How to Pick the Perfect Storage Container to Keep Your Cannabis Fresh
  • Best Storage For Fresh Weed
  • How to Pick the Perfect Storage Container to Keep Your Cannabis Fresh 

Cannabis storage isn’t rocket science, but it’s still important to get right and surprisingly many people don’t. Most people opt for a plastic zip-lock sandwich bag, and while those are convenient, they are not good storage options. Weed doesn’t last long in conditions where it isn’t stored well, and you may start to notice a bad taste or that it is not giving you as good of a high as you are used to. Proper storage fixes this and can keep your herb stay fresh tasting and potent for up to two years. Continue reading to learn more about how to pick the perfect weed storage container.  

Why do I need a Cannabis Container? 

The simple answer to why you need a cannabis container is that you want to have better smoke sessions. A true stoner does not skimp on good storage, it just doesn’t make any sense when you consider all the other equipment you probably own. That said, stoners often neglect storage and instead opt for flashy accessories or a new bong (even though they already have multiple). Ultimately, you can buy as much other marijuana paraphernalia as you want but without good a storage option, it won’t matter. No amazing bong, can fix bad weed. 

On top of this, good cannabis storage can actually save you money. If you’re someone who smokes weed often, then you likely buy a lot at once rather than continuously having to go back to the dispensary (if you don’t then you really should be doing this). Having bought a lot of weed at once, you’ll be losing money if you waste any of it due to bad storage; even if you are simply wasting a little bit of the potency or taste of your weed, you’re still wasting your precious dollars. End the nonsense of spending money only to lose out on your weed by getting a decent cannabis storage option.  

What to Look for in a Weed Container 

When it comes to a good weed container, there are four important things you should be looking for: an airtight seal, a good size, light protection, and something that keeps aromas from leaking out.   

Airtight Seal 

Oxygen is the killer of good weed, and the more oxygen that you expose your weed to the worse off your weed will be. This is why it’s so important that you look for a weed container with an airtight seal.  

A Good Size  

Don’t get a huge container if you only are going to be storing a little bit of weed at a time. It might seem like a good idea to be conservative and just get a large container so you never run out of space, but this will leave too much oxygen in the container and your storage will not be very effective. Similarly, you obviously don’t want to get a container too small, or you won’t be able to store some of your herb at all. Aim for a container size where about 3/4th of it will be filled up with cannabis.  

Light Protection 

UV light is another element that you need to protect your green from, over time light exposure will age and turn your weed brown. And once you have brown weed, you no longer have potent weed, nobody wants that.  Look for a container that advertises UV protection; if you can’t find any good storage solutions for light protection, place your storage container in a dark area of the house away from any light.  


Keeps Aroma Inside 

Being odor-proof will not increase the life span of your herb, but it is still a very important feature that you will want in your cannabis container. Even if you like the smell (as most stoners do) you still might have roommates or a significant other who would prefer to keep the smell contained in the container. Do your best to get a storage container that keeps all the sweet marijuana aromas inside.  


Getting a Glass Jar 

Glass jars are a great option for storing your weed because they are airtight and usually a good size. Glass is also fairly good at keeping aromas inside as well as keeping a constant temperature. This is not to say a glass jar is the best option, they are susceptible to light and usually don’t offer any unique features. Still, glass jars are convenient, cheap, and a decent storage option that will keep your weed fresh (way better than sandwich bags).  

Glass Alternatives 


Metal is a good alternative to glass because where glass fails, metal exceeds— light protection. Metal containers are great at blocking UV lights since they are opaque by nature. The downside of metal containers is that they can leave your herb with a metallic taste that some stoners are not a fan of. Also, not all metal containers are sealed well so make sure to check that yours is truly airtight.  

Avoid Plastic 

Plastic on the other hand is not a good alternative and should be avoided at all costs. Plastic does not offer UV protection, an airtight seal, or odor protection. If you are storing your weed in a plastic container you are practicing bad cannabis storage.  

Tips For Weed Storage

1- Try a Cannabis Humidor 

A humidor will help keep your container at a good humidity level to prevent mold or mildew. Moldy weed tastes awful and is also extremely dangerous to inhale. When looking for a humidor, be aware that cigar humidors do not work well. Cigar humidors will create humidity that is too high for cannabis. If you’re curious, the optimal humidity level for weed is between 50 and 70 percent.  

2- Don’t put weed in the fridge or freezer 

A fridge sure seems like a good idea, I mean it’s not hot, it’s dark, not humid… but don’t do it. When marijuana gets too cold it gets brittle, and this can cause your herb’s trichomes to break off. This in turn will cause your weed to lose pretty much all its amazing effects. Don’t waste your fridge or freezer space and instead opt for a cabinet, drawer, or closet.  

Our Favorite Containers 

Sole Stash THC Element 

You will feel instant chemistry with this case! It comes with an herb grinder, funnel, and humidity pack. Plus, it comes in two sizes so you can get the one that best suits your needs.  

Stash Jar 

The stash jar is a classic glass jar that fixes the issue common to glass material — UV protection. It accomplishes this with a unique all-black finish that also makes this container quite a stylish choice.  

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