How to make a sploof fast

Best Ways To Make a Sploof 

A sploof is a staple in every smoker’s life, especially if they do not want to smell up the whole house. Not everyone loves the smell of weed so it’s always important to have a sploof around to make sure you’re not bothering anyone or getting caught. A homemade sploof is easy enough to make and can really allow you to smoke without anyone else knowing. It is always important to remember that your homemade sploof is only as good as you make it and how clean it is. eand better made it is, the less smell you’ll have after a nice long sesh. A sploof is easy to create and more than likely you won’t even have to leave your house to make one. Keep reading to see how to make the best homemade sploof to keep the smell away from your neighbors or family. 


Before we get into how to make a sploof, you’ll have to know what a sploof is. A sploof is any kind of tube-shaped device that you exhale into the mask the smell of your exhale. typically after ripping out of a bong like this one, or a pipe. There are many different ways you can make a sploof, you can make them from a paper towel roll or a water bottle. You can also buy manufactured sploofs from stores but a homemade sploof is the easier and quicker option. Sploofs can drastically decrease how much both you and your smoke spot will smell after you finish. Sploofs do not take away from your high at all and aren’t even in the process until after you inhaled. No need to worry about the sploof taking away from your high. Sploofs can be made from many different items like a water bottle or a toilet paper roll. You can also buy a manufactured sploof, but it will sometimes cost you a pretty penny for something that isn’t necessary if you have the right materials in your house. 


Step 1 – Grab Toilet Paper Roll & Dryer Sheets 

The first thing you need to do is go around your house and find a finished toilet paper roll and some dryer sheets. The toilet paper roll will serve as the tube you exhale in, and the dryer sheets will mask the smell as you exhale through them. You can also use scented dryer sheets to mask the smell further, but standard dryer sheets will work just fine. 

Step 2 – Load 3 to 4 Sheets Into Sploof 

Grab 3 or 4 of those dryer sheets and push them into the toilet paper roll. Make sure to only use 3 or 4 because putting too many dryer sheets in can actually block the passage of air when you exhale into it and cause your sploof to not work. Blocking the airway will cause your smoke to reverse and come out of the front of the tube and be a real problem and could even get you caught. Make sure to leave one dryer sheet left over for the next step. 

Step 3 – Tie/Tape Sheet Closed 

Take the extra dryer sheet you left aside from the last step and put it over the end opposite of the side you’ll be exhaling into. Once you have this last dryer sheet wrapped around the end of the toilet paper roll, use a rubber band, string, tape, or even a hair tie to secure it tightly. It is very important that the dryer sheets is secured tightly or else it might blow off when you exhale. Your sploof is only as good as that dryer sheet is attached. 

Step 4 – Start Exhaling Into Your DIY Sploof! 

Now you’ve made your sploof so start using it! Last step is just to exhale into your sploof after you take a nice inhale from your precious weed. Always remember to make sure that last dryer sheet is attached well and check to make sure it’s clean before every use or else it might not mask the smell as well as you might want it to. 


DIY sploofs are the best way to mask the smell of your smoke wherever you are. Sploofs are very effective when they’re made correctly and aren’t used when dirty. If you look at your sploof and the dryer sheets are starting to get brown or black, then it’s time to change them out. Also be sure that your toilet paper roll is starting to get wet or soggy then you need to make a new one. The soggy toilet paper roll can lead to mold forming and cracks and breaks in the toilet paper roll. Any cracks or breaks in the toilet paper roll makes the sploof less effective because air leaks out of the sides and the aroma will fill your smoke spot and get you caught or bother the people around him. The best made homemade sploof like the one that was described in the previous steps will be 99% effective. Some store bought sploofs might be slightly better in masking the smell but making a well-made DIY sploof is all you’ll ever need if you change it out when it gets dirty or soggy. 


A sploof is a must have for any weed smoker who wants to stay on the down low. Whether you don’t want to get caught smoking or you just don’t want to bother your family or neighbors. The best DIY sploof can be made with just a toilet paper roll and some dryer sheets. As long as you followed our steps then you should have a handy and efficient sploof for all your smoking needs. Most importantly remember to make a new one when your sploof gets dirty or soggy because this will make your sploof far less efficient. A well made sploof will allow you to have anxiety free highs and uninterrupted highs for as long as you have one around. If you don’t have one around just remember to follow the steps and make yourself a brand new DIY sploof!


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