420 makeup looks

Amazing 420 Makeup Looks

April 20th isn't just another day for the cannabis community—it's a time to celebrate, express, and unleash creativity through the art of makeup. Whether you’re attending a party, chilling with friends, or simply snapping a few selfies for your followers, here are some top 420 makeup looks to help you commemorate this day in style.

420 makeup

Detailed Guide: Mastering 420 Makeup Looks Step by Step

Diving into the world of 420 makeup is an adventure in color and creativity, offering a fantastic way to stand out and celebrate the day with flair. This guide is designed to walk you through each step, from prepping your skin to adding those final sparkling touches, ensuring that your look not only lasts all day but also makes a bold statement. 

Whether you're planning to join a big bash, hitting a local event, or just lighting up your social media with stunning selfies, these steps will help you craft a look that's as unique as it is eye-catching. Let's start by setting the perfect base for your 420 makeup extravaganza.

Prep Your Canvas

  • Cleanse and Moisturize: Start with a clean face. Use a gentle cleanser and follow up with a moisturizer suited to your skin type.
  • Apply Primer: To ensure your makeup stays put all day, apply a primer. This step is crucial as it will also help smooth out any fine lines or pores.

The Base

  • Foundation and Concealer: Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone for an even complexion. Use concealer to cover any blemishes or under-eye circles.
  • Setting Powder: Lightly dust setting powder over your face to set the foundation and concealer, reducing shine and preparing your skin for colored makeup.

Go Green with Eye-Catching Eye Makeup

Eyes are the windows to the soul and the focal point for 420 makeup. Start with various shades of green to set the theme. You don't have to be subtle; it’s 420 after all! Opt for a vibrant, leafy look by incorporating ganja leaf designs around your eyes. If you're skilled, try a 3D makeup effect that makes the leaves seem to pop off your skin, or keep it simple with a classic smokey eye accented with green hues. For a bit of fun, mimic the smoke effect on your eyelids, complementing the cloudy vibes of the day.

Eye-Catching Green Makeup

  • Eye Primer: Before any eyeshadow, use an eye primer to enhance the pigment and longevity of your eyeshadow.
  • Green Eyeshadow: Apply a vibrant green eyeshadow over your eyelids. For a more dramatic look, blend darker shades in the creases and lighter shades on the center of the lids.
  • Ganja Leaf Design: With a fine brush, draw ganja leaf designs around the eyes using a darker shade of green. For a 3D effect, you might use green eyeliner to outline the leaves and white or light green to add highlights.
  • Eyeliner and Mascara: Define your eyes with black eyeliner and apply several coats of mascara to emphasize your lashes.
420 green eye makeup

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Celebrate Icons with Color

No 420 look would be complete without a nod to the legends of cannabis culture. Embrace bold colors associated with Bob Marley—deep greens, sunny yellows, and fiery reds. Use these colors to master a dramatic winged liner or a blended rainbow effect across your lids and lips. These vibrant shades not only pay tribute to Marley but also wave your stoner flag high.

Tribute to Bob Marley

  • Colorful Base: Using a flat brush, apply blocks of red, yellow, and green eyeshadow across your eyelids, blending the edges to avoid harsh lines.
  • Winged Liner: Add a dramatic winged liner to enhance the bold colors. You can use black for a classic look or colors from the eyeshadow for something more avant-garde.
  • Lip Color: Choose a vibrant red or deep green lipstick to complement your eye makeup.
420 Rasta MakeUp

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Shine with Sparkles

Who says sparkle is reserved for the night? Day or night, adding some glitter to your 420 makeup can elevate your look. Use a sprinkle of sparkle over your eyelids or highlight your cheekbones with a shimmering highlighter. The shine will reflect your festive spirit and is perfect for catching the light, whether you're indoors or out.

Shine with Sparkles

  • Glitter Application: Apply a glitter primer to the areas where you want your sparkles to stick. This could be on your eyelids, cheekbones, or even your lips.
  • Apply Glitter: With a flat brush, pat the glitter onto the primer. Use a light touch to prevent fallout.
  • Highlight: Use a shimmering highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bones, and the inner corners of your eyes to enhance your glow.
Sparkle 420 MakeUp

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Influencer Inspired Bold Look

For those who want to push the envelope, take inspiration from makeup moguls like Bretman Rock or BrandiTV. Bretman Rock is known for his impeccable makeup skills—check out his tutorials for a high-glam session. Alternatively, BrandiTV's approach involves getting high on edibles and diving into creative makeup adventures, which are as entertaining as they are daring.

Influencer Inspired Bold Look

  • Base Colors: Start with a neutral base on the eyelids.
  • Bold Eyeshadow: Pick bold, bright colors and apply them generously around the eyes. Blend outwards for a smudged, dramatic effect.
  • Eyeliner: Go for thick, bold eyeliner. Try unusual shapes or graphic lines for a modern look.
  • False Lashes: For extra drama, apply false lashes. Choose voluminous ones to make your eyes pop.
influencer 420 makeup

Tips for Tying It All Together

To make the most of your 420 makeup looks:

  • Start with a clean, moisturized face to ensure your makeup goes on smoothly and stays longer.
  • Use a primer to prevent your eye makeup from smudging—especially important if you'll partake in 420 festivities that might lead to tears of joy!
  • Set your makeup with a good setting spray; it'll lock everything in place, from your sparkles to your bold colors.
  • Most importantly, have fun with your makeup. 420 is all about expressing yourself and enjoying the vibe.

Feel free to experiment and mix elements from different looks to create something uniquely yours. Whether you lean towards a natural look with just a hint of green or decide to deck out in full thematic glamour, these makeup ideas are sure to make your 420 celebrations memorable. And don't forget to line up your favorite smoking accessories—it’s the perfect time to indulge!

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