How to Make a Homemade Pipe in 10 Different Ways?
Easy Homemade pipes

Cool Ways To Make A DIY Pipe 

Life happens sometimes, including putting you in a situation where you have a strong urge to smoke and yet no pipe. This could mean you went on a camping trip (or anywhere away from home) and forgot it, or that your pipe just broke and you haven't been able to get a new one. It's also possible that you are just crafty and want to try your hand at making your own pipe, more power to you. Whatever the case, there are situations that can arise in which you don't have a pipe, but you do have an urge to smoke. In this case, you can make a homemade pipe. This guide will explain all you need to know about making a homemade pipe so you can smoke in a pinch whenever you need to.  

General Guidelines 

Keep Clear of Plastic Bowls- 

Plastic bowls are a big no when it comes to making your homemade pipe. Plastic is not heat resistant and will melt if you light it, which is… not good. The bowl melting is itself not conducive to smoking, but on top of this, plastic is toxic when it is burned. You can use plastic to hold the smoke if you want, but you can't have a plastic bowl. In fact, to avoid the bowl situation. You could potentially just buy the bowl, and make the rest of the pipe at home.

Be Careful Selecting Food- 

A lot of homemade pipes are made from fruits and vegetables and that's great, but you need to be cautious in selecting your food if you go this route. Make sure whatever you pick is super sturdy, not rotten, and isn't too wrinkled.  


It's important to always use a screen when smoking out of a pipe, even when making a homemade one. Screening keeps ash and other debris from entering your lungs, inhaling these particles is super unhealthy and will also ruin your hits. It doesn't matter whether you employ metal, glass, or quartz screens, if you use some type of screen you will be fine. 

Different Types of Homemade Pipes 

Fruits and Vegetables 

Making a fruit or vegetable pipe is a simple and easy process, for explanation purposes let's discuss how to make an apple pipe. The first thing you want to do is pick a strong ripe apple that will be able to handle all the hits that are about to come its way. Once you have that, the first thing you'll need to do is take a pencil and poke a hole from the top of the apple where the stem is to about the middle of the apple- maybe slightly further but not through the other side. Now that you have your bowl, take your pencil again and make another hole perpendicular to the one you just made, make sure they meet in the middle. Next, repeat this process on the opposite side of the apple so that you have another hole meeting in the middle with your original. The last part of the process is to take a knife and carve out a bowl where you made your first hole up at the top of the stem. That's pretty much it, then just pack your herb in the bowl and light up. You can do a very similar process with any fruit.  

Pen Pipe 

Making a pipe out of a pen is the easiest homemade pipe method since you already have the right shape. First, disassemble the pen so that you have a hollowed-out tube. Following this, take the nib of the pen and turn it around so that the point is facing inward toward the tube of the pen. Then you can simply fill the nib with your weed, light it, and inhale from the backside of the pen. It won't hold a ton of weed, but it gets the job done.  

The Steamroller 

If you don't want to smoke out of a pen or fruit, how about a toilet paper roll? For this design, you will need an empty toilet paper roll, some aluminum foil, and something to poke holes with. The first thing you need to do is take a small amount of aluminum foil and make it into the shape of a bowl. Then poke small holes in it and set it aside. Now, turn your attention to the toilet paper roll and use a screwdriver or something similar to poke a larger hole about 1/4th of the way from one end of the roll. Finally, take your aluminum bowl and place it onto the hole you just made. Now just pack and light the bowl, cover one side of the roll with your palm, and take a hit from the other. 

Candy Pipe 

If you want to get super creative and crafty then look no further than a candy pipe. Any soft candy will do, something like Starburst, gummy worms, or lifesavers. Now this design will take a bit of practice, so don’t get flustered if it doesn’t work great your first time. That said, the first thing to do is push your candy together into the shape of a pipe. This means making a longish tube-like shape. After this, take some additional candy and stack it on top of the tube-shaped candy you just made, this will become your bowl. Note that you may need to use toothpicks to keep your candy sticking together. Next, poke a hole in the candy on top, and carve it into a conical shape for the bowl. After this, make a hole from the side of the candy (lengthwise, though all the candy) that meets up with the hole you just made for your bowl. Lastly, make yourself a mouthpiece hole on the other side of the candy, closer to the bowl, that also meets up with the other holes. That's it, light up and enjoy the sweet taste of candy permeating through your smoke. 

Ice Block Pipe 

Still not creative enough for you? Upping the ante slightly, the ice block pipe is the toughest homemade pipe to make. What you'll want to do is first find something rectangular-shaped that you can use to freeze water in and form the right ice shape. After this, it's just a matter of carving out all your necessary pipe holes. Make one hole all the way through the ice lengthwise, this will be the mouthpiece on one end and the exhaust on the other. Then make a bowl on the top of the ice closer to your mouthpiece and make all the holes connect. Ice carving is tough, but if you want the coolest hits possible it might be worth the try. 

Final Thoughts 

Making a homemade pipe isn't as difficult as you might at first think. The process is similar if not the same regardless of what base you pick so once you've got the process down you can make a makeshift pipe out of anything. And while this might not seem like a necessary skill to have, it's also simply a fun experience to make them, you can even have competitions with friends. Plus, you never know when you'll be in a situation where you don’t have your pipe and a want to smoke. Nonetheless, now you should know all the info you need to make a homemade pipe. 


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