The Best Dab Rigs of 2022

The Best Dab Rigs of 2022

Cool Dab Rigs of 2022 

Smoking weed can mean all kinds of things these days, having a smoke session no longer guarantees that you’re going to be smoking a joint with some friends. Instead, nowadays smoking weed is done in various ways with many different consumption methods. This guide will detail all you need to know about a lesser common consumption method known as dabbing.  

What is a Dab Rig? 

Dab rigs are a smoking device that is used to smoke concentrates. Concentrates are a form of marijuana that is more potent than standard tree. This makes dab rigs extremely useful for anybody who wants to experience a higher high. One other benefit is that there are different types of concentrates, and it can be fun to try them all out, plus people generally love the taste. Simply put, dab rigs are essentially a bong that is used for concentrates.  

How does a dab rig work? 

A dab rig works by vaporizing your concentrates rather than combusting them. The process of vaporizing your concentrates includes placing your concentrates on the dab nail and using a torch to heat up said dab nail. After you’ve done this you simply inhale through the mouthpiece and enjoy the flavorful hits.  

Why are smaller rigs better for dabs? 

With bongs, generally the bigger the bong the better it is, but this is not the case for dab rigs. Bongs are better off being larger because the added percs, space for smoke to percolate, and distance between your mouth and the smoke help make the smoking experience a good one.  Dab rigs, however, create vapor and not smoke— changing what practices get the most out of your weed. This is because vapors are very delicate (compared to smoke) and the complex systems that bongs utilize would rid the vapors of their taste and potency. Small dabs are better then since the vapor is filtered and released closer to your mouth, preserving its taste and potency.  

How are dab rigs legal? 

Whether or not dabbing is legal is going to depend on where you live, each state has different laws on the matter. That said, dab rigs themselves are legal because technically it doesn’t necessitate that you are smoking concentrates with them. It’s the classic wink-wink move of buying them to smoke something else that is legal, like tobacco.  

What is a banger? 

If you are at all familiar with dab rigs you might have heard the word banger thrown around. A banger is a type of dab nail and remember, the dab nail is where you heat your concentrates (like the bowl in bongs). Every banger is considered a dab nail but not every nail is a banger, the difference is mostly the material they are made of. Bangers are more variable in material and shape whereas typical dab nails are all made from titanium and are exactly the same shape. 

How much does a dab rig cost? 

Dab rigs, like everything else, are all over the map in terms of how much they cost. On one end of the spectrum, you can get a decent dab rig for as low as $40, and on the other end, a tricked-out dab rig will go for over $100. How much you spend is up to you but remembered that you get what you pay for so don’t be surprised if the cheaper ones don’t work as well.  

Top Dab Rigs at Fat Buddha Glass 

When you shop at Fat Buddha Glass, you ensure great quality and good prices. Here are our favorite dab rigs that you can order right now at  

1- Klein Recycler with Banger 

This recycler banger has an outstanding filtration system that features five whole inches of recycler tube to make certain you get the purest of hits. It comes with a quartz banger and has a 2.5-inch base size. On top of all of that, this banger is currently listed at just $39.99, on sale from its original listing at $59.99 

2- Orbis lume dab rig 

If you are looking for more of a luxury dab rig setup look no further.  This Orbis lume dab rig is bell-shaped and features a fixed downstem with a circular perc. Quick percolation, the chamber being easily cleared, and a very sturdy base are just a few of the benefits of this awesome dab rig offers. It also has a quartz banger and stands at 6.5-inches tall. It is currently selling for $129.99, $20 off its usual price.   

3- Cobra dab rig 

 This dab rig makes can make for a great centerpiece and is an even better conversation starter. The artwork on this piece is unbelievable, and it even comes in four different colors. This is also a small rig at only 6-inches tall which means you will get the most out of the flavor of your concentrates. Other features include a fixed downstem, quartz banger, and a 14mm male bowl (in case you want to use this device as a bong). All of this is only $44.99, a great deal for such a unique piece.  

4- Silicone rig 

Glass isn’t the only material that rigs are made of— silicone rigs can also be a great option. Silicone is virtually indestructible, making these rigs great options for travel and on-the-go dab sessions. A great feature specific to this rig is a concentrate storage container built into the device. This is a super useful and very uncommon feature, further making this the perfect travel device. Other important information to note is this rig stands at just 5-inches tall and has a 14mm female banger. The price is also quite good at $39.99 

 Final Thoughts 

A dab rig is a smoking device designed to enjoy cannabis concentrates. Dab rigs are something that everyone should try, you simply can’t beat the amazing taste they offer coupled with added potency. Having read this blog you should at least know all the basics about everything dab rigs as well as have an idea of what some of the best dabs rigs out there have to offer. Now it’s time for you to get your hands on one of these and give it a go! 




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