How much water should there be in your bong?

How much water in bong

Everybody loves bongs, but not everybody knows how to get the most out of their bong. An important step in having the best smoke possible is to make sure you are using the right amounts of water in your bong. The goal is to make sure the water is cooling your smoke without having extra water which can damper the taste. Since bongs come in a variety of shapes in sizes it can be a little confusing to figure out the correct water level, but there are many good tips and tricks that should help you be able to figure it out. 

Why Bong Water Level Matters 

Bong water is what filters and cools your smoke, without it you could be inhaling dangerous particles and taking dry hits. Bong water also gives your smoke a specific taste that so many have come to know and love. 

How Much Water Should I Put in a Bong? 

Not too much but not too little is the motto when it comes to the question of how much water to put in a bong. Too much bong water will not allow you to get a good draw because it will be difficult for the smoke to filter through. Too little bong water will not filter your smoke enough and will cause very rough hits that you will not enjoy. So exactly how much water do you put in a bong? Well, all bongs have different shapes but it's a good idea to make sure the bottom half an inch or so of the downstem is submerged in your water. As you spend more time with your bong you will get a good feel for your desired bong water levels but always make sure the bottom of the downstem is submerged. 

How Often Should You Replace Your Bong Water? 

When in doubt, replace your bong water. It is never a good idea to reuse bong water, after each and every smoke session you should be dumping out your water. Bong water is important for taste, and leaving water to get stale and gross will not do your tastebuds any favors. Dumping and getting fresh water each time will also make cleaning a more infrequent necessity. On top of all this, many people prefer cold water and that is not possible if you aren't getting fresh cold water each time. Make sure you get fresh bong water every time you smoke. 

Other Liquids You Can Fill Your Bong with Besides Water 

If you're looking to spice things up, there are surprisingly a bunch of options for what you can use in your bong other than water. Commonly people use soda, tea, juice, and flavored waters. Those who opt for soda claim to love the carbonation and say it feels refreshing. Tea lovers usually opt for warm tea and love how easy it can feel on your throat, this can be a go-to option if you are smoking with a sore throat. If you have a sweet tooth, then juice might make the most sense, you can get all the sugar of soda without the carbonation (if you don't like it). And lastly, flavored water is the safest option since it is water after all, but still, some added flavor can spice things up and make your smoke taste even better. No matter what alternative you opt for, make sure you know that this will require more cleaning afterward; still replacing bong water now and then can make for a fun time.  

Where to Get the Best Bongs 

Bongs are an extremely common smoking device, and you can find them pretty much anywhere. Whether looking in a vape shop, head shop, or an online store you are surely going to find a worthy bong. For the biggest selection and prices, it's good to look in an online store like Fat Buddha Glass. Our selection of bongs is plentiful, and we even have a whole list of amazing bongs under $50! Whatever your bong needs, you're sure to find them all over, especially here at Fat Buddha Glass. 

How Much Water Should I put in a Perc Bong? 

Perc bongs have multiple percolators for even better filtration. To get full use of this, you still need to follow our general rule about submerging the downstem- so make sure that every percolator in your perc bong is submerged in the water. Doing this will make the smoke will go through each of the chambers and get you the greatest possible filtration. 

How Do I Fill a Bong With Water 

Different bongs may require different methods to fill them, but in general, just pour water into the mouthpiece until it submerges the downstem. This is the same way to remove water as well, just drain it through the mouthpiece. The best way to figure out if you are at the right bong water level is to take a hit, you can adjust as needed afterward. If the water touches your lips, you have too much and should pour some out. If your bong water is hardly bubbling or your hit feels particularly rough, you have too little water and need to add some. As long as you submerge the downstem and know when there's too much or too little bong water, you are set up to fill your bong correctly (generally through the mouthpiece). 

Filling Simple Beaker or Straight Tube Bongs with Water 

When using a simple beaker or straight tube, like mentioned above, just pour the water into the mouthpiece until you are covering the bottom part of the downstem. 

Filling a Perc Bong with Water 

Perc bongs can be a bit more complicated, but still, it's still nothing too crazy. Like other bongs, you can still usually pour water in through the mouthpiece. If the water doesn't get to all the percs then simply blow down so that all percs are partially submerged. 

Finishing Touches 

Double-check that your bong water is at the right level. If not, you should adjust as needed, just remember to submerge the downstem. Adjusting is simple and just means adding or removing water through the mouthpiece (tilt to remove). 

What Does the Bong water do? 

Since we have spent a good deal of time covering how much water goes in a bong you might be wondering what the bong water does. Bong water serves the purpose of giving you a cooler smoother hit. It cools off your smoke to make your session more enjoyable. More than that, bong water can also remove toxins and keep you from inhaling anything dangerous. Given how important bong water is, it is perfectly rational to wonder how much water in a bong is appropriate. 

Why Does the Water Level in a Bong Matter? 

We now know that bong water plays a very important role, so does the specific water level matter? Yes, too little, or too much can hamper the experience. Too little and your throat will hurt from the harsh hits. Too much and you will not enjoy the taste of your bud. The question of how much water to put in bong is a valid one because it can make or break your experience. 

Shop Bongs and Water Pipes 

If you aren't already a bong smoker you are missing out! Whether you are new to the game or a long-time user, a new bong is always a fun treat. Now that there’s no longer a need to ask yourself how much water I should put in my bong, check out Fat Buddha Glass for a dope collection that features just about every type and style of bongs and water pipes one could hope for.  


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