• Hybrid Weed: The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Hybrids

    Hybrid Weed: The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Hybrids
    What’s your favourite cannabis strain? Chances are you have a few that are at the top of your list. Why they are your favourite is unique to you. You may like the effects that particular strain offers, the taste it has, the aroma it puts off, or all of the above. If you are new to cannabis, the sheer number of choices you have as you shop for a strain to try can be overwhelming. After all, there are more...

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  • Using Cannabis With Meditation

    Using Cannabis With Meditation
    Cannabis is great- just… really great. If you think back and remember all the stressful times it’s saved you from, you’ll probably wonder why they didn’t start prescribing it as medicine until just recently.  If you’re a spiritual person- which we’re willing to bet you may be if you’ve come here- there may be ways to incorporate this incredible substance into your spiritual routine. If you’re not, well, meditation can help anyone, really- regardless of whether or not you’re picturing...

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  • History of the Hookah

    History of the Hookah
    Many old school Disney kids think of a sassy caterpillar on a mushroom when they hear the word hookah. Alice in Wonderland was an introduction for the ages on that one, even if it wasn’t the most accurate. The picture detailed a vase with a hose and the smoke pluming out in fantastical shapes while the characters do their thing, making for a fluid animation that was both intriguing and eye catching. Though it’s true that the western understanding of...

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