Top 10 Glass Pipes of 2022

Top 10 Glass Pipes of 2022

2020 was horrible. 2021 flew by without asking any questions. So for 2022, we are owning the year. What better way to own the year, by starting it with a fresh bowl out of a really cool hand pipe! In this article, we are going to take you through the best pipes in the world of everything 420. After this article, you should have a few key takeaways. You will know exactly what it is that makes a pipe great. You will also now have a great list of gift ideas for that special someone! You! All jokes aside, our goal is to give you the best information out there about glass pipes. Enjoy!

Infinity Twist Pipe

Infinity Twist Pipe

This pipe is probably the most popular pipe that Fat Buddha Glass has to offer. Its meticulously crafted twisted body is a fan favorite. This pipe has a massive bowl ready for… Whatever you may want to use it for. Our favorite part about this pipe is that it is fumed with .999 fine silver. This means that as it heats up and gets used over time it is going to change color! Color-changing pipes really are the coolest kind of pipe. Alright so to sum it up. Our three favorite parts about the infinity twist pipe are…

  • It is a color-changing pipe!
  • Unique twisted body
  • Big bowl

So if you are looking for something unique and beautiful, look no further than the infinity twist pipe. This pipe really is perfect for someone who wants a portable work of art. It is small enough to fit in most small bags! So get ready for an infinite amount of adventures, with the infinity twist!

Grav Classic Spoon Pipe

Grav’s Spoon Pipe

Grav pipes are some of the coolest pipes out there. Their trademark spoon pipe is crafted in the classic spoon pipe design. You might have guessed that spoon pipes get their name from your favorite utensil. The spoon! The Grav spoon pipe has multiple matte color options that are the perfect way to bring some personalization to your smoking setup! Grav is also known for the quality of its glass. You can take comfort in knowing that you are getting a quality pipe from an industry titan when you purchase a grav pipe!

  • Multiple color options
  • Classic Spoon Pipe Design
  • High-Quality Glass

As you can tell this is one of the most colorful options out there, so if you needed that splash of color in your life. These are the pipes for you! Don’t forget to check out the rest of grav’s pieces on our grav collection page as well. 

Elephant Glass Pipes

Elephant Pipe

Say hello to the cutest pipe we have ever seen. It is pretty obvious why this pipe made it onto this list. I mean, it is an adorable little elephant! This cute little fella is the perfect pipe for any animal lover. It has cute beady little eyes, and a trunk that acts as the mouthpiece. It’s massive elephant body serves as the perfect place to fill up with a lot of greenery! And trust us, he won’t be mad about it. 

  • Most adorable pipe ever
  • Elephant Design
  • Guaranteed Unique!

If you are looking to add one more little friend to your sessions, we here at Fat Buddha Glass are happy to tell you that you are looking at just the pipe. It makes sure that you are never smoking alone again. Bring your little elephant home today! Red Sherlock Pipe

Red Sherlock

It really is elementary, dear reader. Our Red Sherlock pipe is one of the classiest options on this list of the top 10 pipes of 2022.  It is modeled after the same type of style of pipe that Sherlock Holmes smoked out of. Making it the perfect way to feel like a whole different character when you are smoking. It’s not a mystery why we love this pipe so much, but let us be super clear with a list of three reasons!

  • DEEP bowl
  • Unique Shape
  • Bold Red Color

Tired of the classic spoon shape? Well, we aren’t. But we sure do love switching it up every once in a while. And the best way to do that is to change up the shape of the pipe you have!

Climbing Panda Pipe

Climbing Pandas

Have you ever seen a pipe like this one? It is crafted by a true glass artist. It takes some serious skill to be able to make the little glass figures like the ones that come on this pipe. They are cute little pandas that are climbing right up the body of the pipe. You can almost see them climb as you look at it! After a couple of sessions with the pipe, you probably will start to see them climb up the pipe. This piece is made by empire glassworks. Empire glassworks makes some of the best products out there. And we had to bring them to your attention for this list of the best pipes out there. They craft some of the most unique pipes in the game. But we love this pipe specifically because…

  • Adorable Little Glass Pandas
  • Classic Spoon Design
  • Crafted by Empire Glassworks

If there is an animal lover in your life that has been searching for a new pipe. Send some love their way with this beautiful pipe. Even if you are getting this pipe for yourself, that is great. As long these cute little panda friends make it to a caring and loving home. We will be happy pipe parents. 

Flower Glass Pipe

Garden Friends

Take a walk through the garden with Fat Buddha Glass’s very own Garden Friends pipe. This pipe is aboslutely adorable. It is covered in little flower decorations. Along with the adorable flowers, this pipe comes with a couple hand crafted critters! You will see featured a couple of bees on the pipe, as well as a ladybug! You can check out out instagram to see more cute photos of this beautiful pipe. The Garden Friends pipe is one of the most popular pipes on our website, which is why we feel very confident about including it on our top 10 list! 

