What is the Best Ash Catcher to Use?

Best Ash Catchers

What is the Best Ash Catcher to Use?

When it comes to keeping your bong clean, there is no better preventative step that you can take than the classic ash catcher. Yes, ash catchers serve an immense functional purpose. However, in our opinion, they also serve as a massive design boost for your bong. A bong that has an ash catcher on the side of it sitting next to the same bong without an ash catcher, looks like Rambo standing next to a four-year-old. A weird picture, but trust us. It is accurate. We really do have a deep love for ash catchers, and the convenience that they bring to your life. Not to mention the time you save from cleaning your entire bong all the time. That is exactly why we are bringing to you this guide all about ash catchers. So you can find one that best suits your needs, and most importantly your bongs needs. First lets get into what exactly an ash catcher is. 

What is an Ash Catcher?

The ash catcher. No, it is not the famous pokemon hunter from Pallet Town. It is the beautiful, typically glass, attachment that fits perfectly into the bowls joint on your bong. This attachment is used to as its name suggests, catch all of the ash that pulls through from your bong before it goes into the bong itself. This handy step in the entire bong process will keep your bong a lot cleaner for many more sessions than typical. Ash catchers are typically hand-sized, making them a lot easier to rinse and clean than your entire bong. Some ash catchers even feature percolators, so you have the option of adding a whole new level of diffusion to your rips as well. All in all, an ash catcher is an opportunity. An opportunity to manage the cleanliness of your rigs, and to take control of your sessions. 

What is an Ash Catcher Used For? 

Ash catchers are used directly for taking the gross ash that falls out of your bowl as it burns, and keeping it confined within without going into the bong that you are pulling from. This innovation really changed the game when it came to the scientific glass. It meant that even owners of smaller rigs now had the opportunity, thanks to the ash catchers’ affordability, to be brought to a whole new level. If you are looking for that extra type of accessory to make your house (bong) feel like a home (cooler bong) then we think that the ash catcher accessory is just the thing for you. 

An alternative way of using an ash catcher is to gift it! They make the perfect gift for the special stoner in your life. Or maybe you just want to say “hey you really need to clean your bong” without actually saying that. Whatever your reason may be, we know that these intricate glass additions are game-changers and will help you or a bud out immensely.

The Different Types of Ash Catchers

There are many different types of ash catchers out there. Once the first ash catcher hit the market, the community demanded better and more intricate options. And the glass blowers of today listened. You can find the best types of ash catchers right here at the Fat Buddha Glass online headshop. We have done the groundwork of finding the best ash catchers on the market today, and are proud to bring you a plethora of them so you can find the best option for you. All at an affordable price. There are more than just three different types of ash catchers out there on the market. However, we are going to be going over the top three types of ash catchers to help you better understand your options! First up we are going to be going over one of our favorites, the showerhead ash catcher. After that, one rather similar to the showerhead ash catcher, the tree ash catcher. Lastly, the honeycomb ash catcher. 

  1. Showerhead Ash Catcher

The showerhead ash catcher is a type of ash catcher that has a percolator. It is as the name suggests, a showerhead percolator. The showerhead percolator brings a whole new level of diffusion to your rips, which is something any bong owner can benefit from. The showerhead ash catcher is one that looks a lot like a showerhead, with a bunch of tiny little holes on the bottom of the glass. The smoke and water travel through these little holes, creating a lot of bubbles. Those bubbles are what diffuse your smoke, making your rips nice and smooth. 

  1. Tree Ash Catcher

The tree ash catcher is actually pretty cool. No, it doesn’t look exactly like a tree, but it does have a tree percolator inside of it. This ash catcher is rather similar to the showerhead ash catcher. The percolator housed within this ash catcher has a circle of multiple long tubes of glass, all with small slits in the bottom. The slit is what creates the diffusion within this ash catcher. Its diffusion is just as good as maybe even better than the showerhead percolator. All this considered, you do not have to get an ash catcher that has a percolator in it. The purpose of the ash catcher is to catch ash, the diffusion is just an added perc. But we thought it was important to remind you of that. 

  1. Honeycomb Ash Catcher

The honeycomb ash catcher is a more minimalistic-looking ash catcher. Which is something we really love. They typically look like a long glass cylinder 

Do Ash Catchers Really Work?

Ash catchers really do work! Ash catchers do a really good job of keeping your bong cleaner, for a longer period of time. They do this by keeping all of that burnt ash from ever reaching your bong. The best way to keep your bong clean while using an ash catcher is to regularly change the water within your ash catcher. When you do this, the ash catchers work like a dream.

Whatever style of ash catcher you choose to use be sure to keep a few things in mind. Always remember to check the size of your ash catcher’s joints, and the angle of the joints. These two factors directly relate to what your bong allows. If you have any trouble determining what size ash catcher is right for you feel free to reach out to us, and we are here to help. But for now, we hope that this article will help you in the future when considering ash catchers. If you know anyone with similar questions, be sure to send them this way. Happy browsing!


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