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Smoking Accessory Gifts For Ladies

If you are or know any girly stoners than you know for a long time, there hasn’t been a ton of cool girly options in bongs or pipes. The tide is turning and female representation in stoner culture is growing rapidly. There are more and more products marketed to women these days, but some are better than others. There are a lot of cheap and low-quality products that are trying to hop on this trend of inclusion. If you’re looking to grow your glass collection or get a nice gift for a lovely lady you know, then this list will break down the best options on the market today. These gifts are varied enough for any girl that you know and can be a great surprise gift for a girlfriend. 


This 10-inch bong with pink finishes provides a lot of great filtration for smooth and tasty hits. This pink percolator bong also has an ice catcher a few inches below the mouthpiece for ice cold hits. No need to worry about splash back with this bong either; a splash guard is placed about the last percolator in order to make sure none of that bong water gets in your mouth on your long and smooth hits. This bong is also made from thick 5mm borosilicate glass making it very durable and long lasting. 


This cute and fun pipe is perfect for the girl who loves collecting little kick knacks and cute items. This silicone pipe is disguised as a little ice cream cone and can be used for smoking discreetly and carrying around a pipe without anyone knowing it. It is only 5 inches long and is easy to grip. This piece is made of silicone so if you drop it you’ll be perfectly fine, and it won’t break at all. If you know any clumsy gals who are scared to break their pipe and love summer beachy vibes than this pipe is definitely for her. This piece has a removable glass bowl and can be cleaned extremely easily because of its small size. If you need any pipes to take on a fun beach trip, then you should go grab one of these! 


An ash catcher is always a great add to any collection. The ash catcher is great for keeping for bong clean and making your bong easier to clean when it comes time. On top on that, this diffused ash catcher includes a both a recycling chamber and a slit showerhead percolator. This piece is made of thick 5 mm borosilicate and will last you a long time. This piece is perfect for any stoner girl who wants a new piece that will add something great to their smoking experience. This piece will keep their bong cleaner and give her smoother and longer hits from her bong. This 4.25-inch piece comes in a dazzling purple color but there’s 6 other colors options to choose from. 


These beautiful rolling trays are 9 by 3 inches and have deep rounded edges to make sure your herb doesn’t spill out of the side. These are perfect for your coffee table because they are both useful and will add a bit of style to your room. They are handcrafted and sold on Etsy and come in a beautiful galaxy style. These pieces are durable and sturdy so dropping them or knocking them off your table shouldn’t be a problem at all. Go get one of these beautiful rolling trays as a great gift for your stoner girlfriend so she can show off in front of all her friends. 


This incredibly fun dab rig will have you feeling like you’re at the beach even when you’re just in your living room. This dab ring is designed to look like a pina colada and even has a textured look to make it feel like one too. This gift is perfect for the stoner girl who loves the beach and wants a fun new piece to show off. The straw of the dab rig provides the perfect mouthpiece for taking your dab hits. It has a sizable bowl too, so you’ll be able to get a nice high while still feeling like you’re chilling at the beach with the sound of the ocean waves crashing in the background. 


This 12-inch bong with a 3.25-inch small clear bubble bowl is perfect for dining room or coffee table. This magnificent piece is crafted for beauty and efficiency. It is styled to look exactly like an everyday vase so it can be hiding in plain sight. This piece and all the pieces on My Bud Vase are incredibly crafted and durable so you know they’ll last you a long time. This is the perfect gift for the stoner girl who wants to elevate her smoking style. It is also good for any girly stoner who needs to hide her bongs from roommates or neighbors who don’t like her smoking or don’t want to see it. After seeing just how great this piece looks, they might just change their mind!  


If your girlfriend or friend loves plants, then this piece will be right up her alley. This bowl piece is 14 mm and a male joint and is tons of fun. Designed to look like a cute cactus this is a great bowl to add to your collection. It has a great handle to keep your fingers away from the heat while still being on theme as a cactus branch. This bowl piece is perfect gift for your favorite girly stoner whose apartment is filled with plants to the brim. And don’t worry, while it looks like it has spikes their fake and your fingers will be safe! 


This is one of the coolest things on this list. It’s both discreet and useful while still looking super cool. This 2-inch tube of lipstick can be opened and has a small bowl that you can fill and hit from. The mouthpiece where you inhale from is right at the tip of the fake lipstick making it look like you’re applying lipstick. This piece can be brought everywhere because of its small size and portability. This piece is perfect for your girlfriend or stoner friend that wants to have a discreet smoking option while still looking cool and not suspicious. 


These pipes vary between 3.5 and 5 inches long and comes with a metal bowl insert. If you know someone who loves smoking out of hand pipes and they’re looking for something new and unique, then these are perfect. They are handcrafted in the United States and comes in 22 different mineral types. Some of the bests are rose quartz or rainbow fluorite. Go get this incredibly gorgeous hand pipes for your girly stoner friend or girlfriend so they can have a cool new addition to their collection.  


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