Weed Memes of 2023
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Hilarious Weed Memes To Make You Laugh

Welcome to the best weed memes of 2022. This might be the most important article we have ever written. No jokes. (Ok there are a lot of jokes here, but we meant what we said)  A good laugh every now and then is as important as the air we breathe! Without a good laugh, life would be extremely difficult to get through. This is exactly why we love all of the dank memes that the internet has to offer. They put a smile on our faces and at best get us to let out some good energy into the world through laughter! That is why we have curated this collection of hilarious weed memes! This way you don’t have to spend all of your time searching through google to find the funniest weed memes out there. Because they are all consolidated right here. Feel free to share all of these gut wrenching memes to your friends. Good memes really are a love language that needs to be appreciated. Enough of the chit chat. Go ahead and keep scrolling to have yourself a good laugh!

That One Friend

life support meme

Well, well, well, looks like I just won the lottery - the weed lottery, that is. My friend has outdone themselves this time, loading up a bowl that could rival Mount Everest in height. As I take the first hit, I can feel my lungs expand like a balloon, struggling to contain the sheer volume of smoke. I cough, I sputter, I wheeze, but I soldier on, determined to conquer this behemoth of a bowl. Each subsequent hit is like a battle, a war between my lungs and the potent herb. By the end, I'm panting like a marathon runner and gasping for air like a fish out of water. But hey, at least I got high as a kite, right? I'll just add winning the weed lottery to my list of accomplishments. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to lie down and recover from this respiratory assault.

The Lighter Thief

lighter thief meme

Ah, my dear friend, the lighter thief. No matter how many times we smoke together, without fail, they always manage to accidentally pocket my lighter. It's like a magic trick - one moment the lighter is on the table, and the next it disappears into the abyss of their pocket. I've tried everything to prevent this thievery: marking my lighters with colorful tape, giving them a stern lecture, even resorting to using a candle to light our joints (not my finest moment). But nothing seems to work. Maybe they have a lighter hoarding problem, or perhaps they're secretly building a fortress made entirely out of Bic lighters. Whatever the reason, I've come to accept that the price of smoking with this friend is sacrificing a lighter or two along the way. At least they're always good for a laugh, even if it's at my expense.

Hurry Home!!

grinder of weed meme

As I rush out of the office, my heart racing with anticipation, I can hardly contain my excitement. Why, you ask? Because I'm headed home to my one true love: my stash of weed. Forget about a romantic partner, a loyal dog, or a delicious meal - nothing brings me more joy than the sweet scent of fresh bud. The way it glistens in the light, the sound it makes when I grind it up, the feel of the smoke as it fills my lungs... It's like a symphony of sensory pleasure that never gets old. So, excuse me while I skip down the street like a child on Christmas morning, eagerly anticipating the moment when I can finally reunite with my beloved herb.

We Found Em Boys, Get EM

Stoner weed memes 2023

Oh, the sweet irony! After weeks of accusing my roommate, my neighbor, and even my own grandmother of stealing my precious stash, I finally discovered the true culprit: me! That's right, folks, I've been getting so high that I completely forgot about smoking my own weed. No wonder my memory has been a bit hazy lately. It's like that classic scene from The Usual Suspects where the criminal mastermind realizes he's been playing the victim all along. Except in my case, there's no epic plot twist or dramatic music. Just me, alone with my thoughts and a half-empty bag of weed. Well, at least now I know who to blame for the munchies.

Sorry, I'm Busy!

stay home meme

Well, well, well, looks like it's time for another Friday night dilemma: go out with friends or stay home and smoke weed? Hmm, let me think... On the one hand, going out means dressing up, pretending to enjoy small talk with acquaintances, and spending way too much money on overpriced drinks. On the other hand, staying home means wearing pajamas, binging on Netflix, and getting way too high on a budget. I mean, the choice is pretty clear here. Plus, who needs friends when you've got a cozy couch and a bag of weed as your company? Cheers to the loner life!

Stoners Ashes

stoner memes

When I die, I'm sure this is exactly what my ashes will look like. Isn't it beautiful?

Don't Hold It Too Long

joint meme

Watching someone hold the joint too long is like watching a slow-motion train wreck. You can see disaster coming from a mile away, but you're powerless to stop it. They take a hit, and everything seems fine at first. But then they keep holding it... and holding it... and holding it. You start to wonder if they're ever going to exhale. You can see the panic in their eyes as they realize they might have made a grave mistake. Their face starts to turn red, and you can hear them wheezing like an asthmatic walrus. Finally, they release the smoke like a dragon breathing fire, and finally pass it to you.

