The Best Things to Do While Stoned

Best things to do while stoned

Things To Do When You Are Stoned 

Getting high doesn't have to mean sitting on the couch watching TV, while this can definitely be a fun time too, sometimes you want a little more adventure. Getting high makes almost everything more fun, and this means there's a world of possibility of awesome activities you can partake in while you're stoned. This blog will give several recommendations as to what to do after ripping one of our bongs. 

How High Are You? 

Before you jump into the list and pick out an activity to indulge in, you first need to assess exactly how high you are. Did you hit one of our massive water pipes? Or did you play around with one of our mini bongs? If you are at a 10/10, meaning the highest you've ever felt, then certain activities will be better than others (ones that aren't super active), while if you're not very high you may be able to do more strenuous activities. 

Best things to do while high at home 

Being high in public can be frightening for some and others are just homebodies, whatever the case, you still have plenty of options available.  

Taking a Weed Nap 

Taking a nap is a great option if you are in the way too high category. It happens to all of us, you take one too many bong rips or you try a new strand that really gets to you. If this happens, just hit the sack for a few minutes and you'll likely wake up less high and able to do some of the other activities. On top of all of this, there are plenty of cannabis strands designed for sleep, smoking these will give you your best sleep of the week. 

Meditation While High 

Stoned meditation is really good experience that everyone ought to try at least once in their life. Marijuana will allow you to ease your mind and wipe out all the stresses of your day-to-day life. Plus, because your sense of time is distorted, you may not need to meditate for very long to reap all the benefits. 

Listening to Music Stoned 

Music goes from really good to really great when you're stoned, there's just something that makes it feel a little better when you're high. This is both a good group or solo activity, if you're in a group then blast your tunes over a loudspeaker, and if you're riding solo find a nice pair of headphones. Either way this is also a great activity that can be paired with others that'll come later on the list.  

Exercise and Cannabis 

Working out isn't just for the sober, you can get more than a good workout session in while blazed. If you do want to work out while high, it's best to plan ahead so that you can do it well. Keep in mind this is an activity that you can't be too high for, if you're totally in another world then lifting weights won't be safe. That said, if you choose a consumption method like a one-hitter that allows you to get to a good level and pick activities that allow you to hyperfocus (lifting weights, running indoors) then you will be able to have one of the best workout sessions of your life.  

Video Gaming While Stoned 

Obviously, video games are a classic and great way to spend your high. Video games are super fun and don't require a ton of movement, meaning you can partake in them even when you are as high as a kite. Although weed tends to slow time down, you'll be having such a good time that before you know it you will have just played on your console for a solid six hours. 

Fun Things to do While High with Friends 

If you are the social butterfly type don't worry, there are tons of ways to enjoy your high with others. 

1- Have a Stoner Movie Marathon 

Movie marathons are a fantastic way to catch up on a series that you missed or rewatch some old classics that you're group all saw years ago. Additionally, you can smoke throughout the movie to make sure you maintain your high, just remember to corner your bowl if you're all sharing one pipe.  

2- Role-Playing Games and Smoking Weed 

Role-playing games have been making a huge comeback lately but if you are someone who still hasn't tried them yet you're missing out. The most common role-playing game is dungeons and dragons but there are plenty of others out there as well. Being stoned while playing these games is pretty common, so it could be a great weekly activity for you and your stoner friends. 

3- Conversations While High 

Everyone has that one friend who tries to get super deep every time they're high. And while it can get old fast, it can also be nice sometimes to get into conversations that you typically don't have while you're sober. Some people also give their best advice when they're high and pretty much everyone is a better listener. 

Creative things to Do While High 

Being high tends to get the creative juices flowing, so why not try your hand at something imaginative. 

1- Reading a Book While Stoned 

When we read books, our minds have to create the images in our heads including what the characters look like, all the scenery, and whatever is occurring. When you're high these characters, scenery, etc. will be much more vivid than when we read sober. It may even lead you to profound realizations that you would have never thought of otherwise. 

2- Writing When Smoking Weed 

Along similar lines, writing is a great way to show off your creative process. Being high can help you produce tons of ideas so it's particularly a good idea to write something that is fiction. You can even start a short story series that you write only when you're high, maybe future you will get a kick out of these. 

Designing and Planning While Blazed 

If you're ever in a position where you need to do some redecorating of your interior or maybe plan something like a vacation, consider taking a few tokes before you start. Again, being high gets the creative juices flowing, so it makes sense to try and be at your most creative when you are planning what to do or how things should look. 

What to Do When You're High is up to You 

At the end of the day, what you should do when you're high comes down to what you think would be the most fun. You really can't go wrong regardless of what you choose, smoking weed tends to make everything a good time. And if you're a very indecisive person, then just do everything on the list, this will give you an idea of what's the most fun for you and you might even develop a go-to option. Ultimately, there are tons of things to do while high, but hopefully, you now have some fun ideas ready to go for the next you light up. 


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