Working Out with Weed: How to Safely Exercise While High

how to work out on weed

How To Work Out On Weed 

Just because you're a stoner doesn't mean you can't be a workout warrior! You can even be high and work out at the same time. Some people find that working out while high enhances their workout and makes it more enjoyable. If you want to get high and workout, however, there are some guidelines you should follow, since being high can make working out more dangerous if you aren't careful. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to safely exercise while high.  

Start with a Small Dose 

This might seem counterproductive to what you're trying to do but remember that you must walk before you can run. Even if you smoke a ton of weed it's best to start with a small dose. Just because you're used to being high and watching movies doesn't mean you are going to be able to be that same level of high and lift weights (especially not at first). Grab a cool pipe or even a big bong. Start with 5 milligrams of THC and work up from there. Don't go past 20 milligrams though, at that point, it will be a detriment to both your workout and you're high. Remember that you want to enjoy both, so make sure you take in enough THC to at least feel high but don't take in so much that you can't work out. 

Regarding the type and quality of marijuana you use when you work out, it's best to make sure you're getting your herb from a good high-quality source. On top of that, look for marijuana that contains between 15 to 20 percent THC content, this is considered medium potency and it's what you should be looking for if you want a good workout high. Lastly, when it comes to strands, science says that it doesn't matter much whether you go with Sativa or Indica. That said if you feel like you would work out better with Sativa then go for it, even if it is just a placebo it might make the experience better. 

Choose a Delivery Method That's Easy to Control 

Since you're going to need to be somewhat precise in how much weed you are intaking to start, opt for a consumption method that offers maximum dosage control. For example, a one-hitter is great at letting you control exactly how much weed (and in turn how high) your intaking. Another great device is a vaporizer, this too will give you control over the intensity of your high. On top of that, a vaporizer has the bonus of hitting you fast, meaning you don't need to prepare long in advance for your workout session.  

On the other hand, a consumption method you want to stay away from is edibles. Edibles can sometimes take forever to kick in which will make workout out while high difficult because you’ll have to time it up perfectly (pretty much get lucky). Additionally, edibles often get people much higher than they originally planned to be, so they’re not a great consumption method for working out while high purposes. It's also a good idea to stay away from bongs as those get people too high for working out as well. The important thing to remember here is that you need to start slow, and to do that, you need to choose a delivery method that'll allow you to intake small amounts of weed at a time. 

Pick an Activity That Allows for Hyper Focus 

Getting high for many can cause something called hyper-focusing. Hyper focusing is sort of like having tunnel vision, it causes you to lock on one task and lose sight of everything else. When you're working out this might mean focusing so intensely on lifting weights that you have no idea that there is a celebrity working out next to you. That is a specific example, but the point is that your awareness of your surroundings is much lower when you are high than when you're sober. This means you will need to pick workout activities that are safe even when you are hyper-focusing. Most indoor things will fit this nature, things like lifting weights, running on a treadmill, or yoga. On the contrary, you will want to stay away from outdoor exercise (or at least try to be in a very controlled environment). Being outside means you need to have awareness of your surrounding; when you go for a run outside you need to be aware of cars passing by. In short, stay inside and stick to simple activities when you work out while high. 

People with Heart Conditions Should Avoid Stoned Exercise 

Although exercising while high can be a great time, it's not the case that everyone should be doing it. If you are someone that has a heart condition, working out stoned can be very dangerous. Marijuana is known to cause an increased heart rate, and so does working out- mixing marijuana, working out, and a heart condition then is a recipe for disaster. Common heart conditions that preclude you from stoned exercise include heart disease and heart arrhythmias (amongst others). 

Even if you don't have any known heart conditions, it's a good idea to stay away from working out while high if you have extreme anxiety (or if you know marijuana can cause you anxiety). Again, this has to do with having an elevated heart rate; most times you have a heart rate that is elevated well above a normal resting level you should not be working out. 


Being stoned can make almost any activity a better one, this includes working out. It may even make you work out more often sense it won't feel like such a drag, and this can help you to achieve your long-term fitness goals more easily. All that said, working out while high comes with some increased risks if you aren't careful. For starters, make sure to never work out high if you have a heart condition or extreme anxiety. Also, don't overdo your dosage the first couple of times trying this activity, start slow (do this by picking a good consumption method like a one-hitter). But, if you follow the advice in this guide you will be just fine and off to a great time, so get going on blazing and raising (weights).  


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