How To Smoke Hash For The Best High?

 How to smoke hash

If you haven't tried it already, hash is a great way to spice things up and experience a different high. In fact, hash offers much more potency compared to more standard marijuana. Plus, it's always fun to try new things or just switch things up occasionally. Stick around to learn more about how to smoke hash as this guide will tell you everything you need to know about this cannabis concentrate. 

What is Hash? 

Hashish or hash is a type of cannabis that is made by compressing the parts of the cannabis flower with the most trichomes. Trichomes are the part of the cannabis flower that holds both the terpenes and cannabinoids. Because of this, hash gives a much stronger high than standard marijuana strains. Hash has quite the storied history, as it is often referred to as the oldest type of cannabis. There's evidence of hash being commonly used around the 12th century BC, and many speculate that it was used even earlier. Despite being so old, hash remains extremely popular today in specific areas around the globe, specifically the Middle East and select parts of Europe. Part of the reason hash has retained its popularity so long (other than its high potency) is because it is extremely versatile. You can smoke hash in just about any way you can imagine. As far as the production process, hash can be made using many differing techniques, this means that the consistency of hash will greatly vary. On one end of the spectrum hash can have the consistency of a paste, while on the other end it can feel solid, like chalk. 

How do you smoke hash?

Smoking hash in a pipe or a bong 

Smoking hash in a pipe or a bong is the most straightforward method, it's pretty much the same as smoking weed out of a pipe or bong. First, you'll want to insert your screens, this will keep your pipe clean and make sure your hash burns evenly. Then just add the hash right onto the screen! One thing to keep in mind is not to use too much hash, hash is more potent and burns longer so no need for a huge mound (otherwise you'll just end up wasting it). That's really all there is to it, the only thing left to do is smoke It like you would with anything else. 

Adding hash to a joint 

Adding hash to a joint isn't much different either! All you'll need is your rolling paper, ground flower, and your hash. Start by placing your rolling paper on a flat surface, then add some ground flowers to the bottom. Next, you'll want to put in your hash, remember not to overdo it. Finally, add another layer of ground flower and roll your joint. Also, note that you don't need to just use hash, you can mix in hash with your regular weed just fine. Regardless, once you have your joint rolled just smoke it like normal. 

Using Hookah to Smoke Hash 

Hookah is an extremely popular way to smoke hash, this is consistent with the fact the hash is most popular in the middle east. To smoke hash with a hookah you will prepare your bowl mostly as you normally would, except you will need to use a little less shisha in order to leave some room for the hash. Smoking hash out of a hookah will provide a really unique experience that is worth trying. It will also be a shorter but more intense session compared to your typical hookah outing since hash burns quicker. A pro tip is to make sure to really mix your hash in, otherwise, it will burn too quickly. Hookah is a perfectly fine way to smoke hashish, people have been doing it for a very long time. 

Hot Knives Method 

Speaking of history, the hot knives method is the most tried and true of them all. Using hot knives is by no means the most efficient or effective way to smoke hashish. That being said, it can still be a cool experience and is perfect if you don't have any other ways to smoke it. The process is pretty simple, the first thing you'll do is heat the two knives. You can do this on a stovetop or with a torch. Next, you'll place your hash on one of the knives and then quickly flip the other hot knife on top of the hash (making a hash sandwich with the knives). Smoke will then begin to rise and all you need to do from there is inhale. It's best to use a straw or bottle so that you don't have to put your face too close to the stove. 

Vaping Hash 

Using hash in a vaporizer is a super-easy way to enjoy the herb. It can be used in both concentrate vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers, though dry herb vaporizers tend to work slightly better. To be precise, hash should be heated a bit more than dried herb but less than other concentrates. In any case, you're fine to just put your hash in the chamber, heat it up with the button, and start smoking. 

Glass and pin Method 

Another creative and old-school way to smoke your hash is with the glass and pin method. The glass and pin method involves using a straight needle-like pin of any kind and placing it under a glass cup to create smoke. A common pin used for this method is a straightened paper clip. Once you have that, place a small amount of hash on the tip and light it. Then take the lit hash and put it under the glass, smoke will then start to build up. Finally, you can crack the bottom of the glass open and poke a straw through there to inhale the smoke. 

Best ways to smoke hash?

The answer to this question is subjective. We've given a few different ways to smoke hash and the best advice is to try a few out until you find the perfect method for you.


Hash is a more potent type of cannabis that can be especially great for those with a high tolerance or anyone who wants to try something new. Hash has been around for centuries and because of this, there are tons of ways to consume it, including a lot of cool old-school ways. Whatever method you choose, hashish will surely deliver, who knows, once you try it you might not want to go back to your regular dry herb. 

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