz bangers! If you are unfamiliar they are an alternative to your traditional nail on your concentrate rig. Instead of using a titanium or quartz nail you can instead use a quartz banger, we carry both male and female 14mm attachments.

    Quartz bangers are my personal favorite way to smoke concentrates with many benefits over the traditional titanium or ceramic nail that many shops carry.

    First off, quartz is incredibly durable. Ceramic can shatter or crack when dropped, especially when heated up to high temperatures, and while titanium won't shatter it is much more likely to get stuck to the glass on your piece leaving you with a high possibility of breaking your glass when trying to remove it.

    Second, is temperature control. Quartz has very high heat retention and in the concentrate game temperature is key. You are able to heat these up really hot and let them cool down slowly to your ideal temperature without risking missing a tiny window of opportune use.

    Finally, in a world where concentrates are being improved everyday on quality and flavor, you would hate to miss out on these delicious tastes. Titanium tends to remove flavor from your concentrates or even add a not so pleasant metallic taste to them. Quartz does not add any flavors to your concentrates and because it is so easy to clean, it is easy to maintain a flavorless hit.

    If you want to try for yourself head on over to our site (link below) and pick one up from us!

    Our Quartz Bangers

    As always, Happy Smoking!


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