8 Things That Can Be Smoked with a Glass Pipe

8 Things That Can Be Smoked with a Glass Pipe

The Glass Pipe is the quintessential smoking tool. It’s convenient, portable, and gives you amazing airflow for incredibly good hits. Most people associate a Glass Pipe with smoking cannabis or maybe smoking tobacco. However, along with these classic herbs, many other herbs and products can also be smoked with a Glass Pipe, including some you’ve likely never even heard of.

You can buy a Glass Pipe online, and many types are available. The typical Spoon Pipe is a good choice for users who want something compact yet effective, offering a wide bowl and impressive airflow. Alternatively, you might want something a little fancier like a Sherlock Pipe or a Color-Changing Pipe. There’s also a range of Unique Pipes if you want something that stands out.

No matter which kind of Glass Pipe you have, you have tons of options when it comes to smoking materials. Whether you want something to give you a buzz or herbs known for their healing properties, there are many interesting choices to try. You can find many of these herbs and extracts in smoke shops, and some you can even grow in your garden. You may even want to mix some of these. Here are 8 things you can smoke with a Glass Pipe.

1. Cannabis

With its growing legality, smoking cannabis or weed with a Glass Pipe is becoming increasingly common. You can now find legal cannabis stores in many parts of the United States, and while many users might enjoy smoking their weed via joints, blunts or spliffs, using a Glass Pipe offers a method that’s both faster and stronger, especially due to the powerful hits you get.

After weed has been cut into small pieces, usually with a grinder, it’s easy to pack plenty into the bowl of any Glass Pipe. It usually only takes a hit or two of weed from a Glass Pipe to feel the effects, especially because the THC in weed is ingested into your system fast when you smoke. Many users find using a Pipe is even faster and stronger than smoking a joint, making it a prime method of consumption.

When you smoke weed with a Glass Pipe, you can expect a potent high that makes you feel happy and euphoric. Effects can vary depending on the strain- some will make you feel more mentally stimulated whereas others are likely to make you feel lazy and sedated. Whichever way, it’s a highly enjoyable experience.

Any strain of cannabis can be smoked with a Pipe, and users often even mix weed with tobacco or other herbs for a unique experience. It’s a popular way to smoke, especially since Glass Pipes offer extra portability, making them great for users who want to enjoy marijuana on the go wherever they are.


2. Hemp Flower

If you want an alternative to weed that won’t get you high, you might want to try hemp flower. Hemp is a strain of cannabis, however, unlike most strains, hemp contains very low levels of THC. Nonetheless, smoking hemp is becoming more popular in recent times, mainly due to the popularity of another cannabinoid- CBD.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s very safe to use. CBD doesn’t give you the psychoactive effects of weed, yet many users find it comforting as a natural supplement. There’s also no risk of addiction or overdose when you ingest CBD, and side effects are limited to minor issues such as diarrhea, nausea, and changes in your mood or appetite.

Hemp plants are often bred for extra-high levels of CBD and trace levels of THC. These products are federally legal in the United States- even in places where cannabis is illegal. As such, users who want to consume cannabinoids but either can’t use THC or don’t want the effects of THC often smoke hemp instead.

You can grind dried hemp flower and smoke it in a pipe just like you would with cannabis buds. However, don’t expect to feel much. Although it’s packed with cannabinoids, most of these interact with your body silently. Some users find that the cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp give them a mild sense of relaxation, but don’t expect to get high when you smoke hemp.

3. Cannabis Concentrates

While it’s a given that you can smoke cannabis with a Pipe, weed isn’t the only kind of product you can use. Smoking cannabis concentrates is also a possibility. These are extracts made from weed that come in unique forms and contain much higher levels of THC, meaning you only need a very small amount for a strong high.

Although you can smoke cannabis concentrates, it’s a little trickier than smoking herbs. For instance, if you’re smoking Hash, it’s best to put a metal screen in your bowl to avoid leftover residue on the glass. Other concentrates, such as Shatter or Wax, don’t burn as easily. In these cases, it’s best to pack your concentrates on top of some bud.

Smoking concentrates on top of weed will often result in an extra-strong high, but it isn’t the only option, either. Other herbs can also help burn your concentrates to provide a unique high. Regardless, smoking concentrates often requires mixing them with herbs if you want them to burn thoroughly.

Cannabis concentrates are great for users who want the potent effects of THC, and while you can find ways to smoke them in a Glass Pipe, it’s not necessarily the best option. Other devices generally work better for concentrates. For instance, you may want to use a Vaporizer or Dab Rig instead. These devices are perfect for using cannabis extracts and can give you an even better experience.

4. Tobacco

If you enjoy the effects of nicotine or the taste of tobacco, smoking with a pipe can be an effective alternative to smoking. Although it comes with various health risks, smoking tobacco is still popular and smoking with pipes can provide a unique option for users who want to try something different.

