• Best Bongs Under $50

    Best Bongs Under $50
    Anyone looking for a prime smoking experience needs to buy a Bong. Using a Bong makes the whole experience of smoking exceptionally easy. You can load up your bowl with your favorite strain of weed, light, and inhale within minutes. Bongs also filter your smoke through water to give you the smoothest, coolest hits. Plus, you don’t need to break the bank for a Bong. You can even find some of the best Bongs for under $50. Bongs come in...

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  • Top 10 On-the-go Pipes

    Top 10 On-the-go Pipes
    One of the most popular ways to smoke cannabis is using a pipe. In fact, the use of pipes in the cannabis world goes back for thousands of years. The use of pipes can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia as well as the Asian empires. Native Americans also have a history of using pipes to smoke. Today, pipes can come in all sizes and designs. Some are small enough to fit in a pocket, while others can be quite...

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  • The Best Butane Torches for Dabbing

    The Best Butane Torches for Dabbing
    Dabbing is one of the latest trends in the cannabis world. No, it’s not just a popular dance move; dabbing is also a way of smoking cannabis concentrates. Though this method is relatively new, it has quickly gained traction among experienced cannabis users. It requires users to purchase and use specific equipment to create a powerful experience. One crucial piece of dabbing equipment: the torch. Like many other cannabis products and accessories, you have options when it comes to purchasing...

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