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Top 10 Dab Rigs

Top 10 Dab Rigs Of 2022

You asked, and we listened. Here is the Fat Buddha Glass top 10 dab rigs of 2022. In this top 10 guide, we are going to be going over the best dab rigs in the game right now. Finding the perfect dab rig for you is not an easy task. Especially if you are a first-timer. If you are an experienced concentrate lover then you know exactly how important it is to buy the right dab rigs for you. 

Well, lucky for you, by the end of this top 10 guide you will know the ins and outs of what makes a dab rig great. Most top 10 articles are shameless plugs for half-rate products. At Fat Buddha, we have always stood out from the pack. That’s why by the end of this list of actually amazing rigs, you will have learned a few things on the way!

Klein Rig

The Klein Rig

At the top of our list, we proudly bring you one of our own pieces. This miniature work of functional art is called The Klein Rig. The Klein rig does everything a dab rig is supposed to do. Seasoned concentrate lovers will tell you that dabbing is all about getting the flavor out of your oil. The best way to get more flavor out of your rips is to have a smaller piece that gives your smokeless area to travel through before going to your mouth! Let’s go over our three favorite things about the Klein rig.

  • Compact Size
  • Recycler Design
  • Amazing Color Options

With the Klein rig, you are able to choose between a couple of different colors. This way you can find the rig that is right for you. The recycler body shape lets you get the maximum amount of function and diffusion possible! Making for some nice smooth rips. When you are thinking about a dab rig that is good for you, a big thing to think about is where you are going to be storing your rig. Is it on a table, that would allow a bigger rig? Or will it be on a bookshelf needing to conserve as much space as possible? Either way, we have great options for you. The Klein is small enough to fit just about anywhere in your home! So stash away! But if you were looking for a rig with a little more bang, check out our next up in this list. The triple-disc barrel rig.


Triple Disc Barrel Rig

The Triple Disc Barrel rig looks like it is out of the future! A weed-filled future where dabbers have taken over the world and have demanded that everyone have a massive dab rig in their home. Or something like that. Ok maybe this dab rig doesn’t look like it is from the future, but when you take one rip out of this thing. You might just send yourself there. This rig is on our top 10 list because it is MASSIVE. At Fat Buddha, we like massive. Truthfully, we just love a challenge. And that is exactly what this beast is. Let us tell you our three favorite things about this rig.

  • THREE Disc Percolators
  • Massive Barrell Percolator
  • Bent Back Neck (To Stay Away From the Flame)

Having the added feature of a bent back neck, which keeps your face away from the heat of your banger, makes all the difference. If you are looking for a new way to dab. Something a notch up from your normal sessions. We suggest you give this massive rig a try. If the size scares you, however, check out the next rig. You are bound to love this classic.

Snoop Dog Rig

Snoop Doggs Pounds Spaceship 

We would be doing you a huge disservice if we did not put this dab rig on our top 10 list. This rig comes from Smoking Pounds, Snoop Dogg’s high-quality line of functional glassware. If anyone on this entire planet knows the ins and outs of what makes a rig great, it is the Dogg himself. Trust us when we say he got this one right. It is out of this world! So out of this world, it is named the spaceship rig. Let us tell you what we love about this rig.

  • Thick Base
  • Snoop Dogg Original
  • Perfect For Dabbing

Like we mentioned before, when you are taking a dab, you want to savor that flavor! The best way to do this is to get you a piece that maximizes the amount of flavor you are getting from your rips. This means you don’t want a lot of water in your piece. Which the designers of this art piece understood perfectly. The thick base gives you a level of comfort that you will never want to go without. Pay homage to the great, and bring this bad boy home! Now for something a little more sweet.

Double Donut Dab Rig

Meet the Double Donut Rig. This is one of the most unique dab rigs we have. The double donut dab rig is a statement to glass blowing excellence. To achieve creating the shapes in this rig takes a very talented glassblower. Our three favorite things about this rig are…

  • Unique Design
  • Fun AND Functional
  • Disc Percolator

The features of this bong are not only for design. They add a massive amount of functionality as well. You can use the double donuts to hold onto to keep stable! When you are dabbing you want to be sure that you have a completely stable surface and rig. If your piece is shaking around at all the heated banger could become a hazard. One best avoided. 

All rigs are not created equal. This rig in particular highlights that fact. This piece really stands out in the oversaturated crowd of dab rigs. If you are looking for the perfect rig that allows you enough stability to get the job done while looking cool at the same time. We have just the piece for you.