It's Time To Hotbox

hot box meme

Hot boxing with weed... it's like being trapped in a mystical fog that transports you to another dimension. The air is thick with smoke, and it's like you're breathing in pure magic. You start to feel a little lightheaded, and your eyes glaze over like a donut in a bakery window. You look around and realize you're surrounded by a cloud of giggling, munchie-driven maniacs. It's like you're all in on a secret joke that only you guys can understand. Time starts to slow down, and you start to wonder if you're ever going to be able to leave this beautiful hazy world. But then someone opens a window, and a gust of fresh air hits you like a bucket of cold water. You snap back to reality, and suddenly the room doesn't seem so mystical anymore. But hey, at least you got to experience a little bit of magic for a little while, right?

Mouth Dry? Good Luck

dry mouth meme

Is it just me or does my mouth feel like the Sahara desert right now? I mean, I've had dry mouth before, but this is a whole new level. It's like my tongue has decided to go on strike and leave me high and dry... literally. I've been chugging water like it's going out of style, but it's like my mouth is a bottomless pit of thirst. And don't even get me started on the cotton mouth taste. It's like someone shoved a bag of cotton balls in my mouth and left them there to rot. But hey, at least I'm saving money on lip balm, right? And I guess it's a good excuse to eat some juicy fruit. Watermelon, anyone?

First Dab?

too stoned meme

Oh man, I am so baked right now, I could swear I just saw a talking unicorn walk by. My brain feels like it's floating in a sea of marshmallows, and I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning. I'm pretty sure I've been staring at the same spot on the wall for the last hour, trying to figure out if it's moving or if I'm just hallucinating. And don't even get me started on my munchies. I've eaten an entire bag of chips, a pint of ice cream, and a can of whipped cream... and it's only 2 pm. But hey, at least I'm relaxed, right? Maybe a little too relaxed. I might have to call in sick to work tomorrow and spend the day in a blanket fort with my cat. Ah, the joys of being your first dab.

Weed is Always There for You

weed meme

Oh boy, where do I even begin? Weed is my only friend. We go way back, you know? We've been through so much together, and we always have each other's back. When I'm feeling down, weed is there to lift me up. When I'm feeling anxious, weed is there to calm me down. When I'm feeling hungry, weed is there to make me forget about food entirely. And let's not forget all the deep conversations we've had together. Weed always knows just what to say. I mean, sure, I might be a little lonely sometimes, but as long as I have my trusty herb by my side, I know I'll never truly be alone. Plus, it's always down to Netflix and chill. What more could you ask for in a friend?

Out of Weed?

out of weed meme

Well, well, well, look who's out of weed! It seems like someone forgot to stock up for the weekend. Don't worry, friend, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your evening without it. You could take up knitting, try a new recipe, or finally organize that pile of laundry that's been staring you down. Or, you could just spend the night staring at your wall and contemplating the meaning of life. Either way, it's sure to be a wild ride. Who needs weed when you have a healthy dose of existential angst?

Alien Weed Prices

Alien weed meme

Have you ever gone on vacation, and found that weed costs less where they are. Ya. It's hard to deal with. It makes you feel like you are arriving on a different planet. A better planet. Hey, we say, pull up your roots and move there! 

Corner Your Bowls!

weed memes

Be kind. Corner. Cornering is the ancient art of saving some of the bowl of greens for whoever hits the bong after you. You can do this by carefully pulling up a lighter to the side of your bowl, instead of directly lighting above it. Be kind! Corner!

Snow Bongs!

snow stoner meme

There's no business like snow business, there's no business I know! That's a riff on a song from a musical. You can look it up if you'd like, but we are here to talk about the wonders of snow bongs. Snow bongs are one of the best things you can ever try. It's easy! Just get out there, and make a bong out of snow, and try it out for yourself!

The Dangers of Weed

munchies meme

Yes, I'll take a number 3 please. With large fry on the side. Actually, put the large fry on the number three, and give me an extra order of bacon. Oh, don't forget the ice cream. Oh whoops. Sorry, I forgot I was writing about this meme. I thought I was at the drive through ordering breakfast. My bad. I'll just go ahead and leave now. 

We have a high home

house party meme

We've all been there. Thinking that it's totally ok. Thinking that nothing smells bad in the home, when in reality it smells like you have a whole hemp farm in your room. No matter how hard we try. The candles, the sprays, the open windows. Nothing helps. But that's only because we smoked three blunts in a closed room, so I guess we can't be too mad.

Rips before bed

star wars dank meme

Who likes to dream anyway?? Not me. I like to take one fat rip right before bed, and completely pass out. It's almost required! I'm not saying everybody should smoke weed before bed, I'm just saying that it helps me. And if I don't, I typically end up looking exactly like this. 

One joint a day...

mike tyson joint meme

Look, I am willing to cut back the amount that I smoke to one joint a day. One massive day long joint. Take an O of weed, throw it in the backwood and lets go! How long do you think this jay would last you?

