what is a zip?

what is a zip of weed

What does zip of weed mean?

Cannabis culture has a deep and rich history. For most of modern history, weed has been illegal. Whenever something is made illegal, there will be a movement of counterculture revolutionaries that work to keep that said thing from being completely eradicated from history! This can be good, and it can also be bad. It is not black and white, however. 

As we move into the modern era, we can look back and confidently say that the war on drugs and the criminalization of marijuana have had an immeasurable negative impact on our country. While this war raged on, weed users were forced into the shadows, and had to use slang to communicate, so it would be harder to tell that there was an illegal activity occurring. 

This pressure created a rich and extensive vocabulary of stoner slang. A zip of weed or more commonly referred to as simple a zip is a part of that rich and extensive vocabulary. In the modern era, as a stoner, it is fun to understand a little bit of the history upon which your stoner culture was created. And this one doesn’t have to do with massive bongs this time!

We truly do stand on the backs of giants. And these giants had some hip lingo, man. Now let's break down just where a zip of weed comes from and what it means, and why exactly it got that name. You may just be surprised at how simple the answer is! If you are a seasoned veteran of the 420 worlds, you are well aware of what a zip is. Chances are, you are reaching for your wallet now! Or even your bong! Jokes aside, we seasoned stoners really have an impressive culture, that we are excited to share with you. 

Where did zip of weed come from?

zip origins

You may or may not be surprised to learn that a zip of weed actually refers to a specific amount of marijuana. 

This means, that back in the day when you would want some more greens, you would have to give your guy a call, or head over to his place and actually knock on his door, (I know, can you imagine someone actually knocking on your door, or ringing your doorbell today without you knowing? Times have changed) and ask for some greens! 

If you didn’t want to look like a newbie rookie stoner, you would know exactly how much greens you were asking for before you got there. This way you could work it into the beginning of the exchange, as to save time. After all, you typically didn’t want to hang around the guys' home for very long. 

If you were someone who wanted a little bit more weed than the normal consumer, you would ask for a zip. Once you asked for that, you would hand over your money and be handed a little sandwich bag, full of greens. 

In fact, it wasn’t just any type of sandwich bag, it was a ziplock sandwich bag. Full of weed. This is where the name zip comes from. From the zip-lock bags full of weed from the old days. Now everything is vacuum sealed and labeled with the complete chemistry breakdown of the type of flower you are going to be using that day.

Are zips still around today?

zips still around?

Yes, zips are still around today! Of course, there are still drug dealers of the old days that are still around! No amount of legal cannabis could completely get rid of your friendly neighborhood weed dealer. You know the guy. In the oversized hoodies, he stays inside and keeps his blinds up all day, but when he comes out he always has a massive smile on his face. An extremely friendly guy! If you go to one of these friendly neighborhood dealers chances are you will leave a lot higher than you came in, at least this was our experience from the past. But for the most part, the normal weed pick-up of today is completely different than it was even 5 years ago. As the years roll on more and more states are legalizing fully recreational use of marijuana as well medicinal use. In fact as of the creation of this article, in September of 2022, there are only 12 states that don’t have some sort of legal cannabis. Whether it be medical or recreational. Today, instead of waiting hours to hear back from the guy before going to pick up your zip. You can straight up order a zip online, and have it delivered to your home! Or saved for pick up! Given that you are in a legal state. (If you aren’t in a legal state, know that this is something that exists out there, and you are fully capable of moving to somewhere where this is possible) Much easier, much more streamlined, and altogether more straightforward. We love the future. However, we still haven’t broken down exactly how much a zip of weed is! We will do that right now for you, in our next section.

Zip of weed breakdown

Zip breakdown

It may also surprise you that a zip of weed has a specific amount tied to it. As we mentioned before you would want to know the lingo for the amount of weed that you were trying to purchase before showing up at the dealer's house. So let's break it down for you, so you know exactly what to say to get the right amount. Starting from the most significant amount to the smallest amount. At the top of the list is the zip. A zip of weed weighs one ounce. Which is equal to 28 grams. That’s quite a lot of weed! You can imagine how it would easily fill a full sandwich bag. It would take quite a few bowls to finish a zip. From there you have half that amount. 

14 grams. This is known as a half-ounce. Pretty straightforward I know. 
Then you have 7 grams, which is referred to as a quarter. Because it is one-fourth of an ounce. 
At 3.5 grams, you have what is known as an eighth. Which, you guessed it, is an eighth of an ounce!
Then 2 grams. The lingo for this weight is simply known as a dub. 
At 1 gram, you are ordering a simple dime bag. This is a small amount but is still sold today even in dispensaries. 


We hope you learned a little bit more about the rich history of 420 culture, and are walking away with an expanded understanding of stoner vocabulary! If we missed anything in this article feel free to reach out to us, as we love hearing from you! 

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