  • Bold Colors
  • Intricate Little Glass Critters
  • Very Popular

So if you are looking for the perfect pipe for that critter lover in your life. Look no further that the Fat Buddha Glass Garden Friends pipe. And if we are completely honest. We highly recommend taking this pipe on a walk through your garden if you have one. The little bees and ladybug prefer to be used outside. Bring yours home today! Now onto something a little more...fishy. 

Shrimp Glass Pipe

Shrimp Nigiri Pipe

Are you a die hard sushi lover? Does that fresh fish, seaweed, and rice sound amazing to you, but you just haven’t been able to keep the beautiful sushi for ever? Well we have a gorgeous solution for you. This is the shrimp nigiri pipe. This is the second piece from the Empire Glassworks collection that has made it onto our top ten list. For good reason too! As you can tell from the last empire glassworks pipe, they meticulously craft gorgeous pipes that are sure to stun. And with high quality glass as well. This pipe in particular, is no exception. As you can tell simply from the banner image above, this pipe is filled to the brim with detail. The body is a piece of shrimp laid over rice. A traditional sushi plate known as nigiri. The bowl in this piece is on the underside of the rice. It even has a carb! 

  • Meticulously Craffted
  • Small Compact Shape

If you are looking to get a pipe for someone who appreciates bold colors and can appreciate a solid concept pipe. This is the piece of fish for you! This little swimmer is going to get you as baked as a baked salmon! All jokes aside, it would be horrible if someone lost a tooth trying to bite into this lovely creation so be careful out there. Inform your friends and family, that it is not actually a real piece of fish, and that they can’t eat it. It’s time for something a little more simple, but just as classy. If not classier even. 

Dichroic Glass Pipe

Blue Dichroic

Ah the Blue Cichroic pipe. This pipe is one of my personal favorites. It comes in the classic spoon pipe shape. Meaning you are going to be able to fill up a massive bowl, rip it, and then clear the pipe using the carb hole. It is a Dichroic glass pipe fumed with .999 fine silver. This handpipe will change colors as its used showing a wide range of blue, green, purple and even amber. It also has a river of dechroic glass that runs up the middle of the body of this pipe. This gives it a glitter effect that we just can’t get over.

  • Spoon Pipe Design
  • Fumed with .999 silver.
  • Color Changing

Everything about this pipe is classic. It’s shape. It’s style. It’s color even. And that is exactly why we love it. If you are a spoon pipe lover, this may just be the pipe for you! It could also be perfect if you or someone you know is an avid lover of the color blue! Because this pipe is as blue as it gets. Even though this pipe will change color over the time that you use it it will never lose its beautiful blue. 

Octopus glass pipe

Scuba Doo Glass Pipe

Are you ready to explore the endless possibilities of what lies below the ocean? No? That is okay. We have already done it for you. While searching the dark depths of the sea floor we found a pipe so special, it had to be brought to the surface. Meet the scuba doo pipe! It features a handcrafted octopus that is taking siege of your hand pipe. This googly eyed little critter taking hold of your pipe is simply adorable. It stares up into your eyes as you take massive rips from this perfectly crafted little hand pipe. Bring one home and experience the magic for yourself!

  • Hand-Crafted Octopus 
  • Beautiful Colors
  • Came from the Depths of the Ocean

If you are someone who loves adventure or if you need to get a solid present for someone who does. This may be the pipe for you. Or them. Whoever wants it! But be sure not to leave this pipe alone for too long or it might just crawl away from you! 

Baby Yoda Grogu Pipe

Baby Yoda

Use the force! This may be the last pipe on our list of the top ten pipes of 2022. However! It may just be one of our favorites. I mean look at that little guy. Everyone loves baby yoda! This piece comes from chameleon glass. Chameleon focuses on character themed spoon pipes that are crafted to impress! And to bring back fond memories surrounding whatever character you purchase. For instance, this baby yoda reminds us of sitting on our couch at home, staying safe through a pandemic watching The madalorian. So whatever it is that this beautifully crafted little friend reminds you of. Bring him home today. 

  • Intensely Detailed
  • Master of the force
  • Cute Cute Cute!

There is an entire television series dedicated to keeping this little guy safe, so when you bring him home, make sure to keep him that way. The balance of the universe as we know it is in your hands! Now fill his green little head with some green, and lets go to space! This pipe really is perfect for the tv lover that is close to you! 

So there you have it. This has been Fat Buddha Glass’s top hand pipe picks for the year of 2022. There is something fore everyone here, but in case you didn’t find a pipe that speaks to you. Head to our pipe collection page. There are so many other great options out there, that we are sure you will find something that speaks to you. However, if you can’t find something that stands out to you, feel free to reach out to us. Let us know what it is you are looking for. We love hearing from you and we love taking suggestions from our Fat Buddha Family. Until then, good luck, and we hope that you find your peace. (And a really nice glass piece.)

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