The Krusty Krab Pizza

The krusty krab pizza, is the pizza for you and me. The krusty krab pizza is the pizza positively! Are those the lyrics? Who knows! The moral of this dank meme is find some friends that are willing to brave the cold for you, and to do anything to grab the bag with you. 

Big Ol' Bag

 Look I want one thing, and one thing only. I'm looking for a big bag of weed that will last my friends and I an entire year. Am I asking too much? Maybe. But I don't think so! I think everyone should be able to ask for a massive baggy! Because it's a plant, and you literally can grow it!

Block the wind! funny weed meme

 It takes a true group of friends to make this happen. But honestly, if you don't have the type of friends that would block wind for you to light the joint, it might be time to find new friends. 

Come out friend! It's sesh time!

Does the friend want to smoke with us meme

Sometimes you have a roommate that doesn't want to sesh with you. Even if you have this terrible no sense roomate, it is still decent to ask if they want to join in on your sesh with you guys. Who knows what they might say! Peer pressure can be a hell of a drug. Also, remember to treat everyone with respect. Meaning respect their boundaries if they have laid them out clearly for you. If they haven't... Keep asking!

When the weed is too loud

Loud Weed Meme

You know the nugs. The nugs that looks so unassuming, but in reality where monsters. Nugs not of this earth that are here with one person. To get you really really high. Sometimes when your nugs are that loud you have to just lean over to them, and say shush! This should help quiet those little nugs down, so you can enjoy the rest of your sesh. 

Stoner Christmas Shopping

weed memes

Don't be selfish this holiday. Get your stoner friends and family something nice. In fact we know just the place that you can do that. It starts with a fat buddha, and ends with glass. You guessed it! It's us. Fat Buddha Glass. We are the best place to get your stoner gifts this holiday season. Without a doubt!!

Holding in the hit: Not a good thing

Did you know that some studies have shown that holding in hits is unnecessary. If you take a rip, inhale, and exhale. That simple. Any further and you can risk unnecessary damage. However, we all have done it at one point in time. And you can do whatever you want to, just keep this in mind when you do!

The perfect stash spot

Perfect stash spot meme

Finding a hiding place for your stash is becoming less and less crucial to your survival. Which is amazing. That being said, nothing feels quite like having that perfect stash spot. It makes you feel cool, like someone from the old days burying your treasure somewhere.

Thought it was a 10mg but it was 100mg

Kermit weed meme

Some times the edibles sneak up on you. We won't lie. It happens to everybody. We absolutely love it. But some hate it. It can definitely be overwhelming. However know that if you ever find yourself in this situation, it is not permanent. Everything you feel, will pass. Take comfort in that! Also, be careful in general with all of your consumption! Know what you are putting in your body, before you do.

Side quest proposition...

gandalf weed meme

The best side quests are the ones you can smoke. What would gandalf have really been without his pipe weed. It is something that defines his whole character! But fr would you accept this side quest? If you are on our page right now, I'm willing to bet you would accept.

Stoner Friends are the best friends

friend weed meme

Finding that friend that smokes as much as you do is an amazing thing. The smoke sessions. The challenges to see who can eat more edibles. It truly is a fever dream. Send this weed meme to the special someone in your life. 

Thanksgiving? More like Danksgiving.

funny weed memes

Is thanksgiving really worth having if you don't have a couple blunts at the table? Probably. But we know it is a whole lot better when you do have those blunts. They make everything from the endless yummy food, too aunt karens outdated ideals, a whole lot better! 

Always gone when you need it

Weed meme

If you are looking for a reason your weed keeps disappearing. It might be best to look in a mirror. That's right we know how much you are ripping. We don't condone anything, but trust us. We get it. If you think it keeps disappearing too fast, than you have two options. Stop smoking as much, or... just buy even more next time!! haha! That is a joke of course. And obviously do what you need to stay within the laws of where you live! 

Keep Your Piece CLEAN!!!

Clean your piece!

Some friends need just a little bit more pushing to get that piece clean. Don't be that friend. This weed meme really hits the nail on the head. Not to mention all of the health benefits of having a clean bong versus a dirty one! Do you know how fast mold can grow in an unclean bong? Quickly. 

Dry mouth is the WORST

dry mouth memes

The moment the dry mouth hits is a terrible one. Your mouth starts sticking to itself, and talking becomes an impossible task. You are not alone. This is a common occurrence among us veterans. The best cure? Water of course! 

Daylight savings silver linings

time zone meme

Everyone knows that setting your clock back or forward an hour is the most annoying inconvenience that comes around biannually. But hey, we like to look at the bright side of things. And getting 420 twice, is definitely a bright side.