Dopezilla Kraken Dab rig


Argh, Mateys! Batten down the hatches! The Kraken has arrived! From the depths of the ocean, we bring to your Famous Brandz Kraken rig. This dab rig is perfect for a nice day on the ship with your crewmates. Famous brandz always provides thick glass pieces so you can take comfort in knowing you have a sturdy piece. This is another dab rig that understands what it means to get the most flavor out of your rips. Our top three favorite things about this rig are…

  • Unique Banger Placement
  • Bent Back Neck
  • All Around Thick
Spy Glass Dab Rig

I spy with my little eye, a glass piece that can get you higher than an MI6 Jetpack! That’s right you guessed it! It’s the Fat Buddha Glass Spy Glass Dab Rig! This piece is all rip, no funny business. Its perfectly circular body chamber is one of the funniest chambers we have come across. Watching this rigs function (the water diffusing and bubbling) through the circular main chamber is what makes this rig one of the more entertaining rigs. Our favorite things about it are…

  • Different Color Variations
  • Circular Main Chamber
  • Straight Tube Neck

If you are in the mood to become an international super spy and solve all of the most pressing clues of each session. This is the dab rig for you! We are talking to you, James Bond. We know you are reading this. Pick this rig. You are going to love it, man, trust us! All jokes aside. This rig isn’t for James Bond. It is for you! If this piece speaks to you, grab it. Because there is nothing more important when choosing a piece than having a connection with it. If you have any questions on how to do that, feel free to let us know. We love hearing from you!

Stacked Dab Rig

Stack stack stack until you can’t stack anymore! When building something great, the key is to keep building and refining until it’s perfect. In the case of the stack dab rig, it nearly is. It reminds us of a skyscraper or a factory building. Something very efficient. This is the first rig on our list with an inline percolator. Inline percs bring an extremely even amount of diffusion to your smoking experience. When dealing with the high heat of a dab, every bit of diffusion helps. Our three favorite things about this rig are…

  • Stacked Design
  • Famous Brandz Star 
  • Inline Percolator

This rig is the perfect intersection of size and design. When you get into the smaller rigs your tend to lose some of those top-quality features. But in this bong, no exceptions were made. They demanded that this dab rig deliver a high-quality smoking experience, all around, and it

Amnesia Rig

Wait. What did I just say? Something about a 10” rig? I can’t remember. Oh yes, that’s it. I was introducing you to the Famous Brandz Amnesia Rig. This rig is 10” of pure joy. It comes in a straight tube style, but it has a distinctive feature that sets it apart from the rest. An extremely colorful pattern! With these high-quality rigs, you don’t have to worry about ol’ father time getting the best of these bold colors. They are going to last you quite a long time. Our favorite parts about THIS rig are… 

  • Vibrant Pattern On Body
  • Straight Tube Design
  • Ice Catch

This is the first dab rig on our list that has a dedicated ice catch. All of the dab rigs up to this point have had narrow mouth necks, leading to smaller mouthpieces. Meaning they couldn’t possibly have an ice catch to begin with. However, with the amnesia piece, it is all the same diameter from the bottom to the top, and the diameter is wide. The wide diameter allows for very large rips. But when you fill the neck up with ice, there is no stopping what you can do. 

Mini Maria Dab Rig


The Mini Maria is here to open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities. Specifically, dab rig possibilities. The Mini maria is one of our favorite bongs here at Fat Buddha Glass. But that is just the thing, it is a dedicated BONG. Not a dab rig. Well then why, you ask, is this piece on our top 10 list of dab rigs? Because it makes for the perfect little dab rig. It’s size, color variations, and leaned back neck make it the perfect rig. All you will need to do is purchase a 14mm banger to go along with it. Our top three favorite things about this piece are…

  • Bent Back Neck
  • Fun Color Variations
  • Mini Barrel Percolator 

If you are willing to take that extra step and get a quartz banger to go along with this bong, not only will you then have the perfect dab rig, you will still have a functioning bong as well! If you are looking for a piece that can double as both a dab rig, and a bong. Look no further.


Grav dab rig


Beautifully unique, in every way. We are bringing it home with Grav’s Borocca Rig. This rig has changed what it means to have a classy rig. When it comes to the general world of dab rigs, you get a lot of repeat shapes and styles that can all feel rather ordinary. This grav piece is anything but. Its matte black features bring it a high level of class. Its uniquely shaped mouthpiece and base chamber complement each other perfectly. Our favorite three things about this rig are…

  • One-of-a-kind 90 Degree Banger
  • Beautiful Shape
  • Thick Glass

If you want a glass dab rig that will make the rest of your glass collection feel bad about itself. This may just be the rig for you! 

Remember when you are purchasing a rig some of the things you have to consider are. Where you are going to store it. How big do you need it to be? Do you have a dedicated area for use? Do you want something that will bring out the flavor, or do you want to stick with a bigger rig with the potential of it being more smooth? These are just some of the factors worth considering to make your experience as streamlined as possible. If you have any questions about anything we have gone over in this article feel free to reach out to us! We love to hear from you, and we look forward to hearing about your experience. Good luck, and as always, we hope that you find your piece.


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