Can you eat dabs?

Eat dabs

Since the beginning of stoner history, we have always been looking for new ways to get high. Chasing that 420 dragon is a quest not fit for the faint of heart. 

If you have ever looked at the bottom of a completely burnt bowl and thought Ya there is still something there you know exactly what we are talking about. It is easy to get this way when you are starting to run low on your cannabis supply, and want to save money. So you do everything you can to find those new ways to keep stretching your supply! 

If you have ever bought dabs before, you may have considered eating the dabs straight up as one of those ways to curb waste. Is this a viable option? Can we depend on this yellow sticky icky gunk to take us to where we need to go? Let us get into it below. 

Are dabs edible?

Are dabs edible?

The quick answer to this question is no. Dabs are not edible. You need a dab rig. However, technically, they can be. We aren’t saying to run to the dispensary purchase the biggest batch of shatter you can find and start munching it down like potato chips. You will need the right tools.

If you did this a couple of things would happen. One you would have the stickiest mouth you have ever had in your life. Like it would take hours to get all of that dab out of your teeth. Number two is you would be completely disappointed by the lack of a high. 

This is because of the chemicals inside the dab. Sitting, waiting to be activated inside of your cannabis is THCA. This THCA needs to be decarboxylated in order to turn into the THC that gives you that active high feeling. 

Without it, you won’t feel a darn thing. In simpler terms, your weed needs to be heated up, in order to work! This is why we smoke bowls, out of large bongs. Because the flame from the lighter turns the greenery into smoke which then has active THC ready to take us to where we need to go! So what is this decarbing process? How is it done? Let us break it down.

Whats decarbing?


As we stated earlier, decarboxylation is the process of heating your cannabis to the point where the THCa turns to THC. Isn’t that magical? I know it is science, but for some reason, this process feels more like magic. 

To do this process, get your cannabis in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep an eye on it the whole time, and if your wax starts to bubble take it out immediately, as this means it is ready. 

One easy way to do this mess-free is to use parchment paper when you are putting your wax in the oven. This way you won’t have to spend hours scraping your cooking equipment. 

What if you don’t want to go through the process of decarbing your cannabis? Is there an easier way to find ready-to-use dab that you can eat? Well actually, there is! You can simply look to your dab rig! (after a few uses)

Cannabis Reclaim

Cannabis reclaim

If you are a seasoned 710 user, eating dabs is something you have thought about. But you are also likely to be missing out on some valuable thc right under your nose. If you have ever noticed that brownish, black resin-type sticky stuff that gets stuck in your bong after a few dabs, you have seen the edible stuff! This reclaimed material that is under your banger is the material that is ready to be eaten. So if you have asked the question, can I eat wax? Then look no further than that little magical place. However, if you are going to do any of these options we have mentioned so far, you might not want to simply put your wax into your mouth and start chewing. This could create a big mess that might not be very fun for you! There are a few easy ways to still get the same effects without the mess. A couple we can think of off the bat are making edibles, and making tea! Let us break it down. 

Make Edibles

Make edibles

Once you have your wax ready to go, meaning the thca has been converted into thc, you can really use it in any recipe you want. You are good to start cooking with it. All you have to do is find a simple edible recipe online like some brownies or some cookies, and use your decarbed wax in that recipe! One thing to keep in mind when you are making your edibles is to ensure that there is a fat for your weed to bind to. This is will increase the chance that you will get high! Also, something to consider when making and using edibles is that they work differently for every single person. One person may not feel much of anything while at the same time someone else can feel like they are on top of the freaking moon! 

Make Tea

make tea

One other way to use your decarbed wax is to put it into your tea! Think of it as honey! I mean that is why wax gets the nickname honey! All you have to do to make this happen is, choose what tea you want, boil some water, get your wax ready, and then combine all of those parts! A helpful tip for using your wax in your tea is to pull your boiling water on top of the wax as it pours into your cup. This will help to ensure that you will have a nice cup of 420 tea! Be warned however that this tea won’t taste like normal tea. It will be an extremely potent cannabis flavor. But once you are prepped for that, you are good to go. 

If we missed a way to easily use your wax for consumption, let us know in the comments. It is definitely a way you can some value to your greenery. Don’t be afraid to let us know if this was helpful for you! It is the whole reason we write these articles!

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