Can you tell?

stoned memes

Doing our best to hide it, but we know it's not going so well. If you have ever looked like this the second you get home, we are sure you can relate to this one. Pro tip, send this to one of your friends who can never hide how high they are!

Towlee knows what time it is...

dank south park meme

It's a shame I have to wait till 5. I don't know how work from home people don't spark up 24/7. This meme is an exact image of what I look like the second I get home. Very very accurate.

Time to bust out the party piece

Funniest memes

You know the piece. The one that is worth rolling out the red carpet for. The piece that all of your friends come over to use. There is no feeling better than busting that piece out for a sesh with all of your friends. 

Please... Just don't look at me.

dank meme

Avoiding eye contact should be an olympic sport. That way I would finally have a chance of getting a gold medal in my lifetime. If you relate to this meme, we relate to you. And know that you aren't alone. Also, pro tip, most of the time no one can really tell that you are high just through looking at your eyes. Just stay confident, and they will never know!

Just a little cat nap...

Sleepy cat nap meme

We all know the feeling of trying out a heavy indica, and completely passing out on the couch right after. We tried to stay awake, but there was no chance. Once we put on the show, and layed down just a little bit, it was game over. Avoid doing this in social settings, but if you are by yourself, this might be pretty nice! Either way, we can all relate to this sleepy cat. And that is ok!

Can I go home now...

public high meme

Didn't think that edible was going to kick in just yet huh? You thought that you could simply wander out into the public world and be ok. You thought that you wouldn't be in a completely different universe as you are walking around the middle of the city. Looks like you were wrong again. You are now tripping way harder than you meant to be, and will probably forget this span of about 4 hours. Do your best to stay out of trouble. Best case, just get back home through a rideshare, and ride out your high on the couch!

Welcome to your new home...

new bong meme

You have that piece. That special piece that you need to properly introduce to it's new space. If you don't have this special ritual for the piece it just won't be the same! If you don't do this, we highly suggest that you give it a try. When you have a special event for getting a new piece, you attach more worth to the piece, and the chances that it is going to break go down a whole bunch! Always be practicing mindfulness, is the take away from this meme. 

Pika picked a plant.

Before and after weed meme

Sometimes things just don't feel right until you can have a bowl of some green. We aren't talking about cereal. We are talking about the medicine known as mary jane! (cannabis) If you feel like you depend on cannabis to put you into a good mood, maybe take a break, and get back to a normal baseline. BUT, we also completely get it. There is really no way to put to words how much a fat rip can turn our bad mood around! Give it a try if you haven't!

Pre Bed Rips Are The Best

Sleep weed meme

Some nights it's hard to get to sleep. You just lay there in your bed staring at the ceiling, or your phone. Just waiting for the sandman to make his stop at your home, so you can fall into a nice little sleep. When you find yourself staying up later than you wanted to, sometimes it might be helpful to take a rip of some of the devils lettuce. People have sworn by its benefits of helping with sleep problems! And we are some of those people! 

Some people just like to watch the world burn...

Dab meme

We all have that one friend who would do this. You know the one. The quiet one who always shares the greens, and only ever offers up a small chuckle. Despite them staying quiet most of the time, when they do speak, it is hilarious. Something that makes you offer up that once in a lifetime gut-wrenching laugh. The kind of laugh that makes you reconnect with your youth. Jokes aside, this is a terrible thing to do to someone you love, well, maybe not. It depends on who you are! You might just be the type of person who would enjoy a little something extra in your bowl. If that's you... We would be great friends.

You can't steal this brick of a lighter

Lighter thief meme

Concrete. Literal concrete is what it is going to take to prevent your friends from taking your prized lighter. I mean it's just so easy to forget that you had the lighter in your hand, and accidentally put the lighter in to your pocket. CUT THE CRAP. We know you knew you were taking the lighter. If concrete is what it is going to take, then concrete I shall use!!

It's time. Party time...

Weed friends meme

Thank god for the friends who are always down for a sesh, no matter what. Hike? Sesh. Party? Sesh. Sitting on the couch? Sesh. All that it takes is one look. It looks a lot like this photo of tina, leaning back. Giving a nice glare. If you can relate, sound off in the comments. Let us know! It's the only reason I have to keep creating these memes! 

You up?

You up?

Why is it that every plug (besides the god given dispensary) is so unreliable? Do we have too high standards? Maybe. But I always feel like I'm waiting at the phone for them to hit me back! 

Can I get uh....

High at mcdonalds meme

We have all been here. Feeling like an alien at Mcdonalds waiting for the perfect combination of fries shake and burger to come to your mind, but you just can't get the words out. Trying not to look the counter person in the eyes, and completely forgetting about the line of people behind you. And you know what? That's ok. It's ok that you have been there, because you are not alone. This experience is universal. 

