How to Fix a Broken Bong

How to Fix a Broken Bong

You might remember how it happened, and you might not remember, but whenever you drop your bong or chip it against a piece of furniture, a little part of you dies inside. However, that isn’t the end of your love story with your bong, and they can easily be fixed with the proper know-how. 

The first thing that you need to do is to evaluate the damage to your bong, and figure out if it can even be repaired. If you have a glass or silicon bong, then take a look at the damage and pray that it doesn’t fit this description. 

If the hole in the bong is larger than the size of a pea, it cannot be repaired. If the bong is shattered into ten or more pieces, it cannot be repaired. If it has a clean break, minor chips, cracks, or other tiny damage that is mostly cosmetic, then you can repair and salvage the bong without any trouble.

The Best Ways To Fix A Bong

Here are some of the best ways to repair a broken bong, and most of these materials can be found around the house or easily obtained. 

Duct Tape

The universal fixer upper, Duct tape might not be the prettiest item, but it can help you seal a crack in the bong and make sure that it remains functional. You need to seal cracks, patch up the broken pieces, and make sure everything is airtight. Then the crack and the tape will be able to resist water for longer, while also keeping the bong working.

It is by no means a permanent solution, but it will allow you to hold your bong together and keep using it until you can see a repair specialist. 

Super Glue

Another Household staple, common superglue, or even regular glue can provide enough of a patch job to keep cracks sealed. Superglue does not attach or stick to glass, but you can use it more effectively on an acrylic or silicone bong. The glue will still seal and mend problems in other types of bongs though.

Plus, everyone has a bottle of glue in their homes somewhere, so it is an easily acquirable substance that can give your bong some new life.

Super Glue

Food Grade Silicone

If you have it, then this waterproof and non-toxic material to repair your bong is one of the best things that you can use. It won’t fix the structure of your bong, but you can apply it to the affected area to fix any cracks or pieces that have chipped off. It creates a water and air tight patch to keep your bong usable until it can be properly repaired. You can’t cover the entire bong with food grade silicone, but you can apply it to the joints or in small areas to keep things secure.

A Blow Torch

Blow torches shouldn’t be the first thing on your list, but they can be used to repair your bong in a pinch. Always follow safety precautions and talk to a professional before moving on with this, but you can make the glass melt and force the cracked pieces to fuse back together, almost making the melted glass act as its own glue.

Placing the glass in a kiln and using an acetylene torch are one of your best options, but you should only do this as a last resort… and if you know what you are doing. If not, you shouldn't test out your skills with your favorite bong!

When To Ask For Professional Help

If the bong is too damaged for your limited abilities to repair, or you don’t have the skills needed to fix the bong, then you might need to call for the experts. The costs for repairing a broken bong tend to vary depending on three factors. The first is the severity of the damage, the materials that are being used for the materials, and the experience level of the repairer. 

Most glassblowers will be able to repair the bong, often by using the torch and kiln method, although they will request that you remove any temporary fixes you used. After a few days, they will get your bong back to you good as new. 

Professional help might be expensive, but it can also make sure that your bong is fixed correctly the first time. Plus, professionals might even be able to help you to prevent this type of damage from occurring in the future.

When To Get A New Bong

When To Get A New Bong

Sometimes the damage is too great for even a professional to repair, and other times the DIYing can make the problem worse. If you are dealing with the heartbreaking task of getting rid of your old bong, then try to soothe the pain with some weed from your new bong! Buying a new bong can be costly and can take some getting used too, but once you do get used to it, it will be just like the old one.

Knowing when to give up on your bong, especially if you are new to the world of DIYing, can be very hard. You just want to keep trying that one more thing, that new idea, that new patch job to keep holding your broken bong together. After you’ve tried about two procedures and sought professional help, you will need to say goodbye to your bong.

Fixing a broken bong can certainly save you money when compared to buying a new bong, so whenever it breaks or chips you need to stay calm and assess the damage. If it can be patched up temporarily or professionally repaired, you need to do one or the other to get your bong back in working order.

Performing some DIY repair isn’t that hard, if you can get some common items you will be able to have your bong working for you in no time. Then you can get back to smoking out of your favorite bong, a crack notwithstanding. 

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