What is 420 Friendly?
420 friendly

What does it mean to be 420 friendly?

The phrase 420 friendly has been a widely accepted phrase within the stoner communities for a very long time now. The vernacular of 420 friendly people is one that is ever-expanding, and it will always be that way. 

There has always been almost sort of a ritual or religious feel to the sense of community that you get from being part of a stoner group. You will begin to understand a whole host of codewords that is tailored to your specific group. But you will be surprised to find out that some of these codewords are extremely universal now. 

This is actually quite funny because every codeword came from wanting to keep it a secret from the general public except for a select few. Typically if you want something to stay secret, it stays a secret. 

When it comes to the story of 420, and what it means to be 420 friendly, these codewords were never going to stay a secret for very long. Let’s get into what it means, and where it came from, so you can have a deeper understanding of the culture behind cannabis. 

Where does 420 come from? 

origins of 420

There are a whole host of theories when it comes to where 420 came from. Some say that it originated from the cops actually! It was said that cops would use code 420 to inform their fellow police officers/dispatchers that they had found someone experimenting with the devil's lettuce. One other theory is that it came from Bob Marley himself! The king of reggae, and the ultimate weed advocate. One fairly offbeat theory that we have heard before is that it came from the most despicable human to have ever been born, Adolf Hitler. This theory is simply because his birthday is 4/20/1889. 

Though most of these theories are simply that. Theories. They can’t be proved to be true one way or the other. However, it does stand to mention that there is a fairly widely accepted theory about a group of high school students from northern California. 

Rumor has it that this group used the code 420 to meet up at that exact time outside of school to smoke some weed. They would simply have to say those three numbers and everyone in the know would know what to do and where to go. All they had to do was bring the papers.

As time went on, this group is rumored to have hung out with the grateful dead a lot, who then adapted the code into their songs and general conversation! Though they didn’t need to hide the fact that they were using weed anymore, because they were absolute rockstars, they still wanted to use it for fun. 

As Grateful Dead rose in popularity so did the term 420! There is no way to know any of this for sure, but that is what is said of the origins of 420. 

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter where 420 came from because it has grown into something so much larger than a small group's code for weed. It has become a global sensation, with cities all around the world celebrating cannabis use on April 20th. It is so widely known that it is even used as a universal sign of cannabis appreciation in many different ways, one of them being dating apps!

What does 420 friendly mean on dating apps?

420 meaning

When you are scrolling through your dating apps, trying to find the perfect match for you, you want to be able to have a good understanding of who you are swiping on before you swipe. For the most part. And would you really want to date someone who isn’t a weed advocate? You don’t want to have to wait until the first date to find out that someone is not down to share that end-of-night joint with you. That is information that should be gotten out of the way in the very beginning. Luckily, there is a symbol for exactly this. 420 friendly. When you see 420 friendly in the dating profile of someone you are swiping on, you know that they are going to be chill. It means that they occasionally like to enjoy the sweet green herb known as cannabis. People will also frequently use it to inform you that they are against 420. Typically by saying they are not 420 friendly. This information is actually incredibly useful while you are swiping away! This way you can find someone that fits you. If you find that special 420 someone, get them a heart bong to show them that you care.

What can be 420 Friendly

What is 420 Friendly

If you hear or read the phrase 420 friendly, chances are you are about to have a good time. In today’s culture, 420 has been so widely accepted as the universal sign for weed that it is used to quickly signify a stance on the subject of weed. So that begs the question, what can be 420 friendly? Well, chances are if you read that phrase it will be attached to either a person, a place, or an event! Let's break it down. 


420 dating

Like we mentioned before while scrolling through your dating apps, you will most likely come across someone who has the phrase 420 friendly in their profile. This means that they are the ones that you should swipe on. Because it shows that they are down to have a sesh with you. In fact, there might even be stoner-specific dating apps. We really have come a long way. If you or someone you know is 420 friendly, shout it from the rooftops. This is what is going to help destigmatize cannabis use! And only through changing the stigma surrounding this harmless plant, can we make a real meaningful change in our country!


Some places in legal states will advertise whether or not they allow you to use cannabis on the premises. Even though a place might be 420 friendly, does not mean that they also allow tobacco. In high population legal areas, you are sure to find air bnbs that allow cannabis use, as well as multiple venues where it is allowed. Keep your ears to the ground for a place like this, because you are bound to have a good time when you arrive. 


Cannabis events are an experience that we highly recommend to everybody. These are major gathering areas for like-minded 420 lovers. Typically the event managers have cleared it with city officials, so you can show up to these cannabis events without the fear of being arrested or caught by someone who would think poorly of you for attending! There are multiple variations of these events, from small yoga classes to massive conventions full of enthusiasts. 


If you are looking for someone to be your 420 friends, look no further than right here! We will gladly be your 420 friends. And as your 420 friend, we recommend that you prepare for your next sesh. You can do that with one of our massive bongs, or even one of our unique spoon pipes. We really do have it all here at Fat Buddha Glass, and we hope that you can find something that speaks to you!

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