Saying goodbye to your sober self.

dab memes

Sometimes after a fat dab it is easy to feel like you are leaving your body, and turning into a cartoon version of yourself. Embrace it! Say goodbye for now to your old self and embrace the new higher you with open arms. This is the only way to get through the next hour or so! haha! It feels like a crossover episode!

You are the only thing in your way.

Weed scooby doo meme

Looking at your weed jar, realizing that it is all gone, and freaking out is at least a weekly experience for us. It begs the question, who is smoking all of my weed?! Could it be whiskers, the cat? Could it be my mailman?? I just don't understand. This is calls for a criminal investigation by a bunch of teens and their meddling dog!

A blast of stars in FULL COLOR

Space telescope weed meme

The James Webb Telescope brought us many things. Some say it brought us a glance into the past. Others say it brought a way to accurately depict just how high you got after that last rip. You know the one. The one that was WAY too big. You start seeing stars in full colors. Thanks James Webb!

Started from the bottom now we are here.

Apple pipe meme

Using an apple pipe is an experience that every stoner over the age of 25 understands very well. We didn't all get to smoke out of fat bongs from the beginning of our smoking experience. Some of us had to create our own paraphernalia. You should give it a go if you haven't tried it already!

Long weekends can have a downside...

Long weekend memes

Going back to work after a long weekend is always the toughest thing to manage.  Getting through that day back you definitely need some kind of encouragement. I don't know about you, but for us that encouragement is a fat bowl from our favorite bong waiting for us at home! 

I Swear I Am On My Way!!

420 memes

Look, we get it. Everyone has done this. Some maybe do it a little more than others! But hey, live your life!! The clock moves to your time, no one else's!! But for real, this meme is hilarious. It is one of the best performing memes on our instagram page. But be sure to keep scrolling to see more of the best memes out there!!!

Alliances Are Best Shared Over a Joint

Work Memes

Let's face it. Some coworkers suck. And that's ok! In fact, the best coworkers that we can remember, are always the ones that were willing to smoke with us. If you have worked in the service industry, or any industry where you get to meet a wide variety of humans. You most likely understand what its like finding a cohort that you perfectly fit in with. Where you all just kind of get through work, so you can go home and SPARK UP!  Those types of situations really make for the best type of friendships. 

Would The Good Times Be Good, Without The Bad?

Dank Memes Pete davidson

Look. We have all been there. Our hopes and dreams have been cultivated since our youth to never stop growing. Maybe this has something to do with our eyes being a lot larger than our stomachs? You know, you see a plate of insanely delicious food and you want to literally place the entire thing into your stomach immediately. Only to realize, again, that you should not have scarfed down that food. This meme hits at the same exact thing. But with weed. We all have had the experience where we are planning on taking it easy with our cannabis consumption, and then somehow end up looking like Pete Davidson in this meme. 

Don't Start Without Me!!

Dank Funeral Meme

At my funeral. Light it up. I want the entire room to be a hotbox. This is the only thing that is going to bring me back to life!! If you want to see me one more time after I pass away, bring the joints. Something about this meme in particular speaks to my core. I hope that there are no tears at my funeral, just vibes.

Don't Be THAT Guy

Matthew Mcconaughey Meme

We live in the modern world! You yourself are a modern shopper! So start acting like it. We all have had the experience where we pull up to a new friends house expecting to have a little toke, only to be surprised by the exact opposite! We just don't want your friends to be upset with you is all. And honestly, you are at the exact place you need to be if you are having this problem. Check out our massive bongs, all of which are bound to impress!

Now Take A Deep Breath

Weed lungs meme

This meme makes me roll on the floor. Straight up. This is exactly what I picture them showing me everytime I go to the doctor. If you are what you eat, your lungs are what you smoke. And my lungs are weed. Haha! 

America's Most Wanted: Bic Edition

Bic Meme

STOP STEALING PEOPLES LIGHTERS! This is a PSA more than a meme. If you are using someone else's lighter to bring some flame to your bowl|. Constantly be reminding yourself that the little flame creator in your hand is NOT YOURS. Every stoner knows the absolute rage that goes into a missing lighter. Especially if it happens right has you run out of lighters. At which point blood will need to be shed. All jokes aside, you really should always be conscious of whose lighter you are holding so you can avoid this massive pitfall.

Hold Tight!!

Dank Memes

If you have bought a new bong before, you understand the stress that comes with holding it!! Life works in funny ways. Typically, you can expect the unexpected to happen. Meaning when you purchase a new bong. Hold. On. Tight. This will save you a headache in the future. However, if you do break your new bong, do not worry. You aren't out too much money, and we have the best deals on the web for a solid glass waterpipe. 

Is it Five O' Clock Yet?