Much like other herbs, you can pack loose tobacco in a bowl, light, and inhale for fast-acting effects. You’ll get quick, strong hits of tobacco, and it might hit you harder than smoking cigarettes. You should also consider that loose tobacco is often more potent than filtered tobacco found in cigarettes.

Some users may not enjoy the harsh feeling of smoking tobacco out of a pipe. It’s also worth noting that, while it’s perfectly possible to smoke tobacco with a Glass Pipe, it’s not necessarily the best option. Tobacco often leaves residue on the glass, resulting in your pipe becoming damaged. You may want to consider a wooden tobacco pipe instead.

With that said, there are ways to overcome these drawbacks. Some users mix tobacco on top of cannabis or other herbs in their bowl. That way, you get an interesting mix of effects and are also less likely to damage your Glass Pipe.


5. Sage

With the most obvious answers out of the way, it’s time to explore some of the more unique and interesting options you can smoke out of a Glass Pipe. One herb you might not realize is smokeable is Sage. You probably know Sage for its scent and its use as a seasoning for food, but it’s also possible to smoke Sage.

After being dried, the leaves of White Sage can be packed into a bowl for potent, flavorful smoke. Sage burns easily and produces thick smoke. You’ll also catch the unique flavor in droves when you smoke Sage. Although it won’t make you high, many users find Sage provides a relaxing effect.

Sage has historically been used as a potent healing herb for various conditions and can even be found in various medicines. Smoking Sage is another effective method of consumption, and some people even smoke Sage as a way to ween themselves off of cigarettes. Some users might find the smoke from Sage a little harsh, but you can mix it with other herbs for a more pleasant experience.

6. Catnip

It might come as a surprise to some users, but the same herb that pet owners often use for their cats can also be consumed by humans. Catnip has a long history of use as a healing herb, and it’s often infused into medicines. Past and present uses of catnip include helping with spasms, fevers, headaches, and menstruation.

Although Catnip is often consumed via infusion into teas, it’s also a smokeable herb. When it’s crushed into small pieces, Catnip can be applied to the bowl of your Pipe for an interesting smoking experience. The taste is often described as earthy and grassy, although you may also catch a slight minty taste upon smoking it.

The best way to use Catnip is to mix it with other herbs for a potent herbal smoking mixture. Catnip works well in conjunction with other smokable herbs. For instance, some users find that mixing Catnip with cannabis can result in a pleasant high that works particularly well for relieving pains and aches.

7. Mullein

Mullein is another herb that’s often used in tea but can also make for a great smoking herb. You can use Mullein in the bowl of your pipe for a unique smoking experience. Although it won’t cause any kind of high, many users find smoking Mullein soothing. It’s also one of the best herbs for users looking to curb tobacco addiction.

Like various other smokable herbs, Mullein has been historically used as a healing herb. It’s known for being calming on the throat and lungs, making it potentially helpful for users suffering from lung-related issues or even the common cold. What’s more, the smoke produced by Mullein is light, mild, and practically tasteless, making it very easy to smoke.

It’s also one of the easiest herbs to grow in your garden. It thrives in the springtime and produces large plants with flowers growing up to 6 feet tall. However, you can also simply buy dried Mullein herbs for smoking purposes. It also works well when you mix it with other herbs, especially as it can counteract the harsh smoke of other smokable products.


8. Mugwort

Mugwort is another fascinating herb that you might want to try smoking with your Glass Pipe. Mugwort is a member of the daily family, yet it’s also known in some cultures as a healing herb that has been used for centuries. As well as producing pleasant smoke, Mugwort is said to promote vivid dreams and may even promote relaxation.

It’s another great herb for users who want to avoid harsh smoke. When you use Mugwort in a Pipe, it burns well but provides smoke that’s light and mild, making the smoking experience enjoyable. The flavor is also enjoyable- many users describe the taste of Mugwort as mild and slightly sweet.

While you can grow Mugwort by planting seeds or even getting potted Mugwort plants, you can also buy dried Mugwort herbs for smoking. Whether you choose to smoke Mugwort by itself or blend it into a flavorful smoking mixture, it’s another herb that can provide an enjoyable and unique smoking experience. However, it’s important to note that Mugwort can exacerbate allergies and should also be avoided by pregnant women.


A Glass Pipe is a must-have device for any smoker. Not only does it make a great tool for using weed, hemp or tobacco, but there are many lesser-known herbs that you can also mix into your bowl for potent and flavorful smoke. Simply pack the herbs into your bowl, light, and inhale. While these are 8 of the most interesting things you can smoke with a Glass Pipe, there are also other herbs worth trying such as Green Tea, Chamomile, and Damiana.

Buying a Glass Pipe is easier than ever. While they’re commonly found in smoke shops, you can find high-quality Glass Pipes at amazing prices when you shop online. At FatBuddhaGlass.com, we offer premium, handmade Glass Pipes in all shapes and sizes available for free delivery. You can also use Bongs or Water Pipes. No matter what kind of pipe you’re looking for, you can find something great in our online store.

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