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The Best Way To Make An Apple Pipe

If you’ve found yourself in a predicament where you want to smoke but don’t have anything to smoke out of you’ve come to the right place. Enter the apple pipe (yes we’re literally talking about the fruit). (Oh ya, before you go on, check out this bong that looks a lot like an apple!)

The apple pipe is a creative way to turn a common kitchen item into a useful tool for your smoke session. We don’t blame you if you hadn’t already thought of making an apple pipe (I would love to meet the original apple pipe creator), but once you learn about the apple pipe you will always be able to smoke.

Just make sure you stock up on apples and you’ll be ready to go no matter what. Lose your pipe? Break your bong? Don’t want to clean your dab rig? Whatever the case, when you don’t have your standard smoking device available, the apple pipe has your back. You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away– the riddle doesn’t specify that you eat the apple!

What is an Apple Pipe

An apple pipe is a do-it-yourself pipe that is assembled using an apple (note that these are also sometimes referred to as apple bongs). The apple pipe is one of many do-it-yourself homemade pipes, and it is typically the most common one nowadays. One reason for this is the fact that tons of people have an apple lying around in their kitchen. Even more of a reason is the fact that apple pipes are among the healthiest options within the DIY pipe world. They’re especially healthier than homemade pipes made out of aluminum or tin foil. 

How To Make an Apple Pipe 

Making an apple pipe is rather easy and will only take you about 10 minutes. All you need to get started is an apple, weed, a lighter, and a screwdriver or knife. Below is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through making an apple pipe. 

1 Remove the Apple Stem:  The first step in making an apple pipe is removing the stem, once removed this area will become the bowl. Make sure to remove the entire stem, all the way down to the stem’s base. The stem goes about a quarter-half way down the apple and should create enough space to pack some weed in later. 

2 Make your carb and mouthpiece holes: Once you have your bowl it’s time to make the mouthpiece and carb holes. This entails taking your screwdriver (or something similarly shaped) and poking a hole through the side of your apple. Make sure that the hole reaches all the way through to the other side. One side of the hole will function as your mouthpiece and the other as a carb. 

3 Connect the Bowl: The last puncture and adjustment you need to make to your apple is connecting your bowl to the hole you just made. Just take your screwdriver or similar object and make a small incision in your bowl until you reach the hole you just carved. 

4 Check for Airflow: Before you pack your weed in and start smoking it’s a good idea to do a test run and make sure you don’t need to make any more adjustments to your apple pipe. Think about it like a practice swing in golf. To do this simply inhale through the mouthpiece and make sure that air can flow through properly. 

5 Pack your bowl, light it, and inhale: At this point your apple pipe is complete and all that’s left to do is smoke with it. Simply pack some weed in your bowl (where the stem was), light it, and then inhale through the mouthpiece. 

Origins of the Apple Pipe

If you’re curious about who to credit with this magnificent invention and when the apple pipe first came about I have bad news for you, so is everybody else. But while the origins of the apple pipe remain a mystery it isn’t difficult to come up with a couple of good guesses. One theory is that a hippie stoner wanted to create a more green DIY pipe and happened to be holding an apple in their hand (or had an apple in sight). 

Another good guess is that they’ve been around for much longer than the hippie, perhaps dating back to the BC era. The first pipes ever found date back about 2500 years. It wouldn’t be that surprising if back then there was a lot of experimentation regarding what to make a pipe out of and the apple pipe was one of those experiments.

Pros & Cons of the Apple Pipe

The advantages of the apple pipe are quite straightforward. The apple pipe is easy to construct, made from a readily available household item, healthier than other DIY pipes, and adds some flavor to your smoke. The cons of apple pipes have been less talked about but the main one is that they will only last you one smoke session. 

The downside of this is that if you really enjoy your apple pipe experience you will have to make a new one every time you want to smoke. Of course, over time you will get quick at it but it can still be a bit of a hassle and get annoying. The only other downside to the apple pipe is that it doesn’t have any filtration and so your hits may be a bit harsher. You can buy screens and add them to your apple pipe which will help but it will never get to the filtration level and purity that glass pipes and bongs offer. 


If that was all a bit too much to remember, this section has you covered with a short summary of the contents of this article. Firstly, an apple pipe is a homemade pipe that is constructed out of an apple. To make one simply use a screwdriver to make your bowl, mouthpiece, and carb (and then connect these holes). It is also good to remember that you can always just get a sweet little bong that you can take anywhere!

Nobody truly knows the origins of the apple pipe but it’s likely either been around for 2500 years or the creation of a stoner who wanted a healthier DIY pipe compared to using tinfoil. Apple pipes are super easy to make and readily available but they can only be used for one smoke session and don’t offer filtration. That’s about it, now you can go out and smoke apples to your heart’s desire. Enjoy your apple pipes and never again worry about not having a way to smoke! 

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