Meme template

Mondays are the longest days of the work week. At least in our opinion. It is important to have something keeping you going throughout your work day. This will keep you working harder, because you have something to look forward to! What better to use as motivation than a massive bong rip. Something that will just put you on your ass, and help you forget about your work stresses for a little while. Keeping you fresh and rejuvenated to do the things you need to!

WHY?! NO!!!

Dropping the grinder dank meme

Sometimes it just works out like that. You just finished putting in the work to grind some more weed. And something horrible happens. You drop it all into that gross seventies shag carpet that hasn't been changed in years. All of the green is immediately lost. Some say there is an easy solution. You can get a vacuum hose, and put something like a paper towel or panty hose on the end of it, and use that to pull the weed from your shag carpet. But is that weed stuff you are really willing to save? 

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Choice. 


Dank Meme

This 420 meme is truly at the heart of what we hope to do at Fat Buddha Glass. Finding the right bong for you has always been a challenge. Either you have to head to your local headshop and hope that they have what you are looking for. And then pay an arm and a leg for it. Or you spend forever searching for bongs online only to find that none of the glass is what you want. This is not how it should be. At Fat Buddha Glass, we believe that you should be able to find glass pieces that are affordable and innovative. So we have put in the hard work of curating and creating the best bongs on the market so YOU can have a one stop shop for all of your smoking essentials! The next meme on our list is a lot like this one. But with a... classy... character.

Even Christopher Robbins Knows Better.

420 Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear knows the finer things in life. Honey, relaxation, and getting your brand new shining bong delivered right to your door. Look, you are a modern shopper in a modern world. Which is why we provide very modern solutions to an age-old problem. Hop on over to your collection pages, and start browsing! We pride ourselves on keeping our selection as vast and wide as the Peloponnesian sea. Meaning you are sure to find something that speaks to you. Which is exactly what we believe the secret to finding the perfect bong is. Find one that you have a connection with. One that excites you right as you see it. True love at first sight situation. So stop wasting your time aimlessly wandering around physical headshops, and start browsing our online headshop and have something delivered right to your door. 

My Collection Expands As My Mind Expands.

Lord of the bongs

They are taking the bongs to isengard! They are taking the bongs to isengard! We know you may not be storming the depths of Mordor exactly when you are building up your glass collection. But gosh dangit, building an impressive glass collection over your life can definitely feel like you are preparing for a novel-like adventure. And hey, once you use one of these massive pieces, you are sure to be transported immediately to a little hobbit home in the shire. Where you can pull out your Gandalf pipe, and start puffing away. Just be sure not to smoke any tree that has the ability to talk back to you. That might be a little heartless. 

A Picture Of A Sad, Sad Day.

Running out of green

Getting to the bottom of the barrel again? We know the feeling. It feels a lot like this meme. You are sitting at your table for breakfast, watching all of your hopes and dreams for an elevated day burn up around you. And all you can do is sit there and drink your coffee and wish for a separate scenario. But hey, though this dank meme is super relatable for running out, maybe you can turn that situation around. Instead of looking at it as if you are out of your flower, look at it as you taking the opportunity for a tolerance break! These can be very beneficial in terms of getting you even MORE elevated. If you wait a week, or a month, your experience will be drastically changed. Funny memes really do tell you a lot about certain communities, and this one hits us right in our green hearts.


Pull Your Pants Up, And Pre-Order!

pants up spongebob meme

Don’t get caught with your pants down. If you are running low, re-up quick to avoid a weedless catastrophe! We can’t think of a worse feeling in the world than pulling out the stash, right after cleaning a piece, and finding nothing but stems and small flakes. This pain is completely avoidable with just the smallest amount of foresight. Learn from the meme. Don’t be a meme.

The Best Of Buds.

Best Bud meme

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This hilarious meme is a picture of me and my only friend. When everyone else was not their for me. Bud was. When I was down and out after peggy broke up with me, bud was there. When my grandpa went away to fight in the space war, and never returned home from mars. Bud was there. Bud has been my best bud through thick and thin. And trust us bud. We won’t forget it. *none of these sad stories are real, however our love for bud is very very real.*



No Experience Quite Like It.

420 yoda meme

*in yoda voice* Ripped too big, I might have. Look, we have all been there. This may be the most relatable dank meme we have seen in a long time. Everyone remembers what it was like taking a pull from a massive glass bong for the first time. It is a transcendental experience. Well, at least it was for us! It feels like a rush of midichlorians to your head! You instantly feel the force. For us we felt exactly the same as this picture looks. A little baby yoda, baked out of his little baby brain. Send us your favorite first time stories, and we might just put a collection together of first time bong stories. 

No Cap. Clean Your Piece.

