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Valentine’s Day is an exciting holiday for people who are in a relationship or going on a date for Valentine’s Day. Everyone knows the classic gifts; jewelry, fancy dinners, jewelry, etc. but everyone expects these things. If your partner likes to smoke or get high, then why go with the boring classics. You should switch it up and get him or her a sweet new piece to add to their collection or a fun way for both of you guys to get high and enjoy the night together. A Valentine’s Day date can be stressful but why not just take that stuffy suit off and stop going through the motions. Grab your stoner date a great new cannabis gift and get high together and enjoy the night more than you ever would’ve at some fancy restaurant. 


If you want to find a gift in between one of the classic and a fun cannabis gift, then cannabis edibles are the best option. The classic would be chocolates, just order a heart shaped box of chocolate edibles for you two to share. Make sure they know they’re edibles first or else your date pop 5 in his or her mouth and get a bit too high. If you or your date ae lactose intolerant or you just want to get away from boring chocolate, then there are plenty of other options including beverages and gummies. There are a bunch of different edible options, and this is the most affordable option on this list. 


Pipes are a great Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other. If you can get your hands on a nice handmade pipe, then your gift is not only efficient but a beautiful piece of art. Getting a pipe can be one of the best gifts you can get your partner because it can be a sweet gift as well as a method to getting you guys high. There are thousands of unique pipes out there, find one that suits your date perfectly and grab one as a great gift for Valentine’s Day. 


If you’re thinking your date will end in the bedroom, then you can make your gift cannabis lube. Cannabis lube is made from combining cannabis and coconut oil in order to provide an extra level of pleasure with your partner. This will not only be a fun time in the moment but the best gifts in the world are gifts of experiences and this will sure to be a great experience. 


Another fun spin on a classic gift is the marijuana bouquet. If you were thinking of getting a big bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, why not get her the kind of flower that she really wants. All you have to do is grab some full flowers, tie a ribbon around them and maybe add a sweet note for the sentiment. Then all you have to do is smoke that flower with your partner and have a great night together. Just don't forget the bong!


Lighting candles around a dining room table for Valentine’s Day is a classic move but why not make it a cannabis candle. They specifically design cannabis candles to be sensual and alluring and get you and your date in the mood. These are actually legal everywhere in the United States and can set the mood for you and your date. Just light up one of these incredible candles and have a fantastic Valentine’s Day date. 


Everyone always wants new clothes, but some stoners want different clothes than the rest of people. Get your girlfriend or boyfriend a great new weed themed addition for their closet. Then every time they wear the shirt, shorts, dress, or shoes they’ll be reminded of their great partner. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of great places to buy some weed themed threads for your partner. This can also be a very affordable gift while still being fun and personal. 


If you’re looking to get your date or partner a new cool gift, then vaporizers might be right for you. Vaporizers are hot in the streets and are the best piece of technology for getting high. If you know your partner or date loves getting high but needs to be discreet or just doesn’t like the hassle of smoking flower, then getting him or her a vaporizer is a great idea. There is a ton of different vaporizers on the market, and they come in plenty of different strengths and flavors depending on how much your partner can handle. 


Hemp massage oil is one of the best gifts you can receive because you get the soothing massage oil as well as a nice message from your partner. Hemp massage oil is made to soften the skin and make it easier to massage your muscles. It has relaxing effects and enhanced blood flow for your massage. There are tons of options to choose from when getting hemp massage oil and all of them will work well but the most important part of the gift is giving a good massage. 


Custom gifts are some of the best romantic gifts you can give to a partner. Not only are they good gifts but they have a personal touch that will remind them of their partner every time they use it. A custom lighter is the best combination of efficiency and personal touch. Everyone could use a good lighter and getting it engraved or a custom design could be one of the best gifts you can give your partner. 


This can be another classic gift with a stoner twist on it. You can always grab a heart shaped chocolates box and fill it with pre-rolled joints. Whatever kind of box you use, filling it with pre-rolled joints is hands down one of the best gifts you can give someone. It makes their life easier and if you play your cards right then you guys with probably share a joint or two on Valentine’s Day together. This gift is affordable and easy, and you can help your partner branch out and expand their cannabis tastes.  


There are tons of choices for cannabis themed Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner or your date. Whatever you choose, make sure you write a nice card, so it doesn’t feel lazy or too easy. You put your heart on the line on Valentine’s Day so make sure you get some cannabis so you can easy some of that anxiety and you and your date can have a great night together. 


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