How to Make an Apple Pipe for Smoking Weed

How to Make an Apple Pipe for Smoking Weed

Knowing how to make a pipe for smoking weed out of daily items (sometimes organic) is the basic element of the so-called weed survival.

Just imagine the following scenario:

You’re having a great time on vacation somewhere in the wild, away from holiday resorts.

It’s been a few days since you arrived there and you’ve been admiring mother nature more often than you usually do. It’s late in the evening, you still have plenty of stash in your jars, and even though the clock doesn’t point at 4:20, you know it’s time to take a hit before bedtime.

So you’re looking for some rolling papers you’ve bought before the arrival, but you realize that you’ve just run out of the last paper… There’s no bong, no pipe nearby — and the last shop that could carry rolling papers is ridiculously far from where you’re staying.

And then you notice an apple. A beautiful, shiny apple that looks like a fat bowl, but without the mouthpiece, carb, and the other necessary stuff.

Thankfully, you’re Wi-Fi is working and you google this article.

You’re saved!

Continue reading to learn how to make an apple pipe for smoking weed.

What Is a Weed Pipe?

A weed pipe is a simple smoking device for consuming cannabis. Similar to tobacco pipes, weed pipes consist of a bowl — where you pack the weed — and the mouthpiece for inhaling the smoke. 

However, weed pipes may also have a few other components depending on their type, model, and size.

Basic Elements of the Pipe

Here are the four main components of a weed pipe:

  • Bowl
  • Carb
  • Chamber
  • Mouthpiece

The bowl is where you pack your weed. Right beneath the bowl is the chamber — where the smoke accumulates. The mouthpiece is the element that you put your lips over to inhale the smoke. And finally, there’s the carb — a small hole that you cover with your finger and release once enough smoke has built up in the chamber. This is how you clear the pipe.

Basic Elements of the Pipe

Here’s the good news: you can incorporate each of those elements into your apple pipe. You can do the same with pretty much any other fruit — as long as it has these compartments, it will do its job.

How to Make an Apple Pipe for Smoking Weed

This is what you need to make an apple pipe for smoking weed:

  • An apple (of course)
  • A pen/knife/flat screwdriver — you need a tool to remove the ink and everything else.
  • Your favorite weed strain
  • A lighter or hemp wick.

Now that you’ve gathered all the important elements and know how a weed pipe looks like, let’s get down to drilling.

Step 1: Prepare the Chamber

First up, you need to carve out your bowl and create the chamber. To do this, remove the stem and stab your carving tool down into the center of the apple. 

Poke a hole halfway through into the core. This will be the chamber of your apple pipe. The smoke will travel through this channel when you finally ignite your bud. 

The chamber is also connected with all the other holes you will make in the apple pipe, so make sure it’s not too shallow.

Step 2: Drill Some Space for the Bowl

After creating the chamber, remove the pen from the top of your apple. Take the tool back to where the stem was and hollow out a bowl-shaped fraction into the top of the apple.

The bowl should be big enough to hold a regular amount of bud you pack into a regular weed pipe. Remember to position the bowl directly above the chamber.

Step 3: Carve Out the Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is very easy to make — you just need to punch another hole into the fruit. However, this time, you need to use the side of the apple instead of the top. The most important thing here is to poke the hole deeply enough to connect it with the chamber in the center of the apple.

Sep 4: Make the Carb

To make a carb, simply press the pen through the apple on the other side of the fruit. Again, make sure the whole is connected with the chamber. This way, your apple pipe will be easy to hold, giving you easy access to the carb at the same time.

Make the Carb

Once you’ve pressed your tool all the way through the apple and out the other side, remove it steadily. Each of the holes and passages you’ve just made must be free of any residue in order to allow the smoke to travel freely to your lungs. Otherwise, you may end up inhaling fruit particles and start coughing like crazy.

Step 5: Inhale

Now that you’ve made your apple pipe, it’s time to smoke some weed. Prepare your pre-ground bud and place it into the bowl at the top of the apple. Hold the fruit firmly so that your thumb taps the carb and your lips are over the mouthpiece.

The apple pipe works exactly the same as any other weed pipe. Once you ignite your weed, hold the carb with the thumb and start pulling the smoke through the mouthpiece. Remove the thumb from the carb and gently inhale the smoke, clearing your apple pipe.

A Final Hit on Making an Apple Pipe for Smoking Weed

As you can see, cannabis consumers are very creative people, and even if you experience an emergency situation such as the one described at the beginning of this article, there are still plenty of opportunities to smoke your herbs without the conventional paraphernalia.

Fruits are the best natural materials for making weed pipes. They’re easy to make and operate, not to mention the taste that comes with smoking your cannabis from a fresh fruit. People have been using fruits for smoking weed for ages, so apple pipes are nothing new — they’ve just got their second life recently, mainly due to being inexpensive, ecological, and simply enjoyable.

Have you ever smoked weed from an apple pipe?

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