Drake dank meme

Kiki, do you love me? Are you… Ok with hitting a dirty bong? No? We didn’t think so. Look no meme template tells the story better of what it is like walking in on a friend with a dirty bong. You do not want to rip from it! Look if you are someone who doesn’t regularly clean their piece. Let this meme enlighten you. You don’t know what kind of gross stuff is growing in your water as you leave it dirty for weeks! Also, if you take the time to regularly clean your piece. It is going to make your rips a whole lot smoother. You will notice a difference. Truly! 

Alright, Alright, Alright, Space Cruise Time.

alright alright alright meme

Found Here

Space cruises can quickly turn into spaced out cruises. Always keep your eye on the road, and remember where you were headed. In case you have forgotten, we have a few guesses that may jog your memory. Taco Bell. Maybe Taco Bell. Or how about Taco Bell. Well, that’s all the guesses we are willing to give you. Hopefully they got you back onto the right track. 

Be Careful With Who You Pass To.

Broken Bong Meme

CHOO CHOO! I’M COMING TO DROP YOUR NEW GLASS! - Your friend as you pass him a piece with the best of intentions of sharing. 

Look. We are generous, forgiving people. And we will always preach turning the other cheek. But… If someone drops your new bong. We give you a free pass at giving them an honest piece of your mind. And setting a boundary for all future bong holding for the guilty party. They can’t blame you. Fair is fair. If they complain, send them to this meme. And to this page. So you can let them know the law. And that you are backed in your decision. If you are the one who dropped the bong, we have this bit of advice for you. Pony up towards a new bong fund to avoid any ill will, or grudges. Apologize profusely. And bring greens to match for the next little while. You messed up, and there is only one path to redemption. (We are exaggerating the situation a whole lot, always practice kindness and understanding! And don’t forget. Never cry over broken glass. We have way too many affordable options here at Fat Buddha Glass for any real contempt to be held in this horrible situation.)

I’ve Got A Fever. Only Prescription? More Glass!

Temp Check Meme

Feeling a little… Green lately? We think we know what the cure is. More Glass, grass, and… good company from some solid friends! We all know the special feeling you get from those first sessions with a new bag of green, and a brand new glass bong. It feels like you just bought a new home! A solid bong that you make a connection with, if you are careful, will last a lifetime. And the memories you make with that piece of glass will outlast the glass itself. Sorry, we know this is a meme blog, and these memes are amazing, but we are feeling a little sentimental. What better way to express your emotions than through hilarious, and relatable 420 memes though!

What’s That Beautiful Smell?

dank smell 420 meme

*Sniff Sniff* Oh. My. God. Is that? A skunk? No… It is something much danker. It’s the smell of some fresh danky dank. Nothing warms your heart quite like being out in the city and getting a whiff of that good good. It instantly brings us back home, and gives us a big sense of community. We are all part of the 420 family, and nothing gets us running like the smell of some green. 


Happy Halloweed!

Dank o latern meme

Halloween? Or Halloweed? Jack-o-lantern? Or Bud-o-lantern? However you normally spend your spooky holidays. You can admit. A pumpkin full of green would be the true best way to spend all hallows eve. If you were to finish this entire head of bud in one spooky night, who knows what types of skeletons and headless horseman would show up at your door! We do not recommend finding out. As we age, and stop trick or treating, we are finding that the best way to spend your halloween night is to purchase a bag of candy for yourself, roll a jay, stay home, spark up and watch a movie. But hey, that’s just our opinion. Maybe, like this meme, you would like to spend it with a pumpkin head full of green! You do you, jack! 

Some Dual Action Health Days.

Modern Medicine Meme

This meme has us rolling on the floor laughing. The truth! A bartender, and a budtender, the story of modern medicine. In the modern world. Doctors and therapists have become quite expensive! Focusing on your physical and mental health is more important than ever. Being totally serious, we recommend regularly checking in with a doctor, and even a therapist, to keep on top of your health! At the core of this hilarious meme though, is that you can stay on top of your health through enjoying what you love in moderation! Do things that make you happy, and it will be easier to stay on top of your mental health. It doesn’t have to be a chore!


Oops, You Missed A Star.

Star Clean Meme

Ok. Chores can really feel like chores sometimes. We have a solution for that. This is a cure all for mundane household activities. It can turn raking leaves into a magical journey that will be filled with laughs and cheer. What is this panacea you may ask? The devils green lettuce. Light up with a little bit of green before you start that next round of dishes and see where it takes you. Sure, it may take you a lot longer to finish your chores, but you will most likely be a lot happier by the end of them! So, grab your pipe, jay, or bong and get to work! This meme really is giving us big Sunday vibes. 

There Are Wrong Choices, and Right Choices.

