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Here Is What You Should Know About Carb Caps


For those who have never dabbed, dabbing can seem daunting. There is a whole new set of equipment when it comes to dabbing. A Dab rig is a pretty simple piece and are similar to bongs in both size and shape. They look a bit different than bongs but have some similar out pieces. The components of a dab rig include the mouthpiece, the base or chamber, the nail and downstem, the torch, and the dome. 


The mouthpiece on a dab rig is essentially the same thing as a bong’s mouthpiece. This is where you will inhale after you vaporize the concentrate. You need to put your mouth over the mouthpiece and form a seal in order to keep the vapor that is about to be inhaled. After that, you inhale the exact same way as you would with a bong. 


The base or the chamber of the dab rig is where the water is held. This is where the vapor from the concentrate flows through the water. You can put filters or any way to diffuse the smoke into the chamber of the dab rig. Dab rigs hold significantly less water than a bong does and usually the smoke is not as cooled as it would be in a bong. 


The nail is usually made from glass, titanium, ceramic, or quartz. The nail is where the concentrate is put once it has been heated. There are both electric and not electric nails, electric nails do not need a torch to be heated up. The downstem is a simple piece similar to that of a bong. The downstem is directly under the nail and the concentrate flows from the nail through the downstem and to the base. 


The torch might be the most important part of the whole dabbing rig. You can’t heat up your concentrate without your torch. Without heating up the concentrate you can’t smoke the vapor and without that then what’s the point. A traditional dabbing rig will use a traditional torch which can be hard to regulate temperature. With an electronic dabbing rig, you use an electronic nail which heats it up without a traditional torch. Using an electronic nail you can control the temperature very easily and some can even go to specific set temperatures. 


The dome is also a very important component in the dabbing process. You use the dome to avoid wasting precious concentrate by placing the dome over the nail. By placing the dome over the nail, you seal the air inside the nail and save any concentrate from escaping. Also when you add concentrate to your nail, it is common that you may burn your fingers, using a dome will save you from burning anything. 


Carb caps are an underutilized but very helpful tool when dabbing. One of the biggest problems when heating up the nail of your dab rig is the nail getting cooled off too quickly. Having to reheat the nail every hit can be very annoying a real pain. A carb cap solves that issue, by putting the carb cap on the nail to lock in the heat after heated up. This will allow your concentrate to burn longer and stronger. 


Using a carb cap is extremely useful for controlling the airflow in your dabbing rig. When you have to carb cab, the concentrate vapor can flow outwardly which is a waste of concentrate and your money. One of the other biggest advantages of using a carb cap is being able to handle dabs at a lower temperature than you would be able to without a carb cap. 


If you’re not familiar with dabbing or dab rigs, then you might not know why having a lower temperature dab is better. If you overheat your concentrate, then you can actually burn off the oils in the dab that produce the high that you’re wanting. Heating it less can keep the oils working the way they’re supposed to. When heating a nail, it is not uncommon for nails to get close 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The best temperature to be is around 350 degrees. 


Using a carb cap is fairly simple and takes no more than a minute or two to understand. First you should put your concentrate into your nail while holding your carb cap. Then just cap your dome with a carb cap while adjusting the airflow and pressure by moving the cap off and on the dome. Do this until you find the sweet spot for airflow. 


There are a couple types of carb caps depending on shape, material, and size. There are many different shapes of carb caps, but the traditional style is the most common. Other types include a honey hole or a banger nail. Whatever you choose, make sure you match up your carb cap to your nail type so they fit properly. There are also a few different sizes available for carb caps. Make sure the size you choose lines up well with your nail because too much space between can cause you to lose the airtight seal which can make your results worse. The last thing to take into consideration is the material type. Almost all carb caps are made from titanium and glass. Most of the decision when choose a type of carb cap is entirely aesthetic.  


Now that you’re a little more well verse in dabbing and a dabbing rig, you should go out and grab yourself a rig and a carb cap. Taking dabs is gaining in popularity rapidly in the last few years. Dab rigs are great pieces and heating concentrate can be one of the best ways to get high. No matter which kind of dab rig and carb cap you choose, as long as it fits well and looks good then you’ll be getting a great high in no time!

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