How do diffuser beads work?



Diffuser beads are tiny beads made of nontoxic plastic that are used for extra levels of diffusion in your bong. The beads are used to cool the smoke down and make hits smoother and longer. Bong beads are reusable and can be used as ice would be used in a bong. Diffuser beads won’t make the smoke ice cold, but it will cool it off and make the hit smoother. Diffuser beads can also be made out of glass and can make your bong look much cooler. If your current bong is not too heavy, beads can add a lot of weight and make your bong heavier and less likely to be knocked over. 


When you first get your diffuser beads, you’re going to want to cover your downstem with 2 to 3 inches of diffuser beads for maximum effect. When the smoke comes in from the bowl the large bubbles will be broken up by the beads. The then smaller bubbles will hit other beads and break the bubbles down even further. This process of breaking down the smoke can really smoothen out your hit and allow you to take longer and better rips. The breaking down of the bubbles of smoke also allows for the smoke to hit more water. Instead of allowing the smoke to take one path of least resistance, the diffuser beads force the smoke into more areas of the water. This will cool down your hit a lot and make hitting the bong much easier. Diffuser beads to a great job of diffusing the smoke in your bong or dab rig and you can even freeze them to allow them to cool down your smoke even more. Diffuser beads essentially just spread out the smoke when it comes into the bottom of your bong. Spreading out the smoke to all of the water in your bong and not just a select area will allow your smoke to be better percolated and allows for smoother hits. 


Diffuser beads are extremely simple to use. If you don’t have an ice pinch, which at times can make it hard, you can pour your diffuser beads straight from top of your straight tube to the bottom of your bong. Once they are there, you are ready to go! Just take your hit and watch the beads filter your smoke and do wonders to the smoothness of your hit. If you’re looking for a colder hit like something you’d get from putting ice into your bong, then you can try freezing your beads. Just take your beads in their container and put them in the freezer, once they are cold enough you just pour them back into your bong and you’ll have ice cold hits for hours. One tip with freezing your beads is that; make sure they are completely dry before you freeze them. Freezing them when they are covered in water can cause them to become frozen together. When they are frozen together, they either won’t fit in your stem, or a big chunk will get caught in the stem and you’ll have to wait for them to melt before they can be useful. Make sure to just dry your diffuser beads with a paper towel before putting them into their container and freezing them. 


There are a few different ways diffuser beads are made. Some are made with nontoxic hard plastic. These are going to be the most common diffuser beads you see on the market. These beads are made from reusable plastics and are going to be a relatively cheap options when it comes to buying diffuser beads. Diffuser beads can also be made from non-toxic sodium polyacrylate gel. These beads can absorb some of the water and will expand when you take a pull. These are also biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment. Lastly, there are some diffuser beads made from soft glass. These are going to be heavier than the other two types listed above and will really weigh down your bong if that’s what you are looking for. There are also glow in the dark diffuser beads if you want something a little extra fun. These are going to be a bit more expensive than their counterparts but provide a very cool smoking experience and ambiance when smoking in the dark. 


The main benefit of diffuser beads is that they diffuse the smoke in your bong. By filtering the smoke through more water, the hits become smoother and longer. You can also freeze them so they can provide ice cold hits for your bong. The main reason people prefer getting diffuser beads over using ice for their ice-cold hits is that diffuser beads can’t melt. Because they can’t melt, you’ll never have to worry about your bong overflowing with water and making you have to take some out. There are other benefits of diffuser beads even if they were originally unintended. Resin buildup in your bong usually sticks to the glass and can cause your bong to become dirty and worsen the taste of your weed. This resin is actually more attracted and will stick better to diffuser beads. If you wash your diffuser beads every few uses, this will make cleaning your bong much easier. You’ll still have to clean your bong regularly but maybe not as often as you would without diffuser beads, and it’ll make the cleaning process much easier. 


Diffuser beads offer a ton of benefits to your bong and will make your smoking experience much better. Besides making your hits smoother and longer, diffuser beads will make cleaning your bong much easier.  Adding diffuser beads to your bong will also add weight to your bong if you have a small piece. If you smoke with some clumsy friends or if you are that clumsy friend, then using diffuser beads than having that extra weight might’ve save you from knocking over your precious bong. On top of all that, diffuser beads just make your piece look so much cooler. If you have a plain glass bong, then adding some multi-colored beads can really spice up its look. Diffuser beads are relatively cheap so go out there and get some so you can make your bong look rad while getting smooth hits! 

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