Star wars meme

It’s over Anakin, I have the High ground! Don’t make the same mistake as so many bong purchasers before you. Shop with us at Fat Buddha Glass, and let us take care of you. It has been our mission since our beginnings to bring to you affordable, quality smokeware options! I mean we are fed up with local head shops and other online head shops overcharging you for sub-par products! That is why we have put in the ground work of finding the best quality products, and running our business in a way that allows us to bring them to you at the cheapest prices on the market! Shop quality. Shop Fat Buddha Glass. 

Not Even Once.

Dank jimmy meme

We all float down here. Really really high. Some might say we have gotta blast! This meme really hits the nail on the head when it comes to how the 420 community is often perceived outside of the world of 420. The stigma that surrounds the industry is one that we work every day to break. By spreading our love for the products and activities within this community every single day, we hope to normalize little by little the thoughts and actions of so many of us within the community. Jimmy Neutron and Pennywise both know how it feels to be an outcast. So with more and more memes like this one, we think we are on a road to a better, more tolerant future. 

Timmy, Dinners Ready!!

Thanksgiving meme 420

Is there a better holiday for the stoner than thanksgiving? A place full of love, gratitude, and FOOD! These are the three essential components of a perfect session. And this hilarious meme accurately depicts what it feels like to come back to some freshly made dinner, right after a solid smoke session. If you haven’t tried this. We highly recommend it. Obviously, we want you to respect your families boundaries for the holiday season to keep them running smoothly. However, maybe you can get them to join in on the session beforehand if they haven’t tried it yet either! 

Should Have Waited, Just A Little Bit Longer.

Beetlejuice 420 meme

Patience. Truly is a virtue. ESPECIALLY when it comes to edibles. Many of us have made the dreaded mistake of smoking a little bit of flower, while you are waiting for the edibles to kick in. You thought they were duds. You didn’t think it was going to hit you. So you take one small little puff to kick start things and BAM. You are baked for the next 30 hours. This is a definite exaggeration. But the moral is very real. Take care of yourself by taking it slow. If it doesn't kick in. Hey. Maybe that is totally ok, and you can try again tomorrow. You do not want to end up like the shrunken head in the dank meme.  

Tick Tock, 4:20 Is Getting Closer!

Almost Almost meme

What a way to make a living. Working 9-5. Truly, the reptivite nature of a regular work week can comfort some portion of the population. But if you are a stoner, even if you don’t mind the regular 40 hour work week, once 4:20 rolls around, you begin to regret your decision. It is true that you can wait till you get home to spark up, but man it hurts to see the clock change to that sacred time while you are stuck at work for the rest of the hour. 

Uhm, Hello… There... (spongebob)

Meeting someone high meme

Are you ready kids? This spongebob meme absolutely nails it. That is why it deserves to be on our list of the dankest memes on the internet. When you aren’t planning on meeting anyone new so you choose to get nice and baked for your night on the town with a friend. And you run into someone your friend has to introduce you to. It is a special kind of torture. Our advice. Make like spongebob in this meme, round out your edges, and act friendly. No one is going to know a thing. However, the best way to avoid these situations entirely is to avoid going out while high. A baked mall trip can be fun every once in a while, but home is safe. And that’s where all the snacks and movies are anyway! Memes are the best way to quickly depict a very complex feeling. That is why we love them. They are also a good way of keeping legends alive. This meme template immortalizes this famous little sponge, and for that we are very grateful!

Are Your Friends Even Listening?

santa bongs elf meme

*In the buddy the elf voice* BONGS!! BONGS!!

Look, Christmas time can be different for everyone. Some people struggle with the holiday season, and others absolutely live for it. No matter how you feel about the christmas season, you can not deny that to get a fresh gorgeous piece of glass, is the best present you could possibly receive. But hey look, no one is going to get you a present that you haven’t asked for, or made known. So, start dropping hints. If you are looking for someone to provide a high quality gift this season. Send them here, to Fat Buddha Glass. Or better yet, just send them this meme! They will get the hint immediately. Memes like this really are the best way to drop a hint. 

Time For Some Resolutions

Woody resolutions meme

Being honest with yourself is probably the best way to go into the new year. At the beginning of each year you will see many of those around you share their very lofty and unattainable resolutions. Three weeks later, you won’t hear a peep out of those same people. Dank memes like this paint the feeling of seeing this happen, perfectly. Look, we aren’t trying to tell you to not set ambitious goals for yourself. Or to not try and better yourself. We are telling you to become in touch with your inner self. Make goals that are attainable. And hey enjoy a nice bowl along the way to make the ride a little less bumpy! If you know someone who fits the category of always making goals they don’t even care to achieve. Send them one of these great 420 memes. It might be just the comedic wake up call they have been needing!

This has been the Fat Buddha Glass round up of all of our favorite memes. We hope they were able to bring a smile to your face like they have ours!


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